Branch's-Pegram's Battery

Branch's-Pegram's Battery was organized in May 1861, with men from Petersburg, Virginia. It first served as infantry with the 16th Regiment, then was transferred to the artillery in March 1862. The company was assigned to J. R. Branch's and J. C. Coit's Battalion of Artillery. It was active from the Seven Days' Battles to Fredericksburg, served in North Carolina, then fought at Swift Creek and Drewry's Bluff. it continued the fight by defending Petersburg and was active in the Appomattox Campaign. This battery reported 1 man wounded at Malvern Cliff and 2 killed and 3 wounded in the Maryland Campaign. Almost every member was captured in the battle at Sayler's Creek. Captains James R. Branch and Richard G. Pegram were in command.

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