16th Battalion Cavalry


16th Cavalry Battalion [also called 75th Regiment-7th Cavalry] was formed in July, 1864, by consolidating the five North Carolina companies of the 7th Confederate Cavalry Regiment, the three North Carolina companies of the 62nd Georgia Cavalry Regiment, and Company C of the 12th North Carolina Cavalry Battalion. Assigned to W.P. Roberts' Brigade, the unit skirmished the Federals in Eastern North Carolina and south of the James River, then was active in the Appomattox operations. During March, 1865, it contained 315 officers and men but surrendered with only 48. Lieutenant Colonels John B. Edelin and John T. Kennedy, and Major F.G. Pitt were in command.

12th Battalion Partisan Rangers was organized in May, 1863, with three companies. Two were from Northampton and one from Bertie and Hertford counties. The unit skirmished in North Carolina, then moved to Virginia and on July 11, 1864, Companies A and B merged into the 59th North Carolina Regiment-4th Cavalry, and Company C transferred to the 16th North Carolina Cavalry Battalion. Lieutenant Colonel Samuel J. Wheeler was in command.

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