18th Infantry Regiment

Company F

Formed April 25, Mt. Pleasant, Tx. - Captain Jos. G.W. Wood

Adams, Joseph H., died-Hickory Plains, Arkansas, Oct.1862

Adams, Welcome, Stock Raiser,These two boys are brothers also. Their parents are John Adams, MD and Sarah C. Moore. They are from Tyler, Smith Co., Texas. They have a sister, Vevusia Jane who married Jesse Bateman Goodman, son of Jesse and Isabella Goodman. Jesse and Vevusia have a son they named Joseph Welcome Adams.

Atkins, Joseph-Pioneer

Bandy, Pinkney, L., Cpl.-Shreveport Courthouse,Hospital

Bell, Robert S.

Bess, Ransom

Boggs, James H.

Boggs, William J.

Booth, S.C.

Borden, John

Bowman, M.M., 2nd Lt.

Broaddus, John E.

Broadstreet, Paris, C.

Brock, John T.

Brock, Isaac N. - buried at Mayfield Cemetary, Beckham Co. OK.

Carter, Thomas-Wounded,Richmond,Louisiana, June 1863

Carter, James

Cherry, Harrell L.-Wagonmaster

Cherry, Isham, 1st Lt.-Commissary

Obediah B.D. Childress-Guard

Clark, Samuel, C., Cpl.-Cook

Clifton, Spencer-Butcher

Cobb, Alexander-Wagonmaster

Collins, Denton-Guardian- M.M. Bowman

Copelin, Thomas B., 2nd Lt.

Courtney, Jacob

Culpepper, Joel T.-Teamster, buried at Union Hill Cemetery, Titus Co., Texas

Culpepper, Robert P.-Cook,Nurse

Culpepper, William M.-Died, Des Arc, Arkansas, November 1862

Curry, Lewis G.

Daffern, David

Daffern, Jefferson, M.

Dale, Albert J.

Deaton, Matthew

Denny, Andrew J.-Ambulance Driver

Eason, Mills

Edwards, William J.B.

Edwards, William R., 1st Lt.

Evans, Vardamon, Capt.

Frost, Peter C.

Furgerson, James L., Sgt.

Gilmore, Dawson, P.

Gilmore, Lewis H.

Godsey, Samuel G.

Goodman, Jesse J.,he too went with William A. Hall to parts north sometime during the Civil War.

Hall, Benjamin F.-born ca 1836 Meade Co., Kentucky

Hall, Charles James Fox-born April 25, 1839 Meade Co., Kentucky
Hall, Jehu Hale-born ca 1828 Ohio Co., Kentucky

Hall, Jesse Johathan-born September 4, 1841 Meade Co., Kentucky. He married Matilda Jane Davison Hall, they came to Titus County ca 1847.
These four Hall's are brothers and have one more William A. Hall. Their parents are Jesse and Matilda Hall. They came from Ohio Co., Kentucky.

Hargis, William

Harwell, Thomas M.

Hedrick, John W.

Hightower, Benjamin F.

Holiday, Thomas J.

Holiway, William D., Drum

Jenkins, William

Johnson, Evans J.

Johnson, George W.

Johnson, Isaac N.

Johnson, John,- Alabama son of John and P. J. Johnson

Johnston, Washington K.

Jones, Thomas J.

Keith, Jacob

Keith, Jonathan, buried at Cookville Cemetery, Titus Co., Texas

Keith, Oliver P., Sgt.

Kimmell, John

Kimmell, Philip

Lakin, George W., Sgt

Lamb, Hugh A.

Lindsey, Mickleberry

Little, Charles R.

Lynch, William D.

McCully, Joseph H.

McDuffie, John R.

McJohnston, Reuben, Cpl.

McLemore, John W., Cpl.

McLemore, P.E.

McMillin, Thomas S.

Mitchell, James R.

Moore, William H.

William, Morris

Murphree, Jepatha A.

Murphree, Jesse S.

Neville, Andrew J. - Andrew J. Nevill is buried in Nevill's Chapel cemetary in Titus County

Neville, Granderson D.

Norton, Samuel, W.

Otwell, Paul M.

Park, George W.

Parkhill, David J., Sgt.

Pemberton, Andrew J.

Phillips, Abraham

Phillips, Jeremiah J.

Pouge, William A.

Porter, Reese B.,bp. Alabama son of Benjamin and Rebecca Porter

Porter, William R., Cpl.

Prather, Newman O., Cpl.

Price, John R.

Roach, Thomas N.

Robertson, Benjamin F.

Rosser, Lewis W.

RUTHERFORD, James Wright born August 13, 1828 Dyer Co., Tennessee, died January 1, 1892 Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas- married ca 1855 Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co., Texas to Susan Catherine Sayles Was a physican there in Titus Co., after the Civil War

RUTHERFORD, Zebulon Bell born August 8, 1831 Dyer Co., Tennessee, married ca 1861 Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co., Texas to Louisa Ann Wilhite.
These two boys are brothers, they are the sons of James R. Rutherford and Nancy Jane Goodman. They have a sister Nancy Elizabeth who married William A. Hall. From 2 different sources I have, before they came to Texas, they moved to Arkansas, in late 1835-early 1836 and Davy Crockett accompied them and spoke often to Lizzie as she was called, when he left to come on to Texas. These 3 children's parents were physicans. I also have resources stating that one of these boys left for parts north sometime during the war.

Sanders, Samuel

Shumate, Ira B.

Smith, N.B.

Smith, P.C.

Southerland, Elihu, 1st, Sgt.

Spear, James M., Cpl.

Stephens, Shederick, 1st Sgt.

Sullins, Z.P.

Tabb, James A., Jr., 2nd LT. - buried in Cookville Cemetary in Titus County

Tate, Lance L.

Thomas, John H.

Tigert, J.M.

Tigert, John

Tigert, William H.

Tolson, Joseph, W.

Turman, J.B.

Turman, Joel L.

Turman, William

Walker, J.

Walker, Lemuel O.

Ware, Allen, WARE, Allen born ca 1819 in Illionois, died unknown possibly in the war
Allen is possibly a brother to Jesse Goodman's wife Isabella, or he is a stepson to Jesse by his 2 wife, of whom we do not know her name. He lived with Jesse in Tennesse, then in Arkansas then in Texas. Allen bought land there in Titus Co., next to Jesse's.

Wasson, John

Whitehead, Joseph G.

Wilhite, George A.

Wilhite, James F.

Wilkinsons, James F., Sr. 2nd Lt.

Williams, James W.

Williams, Madison M.

Williams, Matthew

Willson, J.C.D.

Wilson, John D.

Wood, Joseph G.W., Lt. Col - buried in Masonic Cemetary in Mt.Pleasant

Wyche, Roper C.

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