Rice's Battery

Rice's Battery [also called Eighth Star or New Market Artillery] was organized in April 1861, with men from Shenandoah County. It served in western Virginia, sustained 4 casualties at Greenbrier River, and suffered many losses in Jackson's Valley Campaign. On September 26, 1862, it was broken up and its remaining members transferred to the Danville Light Artillery. Captain William H. Rice was in command.

Arnold, David H., Sgt. Holsinger, David Rice, R. Sidney, 1st Lt.
Beaver, Ambrose C., Ord.Sgt. Hottinger, Isaac Rice, William H., Capt.
Bell, C.B. Hottinger, Moses Rinker, Raphael H.
Bell, Joseph B. Huffman, David S. Robey, Thomas
Bowman, Isaac Hunton, Thomas W., 2nd Lt. Rosenberger, Harvey
Bowman, Joseph R. Jenkins, Banks Shaffer, John R.
Bowman, Joseph W. Jenkins, Churchville Shaffer, Joseph
Branner, Michael Jenkins, Frank Shaffer, Strather A.
Branner, Philip Jenkins, Henry Shirley, Samuel P., QMSgt.
Brown, William Jenkins, Walker Shisler, James W.
Buswell, Washington, Cpl. Jones, Joseph W., 1st Lt. Smith, Henry M.
Clift, Wellington B. Kagey, David F. Sommers, James
Cline, William S. Kennedy, George W. South, John M.
Crabill, Amos Kesler, John H. Spitzer, David C.
Dingledine, Adam Kingan, James A. Spitzer, Henry
Dingledine, Allen Knight, Timothy Spitzer, Michael
Dingledine, Peter S. Koontz, George W., 1st Sgt. Spitzer, William
Dingledine, Philip Koontz, Milton S. Stillwell, George A.
Estep, Benjamin Landes, Daniel Stillwell, Isaac
Estep, Isaac Landes, Samuel Stillwell, William
Estep, John J., Cpl. Long, James L., Cpl. Strayer, Joseph B.
Estep, Raphael McDaniel, Hamilton, Sgt. Stroop, Noah
Fansler, David C. McDaniel, Robert Swartz, Lewis F.
Hemmings, John McDaniel, Samuel Swartz, Tunis Q.
Frederick, Philip McDaniel, Samuel L. Tidler, Samuel L.
Gaynor, Edward T., 2nd Lt. McNeal, Charles M., 4th Lt. Urner, Lewis H., Sgt.
Gochenour, Jacob, Sgt. McNeal, James B. Via, David
Golliday, Peyton Miller, William H. Walker, Reuben
Good, Elias Mills, John D. Weatherholtz, Elias
Good, Noah Murphy, James M. Whissen, Philip
Good, Peter Neff, John H. Will, Reuben V.
Grandstaff, Joseph O'Roark, John Wilt, Absalom
Graves, Andrew J. O'Roark, John W. Windle, George W.
Graves, Benjamin F. Olinger, Isaac Windle, Hugh
Grim, Amos Pennybacker, Benjamin Windle, James G.
Guard, Edgar H. Philips, Charles M. Wireman, John R.
Guard, Samuel Philips, George W. Woods, Andrew J.
Henkel, David H. Philips, James Woods, Benjamin F., Cpl.
Henkel, Polybeus Philips, John H. Woods, Jacob H.
Hess, Samuel W. Philips, William Woods, James M.
Higgs, Jeremiah H., Cpl. Price, Berryman Z., 2nd Lt. Woods, Siram
Higgs, Samuel Read, John H., Sgt. Zirkle, Casper K., Sgt.
Hinkal, G.S. Rice, Francis E. Zirkle, James A.

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