25th Infantry Regiment

Company I

Company I of the 25th Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers was originally made up of the Clarendon Guard when they were mustered into the Confederate Army. The Clarendon Guard volunteered its services to the state prior to the outbreak of the War but was not accepted until later. Some of the members (who are not listed here) joined Hampton's Legion. The Clarendon Guard was organized in November of 1861, in the service of the State of South Carolina, and mustered into Confederate Service on 1 January 1862 as Captain E. N. Plowden's Company C, 21st Regiment, South Carolina. Volunteer E. N. Plowden had been reelected Captain on 1 January 1862; he resigned 1 May 1862 and was succeeded by Captain Butler. After the unit was accepted into service on 1 January 1862 , it served steadfastly until the end of the war. The unit was last shown as Company C, 21st Regiment, in the Monthly Report for 30 June 1862.

Also known as the Eutaw Regiment, the Twenty-Fifth was organized during the winter of 1861-1862 with men from the 11th Battalion who were from Charleston and with men such as the Clarendon Guard who were from the middle region of the state of South Carolina. Under the command of General Johnson Hagood in September, 1863 the 25th Regiment was deployed in the defense of Charleston for much of the war. The 25th Regiment was mustered into Confederate service on 22 July 1862.

They were stationed at Camp Pemberton on James Island and rotated with other units to Fort Sumter, Fort Johnson, Fort Lamar at Successionville, Wagner Battery and Gregg Battery on Morris Island. The regiment lost 4 killed and 14 wounded at Secessionville, and there were 16 killed, 124 wounded and 3 missing on Morris island from July 10 to September 6, 1863. At this time the regiment contained 36 officers and 491 men. Some of the members of the 25th Regiment were captured on 7 September 1863 at the fall of Battery Wagner(Fort Wagner).

Sent to Virginia during the spring of 1864 following the Charleston campaign, the 25th Regiment played a major role in the defense of Petersburg, including the battles of Drewry's Bluff, the Bermuda Hundreds, Cold Harbor, Walthall Junction, The Battle of the Crater, and the Battle of Weldon Railroad. At Weldon Railroad there were 2 killed, 29 wounded, and 70 missing. After the disaster at Weldon Railroad on 21 August 1864, the 25th Regiment participated in the engagement at Fort Harrison.

