Perkin's Infantry Battalion


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Recruited by a Capt. Caleb Perkins. It started off being a Cavalry unit. Around Sept. 1864 it managed to cross the Missouri river and head South. Perkins' Battalion was assigned to Col. Chas. H. Tyler's brigade of Mo. recruits. Lt. Col. Caleb Perkins was 1st Commander and later commanded by Lt. Col. Quinton Peacher. It accompanied Gen. Sterling Price on his 1864 Missouri raid. In Dec. 1864 the unit was dismounted and used as infantry. In April 1865 it was assigned to Mitchell's Infantry brigade, Parson's Division.

Perkins' battalion was paroled June 7th at Alexandria, LA. No muster rolls are known to exist. The only roster available is that compiled from POW records.

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