11th Field Battery
(Howell's Company, Light Artillery)

Howell's Battery was organized during the spring of 1862. The unit primarily served in the Indian Territory attached to the Trans-Mississippi Department. It reported 2 casualties at Newtonia and 22 at Old Fort Wayne, and in December, 1863, about 75 effectives were present. Later the company was assigned to the 6th Artillery Battalion and ended the war at Doaksville in June, 1865. Its commander was Captain Sylvanus Howell.


First Name Last Name Rank_In Rank_Out
Nathan Basham Private
N. B. Basum Private
G. B. Beck Private Private
C. W. Blair First Sergeant First Sergeant
Anderson Bone Private Private
O. M. Brooks Private
- Butterfield Private Private
J. A. Butterfield Private Private
John H. Case Private Private
B. A. Crawford Private Private
Richard Curtain
Henry Davis Private
John W. Dennis Private Private
Benjamin F. Fuller Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
William T. Gass Private Private
William Green Junior Second Lieutenant Junior Second Lieutenant
Moses Hancock Private Private
Felix J. Heiston Sergeant Sergeant
Sylvanis Howell Captain Captain
John W. Inge Private Private
G. Mathews Private Private
Butler Newbury Private
W.M. Orts First Corporal First Corporal
David Potter Private Private
O. A. Reich Private Private
J. W. Renfro Private
William A. Routh First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Wm. J. Shaffer Private
B. Spotts Private Private
N. V. Staley Private
Charles H. Stith Junior First Lieutenant Junior First Lieutenant
Thos. N. Story Private
John E. Tittle Private
Levi Tittsworth Private Private
B. P. Tucker
Wm. J. Tullis Private
H. H. Vickery Private
George Walker Private Private
James D. White Private
J. H. Whiton Private Private
Matthew Whitson Private Private
- Wilburn Private Private
James Wise Private

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