6th Infantry Regiment



No company designations/Field & Staff

6th Infantry Regiment was organized by consolidating Erwin's 3rd and Hedgpeth's Missouri Infantry Battalions in May, 1862. Both of these units had served in the Missouri State Guard. The unit moved east of the Mississippi River and saw action at luka and Corinth. Later it was placed in Bowen's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, fought at Port Gibson and Champion's Hill, then was captured at Vicksburg. Exchanged and assigned to General Cockrell's Brigade, it was consolidated with the 2nd Regiment. This command participated in the Atlanta Campaign, was with Hood in Tennessee, and shared in the defense of Mobile. The 6th lost 31 killed, 130 wounded, and 53 missing at Corinth, suffered 4 killed, 32 wounded, and 46 missing at Port Gibson, and had 5 killed, 49 wounded, and 67 missing at Champion's Hill. At Vicksburg it reported 33 killed and 133 wounded. In the Atlanta Campaign, May 18 to September 5, the 2nd/6th lost 12 killed, 136 wounded, and 61 missing, and sustained 84 casualties at Allatoona. Only a remnant surrendered in May, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Eugene Erwin and Isaac N. Hedgpeth, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Cooper, and Majors Jeptha Duncan and Joseph P. Vaughan.

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