16th Battalion Cavalry (Neal's)




16th Cavalry Battalion was organized in October, 1862, with four companies, later increased to six. The men were from Roane, McMinn, Rhea, Greene, and Hawkins counties. It served in Pegram's, J.J. Morrison's, H.B. Davidson's, Grisby's, and Vaughn's Brigade. From June, 1863 to March, 1864, the 12th and 16th Battalions were consolidated into a field organization known as Rucker's Legion. This command saw action at Chickamauga and in Tennessee, and on January 31, 1864, it totaled 171 effectives. During April, 1864, the 16th had 147 members and moved into the Valley of Virginia where it was engaged at Piedmont. It went on to confront the Federals in Virginia and Tennessee, moved to North Carolina, and probably disbanded in Georgia during the spring of 1865. The field officers were Lieutenant Colonel John R. Neal, and Majors F.J. Paine and Edmund W. Rucker.

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