Otey Light Artillery

Otey Light Artillery was organized at Richmond, Virginia, in March 1862. It became part of the 13th Battalion Virginia Artillery but for some time operated as an independent command. The unit served in western Virginia and, assigned to J. F. King's Battalion sustained 14 casualties during the Kanawha Valley operations. In December the battery contained 3 officers and 69 men and was attached to the Department of Western Virginia and East Tennessee. Later it participated in the Knoxville Campaign, then was ordered to join the Army of Northern Virginia. It was assigned to W. H. Gibbes' Battalion, took part in the defense of Petersburg, and ended the war at Appomattox as infantry. The company was commanded by Captains G. Gaston Otey and David N. Walker.

Lt.Arty. Otey's Co. Guerrant, C.W., Cpl. O'Conner, James
Adkisson, J. Haden, R.L. Otey, W. Hays, Capt.
Allen, J.H. Haden, W.C. Otey, Wm. H., Capt.
Ashby, J.S. Haines, W.A. Parsons, W.H.
Barber, E.A. Hall, J.K.P. Paxton, D.J.
Becton, John H., Sgt. Hall, R.W. Paxton, James W.
Beheles, W.J. Hardy, E. Perkinson, N.C.
Bell, B.W. Hawkins, Oscar Platz, Frank, Cpl.
Bernard, W.A. Henry, R.P. Prillaman, M.
Buck, George Holston, W.A., 3rd Lt. Raine, William F.
Bunger, Louis, Sgt. Hurst, B.W. Ramey, J.J.
Burton, James Jefferson, B.F. Ramey, J.W.
Cardwell, G.W. Jones, E. Ramey, Sanford
Cherry, Eugene Jones, J.H. Rhodes, J.W.
Clapsaddle, G.W. Jones, Theoph Rice, A.B.
Clapsaddle, John H. Kiney, J.O. Robertson, William A.
Clark, M.H., 1st Lt. Langhorne, C.D. Rodenhizer, George C.
Crenshaw, J.D. Laws, Patrick H. Rodenhizer, R.R.
Crigler, J.W. Leckie, William L. Rotchford, R.L.
Davis, W.N. Lewis, G.W. Sanner, Alex. O.
Dey, David Lewis, I.T. Shelton, A., Cpl.
Dillon, W.H. Lowry, Joseph Shepherd, T.H.
Dobyn, C.N. Lumpkin, Henry Smith, Thomas
Dodson, P.H. Lynn, P.H., Sgt. Smythe, D.W.
Doss, W.L. Maddux, Thomas Spencer, C.H., 2nd Lt.
Eanes, P.D. Mansfield, George Stephens, E.B.
Eaton, Alex Martin, C.R. Stephens, H.M., 1st Lt.
Fisher, E. Martindale, E.B. Thomas, W.
Fitzgerald, T.B., 1st Sgt. Mayfield, J.M., Sgt. Tuck, R.W.
Flora, R., Cpl. McCully, J.R., Cpl. Tunstall, George N.
Forbes, W.A. McGee, J.T. Walker, David
Foster, J.M. McMath, M.W. Wellford, W.N.
Fouts, J.A. Meusel, J.G., Sgt. Westbrook, J.B.
Gaines, R.S. Moore, E. Wiles, E.A.
Gaines, Thomas P. Morriss, G.T. Wilkerson, Thomas H.
Glenn, H.M. Motly, B.A. Woodis, H.R.
Gouldin, B.F. Mullane, D.A. Wray, O.D.
Graham, J.T. Murrill, James B. Wyford, James
Grant, J.R. Neenan, D.P.

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