1st Cavalry Regiment (Carter's)





1st (Carter's) Cavalry Regiment was organized in November, 1862, using the 3rd Tennessee Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. The men were from the counties of Rhea, Bradley, McMinn, Roane, Bledsoe, Union, Knox, Jefferson, and Claiborne. Also some of its members were raised behind enemy lines, and a few had served in Thomas' North Carolina Legion. Company C was detached and assigned to A.W. Reynold's Brigade in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. This company was active in the Vicksburg Campaign and was captured in July, 1863. Exchanged, it was attached to Waul's Texas Legion, then returned to the regiment. Company K took part in the Atlanta Campaign, the defense of Savannah, and the campaign of the Carolinas. It surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. The regiment was attached to Wheeler's, Pegram's, J.S. Williams', Giltner's, and Vaughn's Brigade. It participated in Wheeler's raid in Tennessee, fought at Murfreesborough, skirmished in Kentucky and Tennessee, and was active at Cumberland Gap. For a time it served with the Army of Tennessee, then in April, 1864, moved to Virginia with 248 effectives. After fighting at Piedmont, it saw action in various conflicts in the Shenandoah Valley with General Early. During the spring of 1865 the unit disbanded.

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