9th Brigade Texas Militia
All Enlistments in the 9th Brigade Texas Militia

Texas was divided into Military Districts to provide for local defense. Hopkins and Lamar counties were the 9th Military District. Each district was ordered by law to form a Brigade of volunteers within its borders. These volunteers were not allowed to leave the state as a Military fighting unit. Many of the men enlisted in regular army and cavalry units at different times. At the start, there were over 2000 men on the muster rolls of the 9th Brigade. It didn't take long before this was reduced to 500 or less when most of the men joined regular troops and went off to the war in the east.

There were 10 Precincts or Beats in Hopkins County, and 10 in Lamar County. Beat #1 for Hopkins County there are no records that survived or are available. Also Beat #5 for Lamar County, there are no records that survived or are available.

The following Units also fall under the 9th Brigade.

Daniel's Lamar Artillery

Hill's Lamar Cavalry No. 2

Maxey's Lamar Rifles

Milton Webb's Mounted Volunteers Lamar County

Milton Webb's Lamar Cavalry

Pee Dee Company Lamar County

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