Goochland Light Artillery

Goochland Light Artillery was organized in May, 1861, with men recruited in Goochland County. Serving in western Virginia it fought at Carnifax Ferry, then moved to Tennessee. Here the company was captured at Fort Donelson in February, 1862. When exchanged, it returned to Virginia and was assigned to the Department of Richmond. The battery served as heavy artillery at Chaffin's Bluff until February, 1864, when it was converted to infantry. During March or April the unit was broken up. Captains John H. Guy and Jonathan Talley were in command.

Allen, George W., Jr., 2nd Lt. Holman, Henry W. Rainey, R.W.
Allen, Richard A. Holt, M.B. Richardson, William W.
Allen, Richard N., Cpl. Hoye, Henry H., Sgt. Riddell, Andrew B.
Alvis, Edward M. Hoye, Robert J. Riddell, Jerry C.
Alvis, John L. Hughes, Daniel S. Riddell, S.W.
Alvis, Robert W. Hughes, James H. Riddell, Thomas J.
Amos, Thomas E. Humphreys, Samuel H. Rigsby, G.S.
Armstrong, Richard L. Isbell, Benjamin J. Rigsby, James E.
Armstrong, S.J. Jackson, James A. Roberts, James H., Cpl.
Armstrong, William H., Cpl. Johnson, Benjamin Robertson, J.G.
Atkisson, John J. Johnson, Charles A. Rock, Rosser S.
Attkisson, Spottswood L. Johnson, George F. Rock, Samuel J.
Ballew, John Thomas, QMSgt. Johnson, George T. Rock, William B.
Benjamin, ---, Cook Johnson, Joseph N. Rogers, R.C.
Blankenship, Samuel P. Keesear, Z.T. Rosser, Cincinnattus
Bowden, David F. Keyton, James P. Russell, William
Bowles, James H. Knibb, Robert B. Samuel, Cook
Bowles, William B., Cpl. Lane, Franklin D. Saunders, George M.
Branch, Charles T., Cpl. Layne, George W. Schooler, Edward G.
Branch, Julian Leadbetter, Henry C. Seay, Silas M.
Brooks, John E. Leake, William Josiah, Sgt. Sharp, Duke H.
Budwell, John B., 2nd Lt. Lesueur, Littleberry B., Cpl. Sharp, William M.
Cardwell, George Long, Lazarus Sharpe, Anthony F., Music.
Carter, Otho G. Loving, George W. Shelburne, J.W.
Childress, Henry F. Loving, James W. Shelton, Thomas L.
Childress, John H. Loving, R.S. Shepherd, John F.
Childress, Luther D. Loyall, George J. Smith, C.H.
Clark, E.L., Sgt. Loyall, P.B. Smith, Charles
Clements, Robert B. Loyall, Thomas J. Smith, Marcus L.
Clough, Edward M. Loyd, James M. Smith, Poindexter P.
Clough, Richard O. Lumsden, John M. Smith, R.S.
Cocke, E.B. Lumsden, William M. Snead, Charles L.
Cragwall, Milton M. Maloy, William C. Sutton, Hawes R.
Crouch, John E. Massie, Charles G. Talley, John W.
Crouch, William M., Cpl. Massie, James O., Sgt. Talley, Jonathan, Capt.
Crutchfield, Thomas D. Massie, John D., 2nd Lt. Talley, Richard F.
Curd, Isaac, 1st Sgt. Matthews, E.F. Taylor, Americus V.
Curd, Thomas A. Matthews, William H. Terry, John J.
Davenport, H.W. McBride, William Terry, Napoleon W., Sgt.
Davenport, William H. McClelland, James Thomas, Henry C.
David, ---, Cook McClelland, M.G. Thomas, James A., Cpl.
Dennis, William E., Cpl. McLean, M.G. Thomas, Robert L.
Dickinson, Joseph W. Miller, And. J. Thomasson, S.H.
Drinker, George T. Miller, Edward R., Cpl. Thompson, William
Drumright, John M., Cpl. Miller, James M. Thurston, Edward
Drumright, Valentine P. Miller, Thomas W., Cpl. Thurston, Isaac N.
Duggins, John L. Moon, Thaddeus A. Thurston, John D.
Dunn, Thomas Morris, John, Sgt. Tillman, William M.
Duvall, R.K. Mortimer, Cook Toler, Robert T.L.
Eades, D.W. Newberry, Henry Tucker, Samuel W.
Eades, Thomas J. Nicholas, James P. Tufts, Charles E., Cpl.
Edwards, William Nuckols, Benjamin J. Turner, James W.
Ellett, John NW, Nuckols, Joseph W. Turner, Thomas
Farmer, James L. Nuckols, Thomas E. Tyler, William R.
Farmer, William T. Nunnally, George W. Via, Walter T.
Fisher, George W., Sgt. Omohondro, Silas B. Wade, John A.
Foster, Richard S. Palmer, Charles Walker, Alexander
Frank, ---, Cook Palmore, Charles W. Ware, R.A.H.
Frederick, Cook Parrish, Frederick J. Watkins, W.O.
Gammon, E.D. Parrish, George H. Weekly, Andrew J.
Gathright, John B. Payne, C.B. Wheeler, Benedick
Gathright, John R. Perkins, Augustus M. Wilkinson, Samuel W.
Gathright, M.W. Perkins, Josiah E., Cpl. Williams, Isaac M.
Gathright, Thomas E., Sgt. Perkins, Ovid A. Willis, Joseph W.
Gathright, Thomas M. Perkins, P.D. Willis, Lydral
Gentry, M.J. Perkins, Thomas J. Wills, T.C., Sgt.
Gentry, W.P. Pettit, S.B. Wilson, Samuel W.
Gilliam, O.A. Phillips, Aluston D. Witt, Joseph A.
Gray, William A. Phillips, G.H. Woodson, Americus A.
Guerrant, John, 1st Lt. Phillpotts, Alfonso Q. Woodson, Benjamin H., Cpl.
Guerrant, Peter Pleasants, Addison M. Woodson, Francis E., Cpl.
Guy, John H., Capt. Pleasants, John H. Woodson, Frederick M., Sgt.
Hall, F.E.R. Pleasants, John Newton Woodson, William Wade
Harlow, P.H. Poor, Dewitt C. Woodward, Alexander
Harris, Frederick O. Poore, John R. Wooldridge, Jerry C.
Hodges, Joseph N. Powers, Edward J.

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