Young's Battery

Young's Battery (also called Halifax Artillery] was formed during the early spring of 1861 with men from Halifax County. It served as infantry with the 14th Regiment until May 1862, when it transferred to the 1st Battalion, then the 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery. In June the unit contained 51 effectives and for a time served with the 1st Regiment. Later it was assigned to E. F. Moseley's Battalion and during the fall of 1863 was on duty at Chaffin's Bluff. Later the company fought at Drewry's Bluff and on the Bermuda Hundred line. This battery was one of the units that turned back the Federal assaults against Petersburg on June 16, 17, and 18, 1864. It continued to defend Petersburg and was included in the surrender on April 9, 1865, attached to J. G. Blount's Battalion. Captain Edward R. Young was in command.

Arty. Young's Co. Dixon, L.W. Martin, A.
Able, W.H. Dixon, W.T., Cpl. Minter, J.J.
Adams, J.W. Dodson, T.R. Moore, C.A.
Anderson, F.S. Dunkley, J.H. Moore, E.B.
Anderson, S.E. Dunn, E.J. Moore, L.R.
Andrews, J.A. Dunn, R.W. Moore, W.R.
Arnold, W.E. Dunn, W.B. Oliver, John J., Cpl.
Babcock, Alex G., Sgt. Enroughty, N. Pettus, Samuel V.
Bailey, John A. Enroughty, W. Quarles, G.W.
Bailey, Robert Eubank, George W. Regnault, C.H.
Ballard, J.P. Ferguson, J.H. Rice, Calvin
Bane, Archer Ferrell, H.O. Rodden, J.W., Sgt.
Bane, John Ferrell, J.E. Rowland, James A.
Barksdale, A.S., Cpl. Ferrel I, J.H. Rowland, Robert
Barksdale, C.N. Ferrell, R.J. Russell, H.B.
Barksdale, William S. Ferrell, W.F. Russell, J.J., Bvt.2nd Lt.
Bass, Henry C. Flippin, M.V. Saterfield, J.C.
Bass, J.C. Franklin, J.H. Saterfield, O.B.
Bass, Joseph Gilliland, J.W. Shackleford, L., Sgt.
Bass, R.W. Govan, Charles Shelton, J.A., Cpl.
Bass, W.A. Grady, John Shelton, J.B.J.
Blanks, James Harman, J.E. Smith, T.P.
Boisseau, James, Cpl. Harrod, W.T. Spencer, J.W.
Boyd, J.H. Henderson, C.D. Starkey, G.W.
Boyd, T.A.S., Sgt.Maj. Henderson, C.N. Stevens, W.H.
Boyd, W.J., 2nd Lt. Hughes, R.D. Strange, G.T.
Bradner, R.H. Irby, Henry C. Strange, H.F.
Breeden, B.B. Irby, J.F., Cpl. Strange, R.J.
Bridgewater, P. James, R.A. Strange, S.B.
Bridgewater, R. Johnson, J.E. Thompson, J.J.
Brown, W.A., Cpl. Johnston, T.I. Tune, C.W., Sgt.
Bullock, M.B. Jones, C.C. Tune, J.S.
Clardy, W.L. Jones, Henry, Cpl. Vaughan, J.H.
Colley, J.L. Jorden, Henry Walrond, W.H.C.
Crenshaw, J.E. Kent, G.H. Walters, William B.
Crenshaw, J.J. Kent, J.J., Cpl. Walton, M.M.
Crenshaw, L.S. Kent, S.B. Webb, A.H.
Daniel, L. Lacy, W.D., Sgt. Wilborne, T.S.
Davis, L.D. Landrum, W.F. Willeroy, J.W.
Davis, R.B., 1st Lt. Lovelace, W.O. Young, E.R., Capt.
Dixon, B.F. Maloney, Patrick Young, Henry P., QMSgt.

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