37th Regiment Infantry










37th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 7th Tennessee Regiment Provisional Army, [and also called 1st East Tennessee Rifles] was organized at Camp Ramsay, near Knoxville, Tennessee, in October, 1861. Its companies were raised in the counties of Coffee, Bedford, Claiborne, Jefferson, Grainger, Hamilton, Washington, Bradley, Blount, and Sevier. Company E contained men from Alabama. After fighting at Perryville, the unit was assigned to B.R. Johnson's, Bate's, Tyler's, and Palmer's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. In June, 1863, it was consolidated with the 15th Regiment. It fought in many conflicts from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, returned to Tennessee with Hood, and was active in North Carolina. During December, 1861, this unit contained 771 effectives and lost thirty percent of the 225 engaged at Murfreesboro. The 15th/37th lost fifty-eight percent of the 202 at Chickamauga and totalled 234 men and 148 arms in December, 1863. It was included in the surrender on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonels William H. Carroll and Moses White; Lieutenant Colonels R. Dudley Frayser and Hunter P. Moffett; and Majors Edward F. Hunt, Joseph T. McReynolds, and R.M. Tankesley.

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