1st Light Artillery
(Pendleton's Regiment)

Pendleton, William Nelson, Colonel

An attempt was made to organize this regiment during early 1861, but it was evidently not completed, and not recognized by the A&IGO. It appears to have been disbanded prior to April 26, 1862. Co C was disbanded in the fall of 1861, and the men assigned to Captain Pelham's Co. Va. Arty. Only 2 companies are identified as having been mustered as of this regiment.

Co. B Wise Artillery, Martinsburg, Berkeley County (now West Va.) formerly Ephriam G. Alburtis's Battery Va. Light Artillery; organized November 19, 1859; enlisted April 19, 1861 for one year; reorganized April 26, 1862 as Capt. James S. Brown's Battery Va. Light Arty. Captains: Ephriam G. Alburtis (resigned January 25, 1862) James S. Brown (elected February 1, 1862).

Co C Newtown Artillery, Culpeper County; formerly Capt. George A. Groves' Battery Va. Light Arty; formerly Capt. Robert F. Beckham's Battery; enlisted April 19, 1861 for one year; disbanded in the fall of 1862 and the men assigned to Capt. John Pelham's Co., Stuart Horse Arty. Captains: George A. Groves, Robert Franklin Beckham.

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