Dixie Light Artillery

Dixie Light Artillery was organized in June, 1861. This unit served near Richmond and in June, 1862, totaled 72 officers and men. Attached to the Army of Northern Virginia, it had I man killed at Rappahannock Station, then was active at Second Manassas and in the Maryland Campaign. On October 4, the battery was ordered to disband. Its 32 members transferred to the Purcell Light Artillery. Captains John L. Booton and William H. Chapman were in command.


John Kaylor Booton, Captain (1st) Frank W. Yager, 1st Sgt.
William Henry Chapman, Captain (2nd) Jacob F. Burner, Sgt.
John Green Booton, Capt./Surgeon Benjamin F. Grove, Sgt.
E.M. Crews, Assistant Surgeon Isaac T. Kibler, Sgt.
Henry Moon Brent, Jr., Lieutenant James R. Young, Sgt.
Samuel Forrer Chapman, Lt. Joseph C. Brumback, Cpl.
William H. Crisp, Lt. Isaac N. Pence, Cpl.
Francis Marion Conrad, 1st Sgt. Andrew J. Rothgeb, Cpl.
Samuel G. Smith, Cpl.

Isaac Newton Abbott Noah C. Higgs Charles W. Perry
James H. Abbott Enoch L. Hill John W. Peterson
Martin Van Buren Alger Isaac M. Hite George W. Plum
Albert Bailey John Hotinger John Price
Thomas J. Beach Albert Huffman Reuben Raines
James E. Bennett Philip Jenkins J.W. Ramey
William Peter Broy Thomas Jobe Howard Richards
Daniel R. Brubaker William H. Judd Joseph Richards
Gipson Cameron Joseph Kesler William A. Rickards
Harrison Cameron Ephraim A. Keyser Andrew J. Riley
Resires or Reemus Cameron John Knight Benjamin F. Robertson
Albert Campbell John Quincey Adams Lewis H.B. Rothgeb
Edmund Gaines Chapman John H. Lionberger John W. Rothgeb
Peter Christman Daniel D. Martin Reuben Ruffner
Townsend N. Conrad Jarvis D. Martin Fielding W. Seal
John Lee Corbin Joseph Mathews James E. Shiflett
Acrey Cubbage Lazarus Mathews John Henry Sidlinger
John Cubbage Munson Mathews Benjamin Simpson
Thomas Cubbage William Mathews Emanuel A. Smith
Wesley Cubbage Benjamin Franklin Mayes Joseph Snyder
James Davis William R. McNeer Emanuel Sours
Francis Day David C. Middleton John M. Stanley
John A. Eddins James E. Morris Thomas J. Stanley
Robert H. Eddins Benjamin Franklin Moyer Jacob V.B. Stoneberger
Eugene H. Flinn Hezekiah Mozingo James F. Stoneberger
Judah Forrer Gideon Nauman Abraham Strole
John Gaines William Nauman George W. Stroup
William E. Gaines James or Joseph Painter John W. Stroup
Martin Van Buren Gander Isaac Newton Pence William Stroup
Joseph Grove James Pence Carnet Weakley
William Harvey John Pence H.W. Weaver
Peter Hash Wesley Pence John A. Weaver
Sutton J.H. Will

James H. Abbott, died of consumption
John Lee Corbin, died of disease, 8/20/1862
William Harvey, kidney disease, 11/25/61
William Nauman, while serving with the Purcell Artillery at Chancellorsville, 5/2/63
Abraham Strole, while serving with the Purcell Artillery at Petersburg, Spring, 1865
John A. Weaver, while serving with the Purcell Artillery at Gettysburg, 7/1863

Wounded While Serving With the Dixie Artillery

Daniel R. Brubaker, explosion of shell, 9/19/1862
John Knight, Rapidan Station, 8/23/62
Daniel D. Martin, Rapidan Station, 8/23/62
Howard Richards, Possibly wounded at Gaines Mill/Frazier's Farm/or Rapidan Station - uncertain

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