Woodsons Cavalry Company

Commanded by Capt. Charles H. Woodson.  This company was made of Confederate Missourians who were former P.O.W.'s. The men were paroled from northern prisons in the East and sent South to Virginia. In early 1864 they formed a Cavalry company and became the only Missouri Confederate unit to have served in the Army of Northern Virginia. 

Ashli W.P.  Humes J.E.
 Atchison W.B.  Humphreys S.B.
 Atchison Willis G.  Huse C.H.
 Ballard J.W.  Jones J.W.  2nd Lt.
 Barker Franklin  Kelly J.
 Batton H.H.  King W.H.
 Bledsoe G.  Knight Jerry
 Bobbitt E.M.  Lewellen J.W.
 Bobbitt R.E.  Lewellen T.
 Bradley J.A.  Livesy S.H.
 Bradshaw D.A.  Martin J.E.
 Bradshaw T.S.  Lt.  Maupin H.H.
 Branch J.L.  McCampbell A.W.
 Brown J.F.  McLauthlin B.A.
 Browning J.J.  Sgt.  Moon P.H.  Cpl.
 Cato Nathaniel  Morris J.C.
 Cave T.H.  Neff John M.
 Cave Thos. H.  Nelson J.T.
 Caylat Wm.  Cpl.  Norris J.H.  Sgt.
 Caylot Wm.  Cpl.  Oulds J.W.  Cpl.
 Clarkson R.P.  Powell R.L.
 Claudas Pitt  Pue J.A.V.  Lt.
 Claudis J.P.  Reardon C.
 Clondaz P.C.  Reynolds W.
 Clooney T.  Ringer C.
 Clowers J.W.  Rohr W.S.  Sgt.
 Collins H.E.  Scott E.H.  1st Lt.
 Cooper S.  Sheahan William  Sgt.
 Cross J.M.  Slater William A.R.
 Day W.M.  1st Sgt.  Smick J.F.
 Dry T.B.  Smith J.F.
 Duncan Charles P.  Smithy J.W.
 Dunn J.  Spence J.H.
 Dwyer J.H.  Sgt.  Stokes A.W.
 Ellis B.F.  Stottlemire H.M.
 Fallice W.R.  Sgt.  Tate F.W.
 Fudge R.A.  Thomasson T.
 Gibbs Thomas  Thompson J.W.  Cpl.
 Hall James  Thompson J.  Cpl.
 Hall George  Turney W.H.
 Hannah W.H.  Van Meter David
 Helphenstine Alex  Walker W.H.
 Helvinstine W.  Walter P.K.
 Hogin Bailey P.  Wilson R.R.
 Howl C.  Woodson C.H.  Capt.
 Hudson C.B.F.  Zumalt W.H.

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