Lurty's Battery

Lurty's Battery was organized in October 1863, with transfers from other artillery companies. The unit served in western Virginia, fought at Lewisburg, and in November contained 5 officers and 43 men. Later it was assigned to W. J. Jackson's Cavalry Brigade, Department of Western Virginia, and in February 1864, totaled 66 effectives. The battery then participated in Early's operations in the Shenandoah Valley as part of the Horse Artillery. During the spring of 1865 it disbanded. Captain Warren S. Lurty was its commander.

Ackworth, William W. Huffman, David M. Randolph, Daniel F.
Alexander, J.A. Hustage, George Reynolds, William M., Sgt.
Alkire, Alexander C. Jinkins, Elisha J. Roberts, John E.
Alphens, Robert Johnson, Amos N. Rodebaugh, Jacob
Ayers, David W. Johnson, William H. Ross, James E.
Boggess, Albert, QMSgt. Jorden, James E., Cpl. Ross, John H.
Bond, Alexander C. Jordon, Henry Ross, Joshua H.
Boyce, Felix, Cpl. Jordon, Madison Rudd, John S.
Brown, Alonzo Keister, Jacob C. Schisler, Joseph
Cain, Harrison, 1st Sgt. Kerry, Newton Shoemaker, William H.
Cain, John W., Cpl. Langhorne, James C., Guidon Shrewsberry, Jarrot
Caldwell, Andrew Lemon, George Smith, Amos, Sgt.
Campbell, Nelson Liggit, Newton Smith, John
Campbell, William H. Locke, John Smith, Joshua, Cpl.
Cocke, Isaac N., Cpl. Lorentz, L. Dow, 2nd Lt. Snyder, Jacob
Cockran, William C. Lurty, George W. Stewart, Burton
Custer, Lewis T., Cpl. Lurty, R. Dexter, 1st Lt. Swoope, Bowling
Custer, Samuel Lurty, Warren S., Capt. Tankesley, James E., Sgt.
Dilworth, F. Sylvester Mayse, Allen Tennant, Alpheus
Dowell, Madison Mayse, Joseph Thompson, Frank P.
Dunnington, Charles L., Cpl. McCrander, Charles Tingler, H.S.
Dunnington, John J., 2nd Lt. McCune, Timothy, Cpl. Traugh, Jacob, Artif.
Garrold, Benjamin Middleton, Archibald Walton, William R.
Green, Thomas F. Mills, William Watson, Robert F.
Hall, William Mitchell, Robert H. Webber, William H.
Hammit, J.R. Mullen, Samuel B., Bugler Williams, John R.
Harris, Thomas W. Newcomb, George W., Sgt. Wilson, Samuel A.
Hawkins, Paul Patton, A.D., Sgt. Winder, Uriah B.
Haymond, Benjamin W. Prible, John Wright, William
Haynes, Peter Pritchard, Thomas Zane, Noah
Huffman, Allen Pritchard, Wesley Zerkle, Benjamin G.

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