Lowry's Battery

Lowry's Battery [also called Centerville Rifles] was organized in June 1861, with men from Prince William County. This unit served in western Virginia and in December 1862, contained 3 officers and 72 men. Attached to J. F. King's Battalion, it later was involved in the Knoxville Campaign, then returned to Virginia. The battery participated in Early's operations in the Shenandoah Valley and disbanded early in 1865. Captain William M. Lowry was in command.

Alderson, Eli D. Hinton, John M. Pence, Lewis A.
Ayers, James W. Honaker, Michael A. Pence, William W.
Ballengee, John M. Houchins, Clayton M., Cpl. Raines, Nicholas
Barton, Andrew Houchins, Granville Rhyne, George F.
Boley, Newton K. Houchins, James J. Richardson, Oliver L.
Bond, Samuel K., Artif. Houchins, Thompson Roach, Andrew E.
Boon, Mark Houchins, William Roach, C.F.
Brewer, Edward L. Houston, Coray Roberts, James M., Bugler
Brown, Ferdinand H. Houston, Samuel A. Roberts, Joseph A.
Broyles, George W. Houston, William P., 2nd Lt. Ross, C.P., Sgt.
Broyles, Lewis H. Huffman, John Ross, Newton B., Cpl.
Butt, Archibald H. Huffman, Samuel Runyon, Ceph C.
Byerly, W.A.H. Hutchison, Alonzo M. Scott, William M.P.
Cabell, John J. Hutchison, Elijah F. Shanklin, James M.H.
Campbell, Isaac N. Hutchison, James A. Shanklin, James R., Cpl.
Canterbury, Calvin Keadle, A.J., Sgt. Shanklin, John P., Sgt.
Canterbury, Zed Kelly, James L. Shanklin, Philip A.
Carden, Allen A., Cpl. Kesler, Daniel B. Shanklin, Riley C.
Carden, Isaac G. Kesler, George W. Shanklin, William H.
Carden, John M. Keysor, Charles F. Smith, George W.
Cecil, W.W. Kibler, John H. Smith, Giles H.
Chapman, George B., 1st Lt. Lively, Joseph V. Smith, Henry J.
Coburn, William T. Lowe, James G. Smith, John A.
Craft, William H. Lowry, Robert W. Smith, John W.
Crawley, Thomas W. Lowry, William M., Capt. Studer, John H.
Crews, Jo. B. Maddy, John P. Symns, J.A., Sgt.
Davis, Samuel H. Mann, Benjamin F. Symns, Samuel Y.
Dudley, Houston Mann, Davidson G. Symns, William P.
Dunlap, James W., Cpl. Mann, Henry Thomas, James B.
Dunlap, Robert A. Mann, Lewis M. Thomas, James R., Cpl.
Ellis, Newton Mann, Samuel, Bugler Thomas, William R.
Ellis, Wallace J. Mann, V.S. Thompson, Harrison P.
Ellison, John Z. Mays, F.W.D. Thompson, Henry
Fisher, Andrew T. McNeer, Richard Thompson, John C.
Fluke, George A. Mead, Meredith Tiffany, William S.
Fluke, William C., Cpl. Meadows, Abner Tiffany, William W.
Foard, James A. Meadows, James W. Tillar, S.O.
Foot, Samuel C. Meadows, John Tillar, Stephen O.
Fowler, Allen, 1st Lt. Merricks, E.B. Tincher, William C.
Frazier, George A. Merricks, Elish H. Vass, Philip
Fretwell, Charles H. Miller, Newton, Cpl. Vass, Rice C.
Fry, lsaac E. Milner, William P. Vaught, David H.
Garten, R.T. Moler, James R. Vickers, John C.
Garten, William M. Morehead, John M. Vines, James W.
Gibson, Ephraim Mullins, Joseph R. Whitcomb, George K.
Gwinn, Henry C. Neale, Wirt R. Williams, M.F.
Gwinn, James H. Oliver, John W. Wilson, Elcanah, Artif.
Haldren, John W. Pack, James R. Wiseman, George O.
Haldren, Riley G. Pack, John L. Wiseman, Jo. L., Cpl.
Halstead, Henry H. Patterson, John Ed Woltz, George R.P.
Hasten, James N. Peck, Andrew L. Woods, Nicholas
Hedrick, Mathew A. Peck, E.H., Jr.2nd Lt. Woodson, John N.
Hedrick, William C. Pence, Andrew P. Woodson, Judson C., 1st Sgt.
Hill, William S., QMSgt. Pence, Augustus A. Woodson, William M.
Hinchman, John Pence, George W. Young, George P.
Hinton, James D. Pence, John H., Lt. Young, William V.

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