41st Regiment Infantry










41st Infantry Regment completed its organization at Camp Trousdale, Tennessee, in November, 1861. The men were recruited in the counties of Lincoln, Bedford, Marshall, and Franklin. It moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky, then Fort Donelson where on February 16, 1862, it surrendered along with the rest of Buckner's forces. In this fight the unit reported 575 engaged, 2 killed, 6 wounded, and 26 missing. After the exchange, it was assigned to Gregg's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and was active in the conflict at Raymond. Transferred to the Army of Tennessee it served under the command of Generals Gregg, Maney, Strahl, and Palmer. The 41st participated in many battles from Chickamauga to Atlanta, returned to Tennessee with Hood, and was involved in the North Carolina operations. It had 325 effectives at Chickamauga and in December, 1863, totalled 226 men and 151 arms. The regiment surrendered on April 26, 1865. Its commanders were Colonels Robert Farquarson and James D. Tillman, and Lieutenant Colonels Robert G. McClure and Thomas G. Miller.

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