39th Regiment Mounted Infantry










39th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 31st (W.M. Bradford's) Regiment, was organized in March, 1862, and in April contained 363 effectives. It members were from the counties of Sevier, Blount, Jefferson, Hawkins, McMinn, Greene, and Monroe. For a time the unit served in the Department of East Tennessee, then was attached to A.W. Reynolds' Brigade in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. A detachment of the 39th captured the Federal gun boats Queen of the West and Indianola, and later the regiment spent forty-seven days in the trenches of Vicksburg where it was captured on July 4, 1863. After being exchanged and reogranized as mounted infantry, it was assigned to General Vaughn's Brigade. The unit contained 272 effectives April, 1864, moved to the Valley of Virginia, and lost forty-one percent of the 118 engaged at Piedmont . Later it participated in various engagements and surrendered at Asheville, North Carolina, on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonel William M. Bradford, Lieutenant Colonel James W. Humes, and Major Robert McFarland.

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