Sturdivant's Battery

Sturdivant's Battery [also called Albemarle Artillery] was organized in March 1862. This unit served as an independent command, but for a time in 1864 was part of the 12th Battalion Virginia Artillery. It was stationed at Petersburg and in March 1863, contained 4 officers and 76 men. Attached to F. J. Boggs' Battalion the company was active south of the James River. On June 15, 1864, many of the men and two guns were captured. Later it served in N. A. Sturdivant's Battalion of Artillery and surrendered 3 officers and 45 men at Appomattox. Captain Nathaniel A. Sturdivant was in command.

Adams, W.W. Ham, Henry H. Richardson, Charles R.
Atkinson, Presley T. Hare, John W. Rippetoe, James T., Sgt.
Barden, John L. Harris, Joseph E. Roberts, Richard L.
Barden, Robert Harris, William D., Cpl. Roe, Anthony E.
Beck, Walter A. Hewitt, T.M., 1st Lt. Salmon, John H.
Bell, Charles W. Hoffman, John J. Salmon, L.M.
Bell, James T. Howlett, William E. Sandridge, George M.
Bibb, James D. Isbell, Thomas H. Sandridge, Ira L.
Birdsong, John T.J. Jackson, Charles F. Sandridge, James D.
Blackwell, Joseph F. Jackson, Felix E. Seldon, William D., Jr.
Bolling, Thomas Jacobs, William J. Shepherd, Daniel A., Sgt.
Bowles, William W. Jameson, Minnis Shepherd, Henry
Boyd, James R. Jameson, Philip L., Bugler Shiflett, Anfield
Boyd, Peter P. Jeffries, John E. Shiflett, Henry B.
Boyd, Thomas N. Jeffries, Richard C., Cpl. Shiflett, Levi G.
Boyd, William Jenkins, Charles J., Sgt. Shiflett, Milton B.
Bradley, William W. Jennings, Henry P. Shiflett, Thomas S.
Brown, C.F. Johnson, William F. Short, Robert A.
Brown, E.P. Johnston, William F. Simms, Albert M.
Brown, Horace N., Cpl. Lamb, Montgomery Simpson, Louis
Brown, John A., Sgt. Lamb, Reuben Sisk, Lemuel
Brown, Richard H. Land, Thomas E. Smith, Garrett M.
Brown, William Lang, Nathaniel G. Smith, John R.W., Sgt.
Buck, John H. Lawrence, John C.E., Sgt.Maj. Sowell, Benjamin A., QMSgt.
Carter, Douglas R., Artif. Lee, John, Sgt. Steward, Powhatan M.
Carter, William V. Lilly, William D. Sturdivant, N.A., Maj.
Carver, James D. Locker, George T. Swearingar, W.
Carver, Lewis C. Locker, Jacob M. Taliaferro, Daniel A.
Carver, R.A. Locker, John A. Thacker, Elias A.
Casler, J.S.S., Cpl. Mahanes, Charles E. Thurman, Benjamin F., Artif.
Chiles, William F. Mahanes, William S. Timberlake, James A.
Crane, A. Judson Mahood, William H.B. Tomkies, Augustine J.
Crane, Charles T.C., Cpl. Major, Samuel Tomkies, Thomas W.
Danyel, John T. Major, William, Jr. Turner, George W.
Darracott, Charles R., 2nd Lt. Marks, Henry S. Urquhart, Burgess
Darracott, George T., Cpl. Marshall, George W. Urquhart, Murdock M.
Darracott, John V. Martin, James G. Usedom, Theodore
Darracott, Robert Martin, Peter Vaughan, Asa W.
Darracott, William T. Maupin, Bernard P. Via, Charles E.
Davis, Bernard C. Maupin, Nat. J. Via, Charles F.
Day, Edward, Sgt. Maupin, Thomas R. Via, Dabney J.
Dobie, Addis E. Maupin, Wayland W. Via, Horace W.
Dobie, John W. Maxwell, William H., Sgt. Via, John R.
Dobie, Richard A. Moore, William T. Via, John W.
Douglas, William B. Munday, James W. Via, Pleasant M.
Drumwright, James E. Munford, Elisha W. Waldrop, Robert B.
Duff, Benjamin R. Noel, Warner M. Walton, Charles K.
Edmondson, B.W. Norford, James M. Walton, David F.
Edwards, Henry C. Norford, Thomas G. Walton, Eagan R.
Ferguson, James R. Obenchain, William T. Walton, John T.
Gladden, Isaiah Patton, Harman M., Cpl. Walton, Mathew P.
Goodwin, Alfred M. Peake, George Weisiger, William H., 1st Lt.
Goodwin, Archie T. Pendleton, Henry C., Cpl. West, Nat J,
Goodwin, John T. Perkins, W.P. White, James N.
Gorrell, Benjamin H., 2nd Lt. Pitman, William H. White, Moses H.
Goss, Lynn L. Pollard, John H. Whitehurst, Joshua M.
Groome, John C. Potts, A.W. Whyte, Edward
Gwaltney, William O.P. Pritchett, Thomas W. Wood, Jefferson
Hall, Booker C. Reppetoe, John E. Yeamans, John W.
Hall, Wiley Rhodes, Daniel R. Zimmerman, Angelus

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