34th Regiment Infantry










34th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 4th Confederate (Tennessee) Regiment, was organized at Camp Sneed, Knoxville, Tennessee, in August, 1861. Its members were from the counties of Hardin, Knox, Moore, Jackson, Davidson, Shelby, and Coffee. Companies A and G contained men from Alabama. After serving at Knoxville and Cumberland Gap, the unit was assigned to General Maney's Brigade and during the spring of 1864 consolidated with the 24th Sharpshooters Battalion. It fought with the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, was part of Hood's winter operations, and ended the war in North Carolina attached in Palmer's command. In September, 1861, it had 654 officers and men fit for duty and during January, 1862, while at Cumberland Gap, there were 521 present. It lost fifteen percent of the 371 engaged at Murfreesboro and forty percent of the 163 at Chickamauga. During December, 1863, the regiment totalled 165 men and 105 arms. Few were included in the surrender on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonels William M. Churchwell, Robert N. Lewis, and James A. McMurry; Lieutenant Colonel Oliver A. Bradshaw; and Major Joseph Bostick.

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