J.G. Pressley, Colonel 
E.N. Bulter, 30, Captain 
J.C. Burgess, 37 Captain(died at Elmira July 10, 1865, grave 2844) 
John J. Logan, 30 Captain 
F.B. Brown 35, Second Lieutenant 
R.F. Felder, 30, Second Lieutenant 
John W. Cockran, 23, Sergeant 
W.A. Lowder, 23, Sergeant 
J. Moultrie Bagnal, 21, Sergeant 
J.W. Fleming 31, Sergeant 
Reuben F. Ridgeway 30, Sergeant 
Harvey Vinson Haley, 30, Corporal (died at Elmira) 
William D. Freeman, 26, Corporal 
William B. Plowden, 21. Corporal 
J.L. Evans, 35 Corporal 
Enlisted Men:
Anderson, A.G. 20 
Artledge, T.W.  
Ball, M.S.  
F.H. Barnes (died at Elmira, grave 2587) 
Barnes, James R., 21  
Brunson, Josiah C.,35 
Bell, James M. Jr., 16 
Bell, Manning A. 16 
Burgess, S.H., 18 
Burgess, R.G.  
Burgess, John A., 25 
Barwick, George W., 18  
Brewer, J.F., 21 
Barnes, Francis, 18 
Burgess, James A. ,18 
Burgess, Robert B. ,20 
Burgess, J. Calvin, 18 
Brogden, Joseph, 18 
Burgess, W.R., 25 
Burgess, Andrew, 20 
Cooper, S.C.  
Crockran, Allen W., 18 (died at Elmira, grave 2373) 
Cutler, James, 18 
DeLoach, Nelson, 33 (died at Elmira, grave 1980) 
Davis, J. Elbert, 18 
Dickson, George W., 20 
Evans, Peter, 35 
Evans, C.W., 21 
Evans, G.H. (died at Elmira, grave 2866) 
Evans, J.H., 19  
Evans, T. Rush, 18 
Evans, Joseph W., 18 
Erwin, L. Nelton, 18 
Freeman, W.D.  
Freeman, J.J.  
Fleming, B.F., 23 
Fleming, H.F., 20 
Fleming, H.L.B., 20  
Fleming, W.D., 18 
Fleming, S.W., 18 (died at Elmira, grave 1423) 
Gamble, Thomas E. 
Gamble, John F., 31 
Gibbons, Grabriel, 25 
Haley, Friendly Wilder, 20 
Haley, Isaac Andrew, 23 
Herrington, Kinder, 18 
Hill, N.H., 35 
Hodge, A.J., 23 
Hodge, S.N., 20  
Hodge, E.S., 18 
Hodge, W.J., 21 
Hodge, J.N., 24 
Hodge, James B., 20 (died at Elmira, grave 2606) 
Hodge, Samuel R. , 18 
Hodge, S.R. (killed at Battery Wagner) 
Hodges, S.B. (died at Elmira, grave 2175) 
Johnson, H.H.J.  
Johnson, F.M., 31 
Johnson, Daniel, 26 
Johnson, John J., 34 (died at Elmira) 
Johnson, M.P. (died at Elmira, grave 2443) 
Johnson, Nabor died Aug. 24, 1864, age 35 born in Clarendon District
Knowlton, John W., 34 
Kelly, John M., 25 
Lamb, J.H.  
Larden, J.D.  
Lesene, P.H.  
Lowder, C.A., 19 
Lowder, J.J., 21 
Lowder, Henry Sumter, 28 
Lowder, James Owens, 30 
Lloyd, Santa, 16 
Martin, George  
McCullough, William, 27 
McIntosh, F.F.  
McIntosh, John F., 28 
Mixon, A.W., 37 (died at Elmira, grave 2185) 
Moyd, E.M., 24 
McDonald, R.D., 35 
Pelt, John, 36 
Player, J.G.  
Player, S.  
Player, S.D.  
Plowden, John M., 31 
Plowden, John Covert, 30 (died at Elmira, grave 2754) 
Pendergrass, John M., 25 
Pendergrass, B.R., 27 
Plowden, Joseph, 25 
Raffield, Thomas N., 31 
Reardon, D.E., 30 
Richburg, Cantey, 18 
Richburg, James H., 25 
Richburg, Joseph Edward, 20  
Richburg, John A., 26 
Richburg, B.D., 28 
Richburg, J.C.  
Richburg, J.N., 25 
Richbourg, R.D. (died at Elmira, grave 1409) 
Ridgeway, Joseph Newton, 25 
Ridgeway, John M., 31 (died at Elmira, grave 2549) 
Rogers, William, 30 
Rogers, John, 25 
Rodgers, Ervin, 18 
Rodgers, J. Ladson, 29 
Rodgers, W.M.  
Scott, J.F.  
Setzer, Alfred, 36 
Steadman, G.D., 27 
Smith, William A., 25 
Stukes, F.M., 28 
Terry, George  
Tobias, F.W., 38 
Tobias, J.W., 22 
Tobias, J. Henry, 27 
Tobias, Thomas N., 19 Died May 16, 1864
Tobia, T.J.  
Timmons, J.A. 24 
Timmons, William J., 29  
Teetz, Martin, 35 
Tindal, A.J., 39 
White, J.B.  
White, H.Y., 18 
White, H.T., 39 
Witherspoon, R.J., 33 
Weston, George W., 32 
Whitehead, R.W., 16 
Worsham, J.D. (killed at Battery Wagner) 
Worsham, Peter, 18 
Windham, Flinn, 18 

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