Henry Hungerford Marmaduke

When the war came on in 1861, he became a midshipman in the Confederate navy, serving first with the fleet at New Orleans. When the Merrimac was fitted out as the ironclad Virginia, he was assigned to that vessel as a gunner, and directed a gun crew of fourteen men during that historic combat with the Monitor in   Hampton Roads; and his bravery in this encounter while seriously wounded was officially recognized by Admiral Buchanan. Later he was assigned to the Shenandoah, and then to the Albemarle, until it was destroyed by Cushing's torpedo boat. In 1865 he was placed in command of the naval batteries on James River in front of Richmond, and, after the fall of that city, he commanded a company in the naval brigade and was wounded and captured in the battle of Sailor's Creek.

Buried in Arlington National Cemetery

Submitted by: David Kimmel & Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Miller

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