McClanahan's Battery

McClanahan's Battery [also called Staunton Artillery] was organized in February 1863, and for a time served with the 62nd Regiment Mounted Rifles. The unit served under General Imboden's command, was active in northwestern Virginia, and took part in the Gettysburg Campaign. However, it was not engaged in the battle. Later it participated in Early's operations in the Shenandoah Valley and disbanded during the spring of 1865. This company totaled 142 effectives in June, 1863, and 104 in February, 1864. Its captains were George W. Imboden and John H. McClanahan.

Banserman, George W. Gooch, James A. Nair, B.W.
Barnes, M.H. Griffin, R.H. Nair, George N.
Bauserman, George W. Griffin, William J. Nair, Thomas J.
Bauserman, Samuel Grove, Howard Newton, John H., Cpl.
Bear, James H. Grove, William Nichols, A.B.
Bear, W.A. Hanna, George Owens, Edward, Cpl.
Bear, William A. Harrison, Carter Panye, James T., QMSgt.
Becker, Jacob A. Hart, C.B. Peer, John
Berkely, Edmond Hart, Calvin C. Pfeninger, Casher, Cpl.
Berkely, Spotswood Hart, John, Capt. Phinegar, Jasper
Berkley, Carter, 1st Lt. Hayes, John A. Potts, B.F., Sgt.
Berry, A.R. Hayman, Alexander Ratliff, George S.
Berry, Archibald Heizer, J.F. Rhodes, John L.
Blackburn, W.S. Herring, John A., Sgt. Robertson, George W.
Botkin, James Hinkle, John L. Rodgers, W.D.
Brock, Noah Hinkle, Michael J. Ross, David
Brooke, F.T. Huffman, David Ryan, Richard D.
Buck, George A. Huffman, J.W. Schafar, Phillip
Buckley, Carter, 1st Lt. Hughart, O.W. Sheffey, B.F.
Bums, A.G.I. Hupp, A. Shirfy, A.G.
Burns, A.G.J. Imboden, George W., Capt. Showalter, D.J.M.
Bums, Abraham Isley, Z. Showalter, J.D.
Calvert, C.A.B. Johnson, John W., 1st Lt. Smith, J.H.B.
Caplinger, Adam C., Cpl. Jones, Willis Smith, John W.
Caplinger, Calvin S.C. Keran, William T.J. Snyder, Henry
Caplinger, John C., Cpl. Kerr, Wesley Sperry, T.A.
Caster, W.C. Kershner, J.R. Spitzer, A.
Chenoweth, Andrew Kester, Newton C. Spitzer, Harvey
Clark, Hoy Kinkle, M.J. State, H.
Cline, Thomas Kinney, Charles N. Stone, H.H., 2nd Lt.
Cline, William Kinney, Edward Stratton, Robert G.
Clinton, George W. Kunkle, John J. Swartz, Nathan M.
Colbert, Alexander Landes, David K. Swartz, Richard
Coleman, Samuel E. Line, John D. Trainer, William
Collett, A.J. Livick, George W. Trayer, James
Collett, J.C. Long, Daniel Trayer, S.A.
Collett, Park, 2nd Lt. Long, William J. Trayer, Silas
Collins, Daniel Mallon, Paul, 2nd Lt. Varnhouse, John W.
Daniels, Harper Martin, Henry Wagoner, Philip
Daniels, James P. Mathers, John J. Ware, C.A., Asst.Surg.
Deitrich, William F. Mathews, William A. Wees, Andrew
Dorsey, Evans, Sgt. May, James H. Wees, Jacob C.
Eddins, Thaddeus P. McClanahan, Alexander, Col. Wees, Tolbert
Engleman, James W. McClanahan, J.H., Capt. Westcamp, Henry
Fitz, James Meinken, J.R. Whitesel, James P.
Fox, Oscar J. Merriken, I.R., Sgt. Whitesell, J.L.
Fultz, H.H., Lt. Messerly, James E. Wilson, James A.
Funk, Samuel Messerly, Joseph Wise, Samuel A.
Garber, John B. Miller, Clement H. Wood, James M.
Garber, John M. Minnick, D. Woolf, Josiah
Garletts, Abel Mitchell, T.N.

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