Stafford Light Artillery

Stafford Light Artillery was organized in August 1861, with men recruited in Stafford County. The unit served in the Aquia District, fought at Malvern Cliff, then was stationed near Petersburg with 98 effectives. Later it saw action at Fredericksburg, moved to South Carolina, and after returning to Virginia joined the Department of Richmond. During the spring of 1864 the battery was attached to C. M. Braxton's Battalion in the Army of Northern Virginia. It participated in The Wilderness Campaign, was with Early in the Shenandoah Valley, and saw action around Appomattox. During March, 1864, it contained 95 men, lost many in the fight at Sayler's Creek, and surrendered with only 3 privates. Its commanders were Captains John R. Cocke, Raleigh L. Cooper, and Thomas B. French.

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