6th Cavalry Regiment

Surnames A-B

AARON, WILLIAM THOMAS: enl. 5/27/61 in (2d) Co. E. Discharged 2/19/62. On a roll of 3d Regt. Local Defense Troops, ca. 1/65, Mechanic postwar. Applied for pension at Danville 5/14/1900, age 64, giving his unit as Capt. V. V. Vaughn's Co. Local Guards, Richmond. Discharged from Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, Richmond, 9/2/1908. d. 4/9/1921. 

ABBOTT, JOSEPH: b. 10/3/34. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K Bugler. Detailed as courier For Gen. N. G. Evans 7/15/61. Sick furlough 2/28/62. AWOL from 5/1/62. d. 12/19/98, bur. Union Cem., Leesburg. 

ADAMS, DABNEY, b. 8/4/45 in Rockingham Co., enl. 4/15/64 in Co. I. wded. 5/26/64. AWOL on 3/20/65 final roll. Stock dealer postwar. d. 7/24/30 at Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, Richmond, bur. St. Johns Lutheran Church Cem., near Singers Glen. 

ADAMS, EDWIN TURNER: b. 2‑20‑33. enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H. Farmer. CpI. on April‑June roll. Went home sick 2/10/62. Absent sick, Pvt., 5-6/62 then present until shot in mouth at Brandy Station, 6‑9‑63. Absent wded. through final roll 3‑22‑65. m. 1/12/61. d. at Morrisville 6/13/1914, bur. Cedar Grove Cem., Bealton. 

ADAMS, JOHN A‑ b. 8/5/19 at "Oak Hill," Fauquier Co. grad. U.Va. and U. of Pa. enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H as Capt. Physician. Absent on sick leave for most of his service because of dropsy. Col. Flournoy wrote "I have never known him to drill his Co. at all... Capt. Adams Is physically incapable of discharging the duties of an officer." Resigned 9/19/62 d. 1/19/62 bur. Cool Spring Methodist Church Cem., Delaplane. 

ADAMS, JOHN HENRY. b. in Halifax Co. enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G. Farmer. Absent at home on sick furlough from 11/23/61 to 5‑6/62 roll, when present. Discharged on 7/21/62 for fistula in ano with chronic rheumatism, age 45. Went to Lamar Co., Texas, in 1870, and d. at Bardwell, Ky., 6/08. 

ADAMS, JOHN Q. enl. 3/15/62 in Co. I. Absent wded. on 11‑12/62 roll. Returned 2/15/63, then furloughed 30 days. Occasional absences until present on 3/20/65 final roll. Postwar roster says wded. at Five Forks. 

ADAMS, STEPHEN CLINTON: b. 1/16/36 in Frederick Co., Md. enl. 5/22/61 in Co. K POW 9/13/62, hold at Old Capitol Prison; exchanged 11/10/62 To Sgt. 11/1/62 AWOL on final 1‑2/65 roll. POW at Frederick Hall 3/13/65. Took the oath at Pt. Lookout 6/22/65. M. Elizabeth Nichols. d. 1877, bur. Leesburg Union Cem. 

ADAMS, THOMAS F.: b. 12/29/34 in Loudoun Co. enl. 6/1/61 in Co. K POW at Waynesboro 9/24/64. Took the oath at Pt. Lookout 6/22/65 Resid. Clifton Station, Fairfax Co., as a farmer postwar. d. at Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, Richmond, 5/19/20, bur. Hollywood Cem. 

ADKINS, JOHN M‑ enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. d. at Charlottesville General Hosp. 4/29/62 of pneumonia. 

ALDER, FLAVIUS J.: enl 9/9/62 in Co. A. Wded. at Brandy Station BOW, and reported as deserting from Charlottesville General Hosp. 8/28/63, "supposed to have been taken off by his father at night, as he was not in a condition to travel." d. of wounds, 9/17/63. 

ALLAN, JOHN., b. 8/23/31 in Richmond. Att. U. Va. Commissioned adjutant with rank of Lt. 10/29/61. Previously Pvt., Co. I, 4th Va. Cav. Absent on special duty by order of Gen. W. E. Jones, 11/62. KIA at Fairfield, Pa., 7/3/63. 

ALLDER, GEORGE F.: b. 9/12/29 in Loudoun Co. enl. 10/1/62 in Co. A. POW at Brandy Station SOW, and home KIA there. Held at Old Capitol Prison. Next record is final roll, ca. 3/65, which shows him AWOL since 1/23/65. Paroled at Charles Town, (W.) Va., 5/19/65. 1913. pension application states "Farmer until I got too old," read. Loudoun Co. d. 7/2/18 at Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, bur. Ebenezer Cem., Bloomfield. Apparently Identical to Frank Alder, wded. at Spotsylvania and POW at Brandy, shown on a postwar roster. 

ALLDER, JOSEPH: enl. 10/12/62 in Co. K Deserted near Warrenton 10/20/63. Arrested by Cole’s Union cavalry 11/28/63 at Snickersville, age 22, resided there. Transferred 9/30/64 from Ft. Delaware to Alken's Ldg. for exchange. AWOL on final 1‑2/65 roll. 

ALLDER, NATHAN N.: b. 3/3/40 in Loudoun Co. enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. Wded. 5/23/62 at Front Royal in log, and thereafter on rolls as absent sick through final 3/27/65 roll. Paroled at Charles Town, (W.)Va., 5/19/65. Farmer postwar, resid. Hillsboro. "Did not return on account of my wound, being on crutches until after the surrender." d. 11/3/1917, bur. Ebenezer Cem. Bloomfield. 

ALLEN, GEORGE J.: Co. G. clothing books show joined co. 8/21/63 and present thru ca. 1‑23‑64. 

ALLEN, GEORGE TAVENNER: b. 1840. enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H. Lawyer. Present on 4‑5/61 roll. Lt. in Co. H, 8th Va. int. d. 10/9/62, bur. Marshall Cem. 

ALLEN, JOHN L.: enl. 3/10/62 in Co. G. POW 5/11/64 at Yellow Tavern. d. 9/27/64 of chronic diarrhea at Elmira, bur. there. 

ALLEN, ROBERT OWEN: b. 11/33, enl. 7/2/61 in Co. D. Appointed 2d Lt. 4/20/62. Wded. 6/9/63 at Brandy Station, and absent wded. until retired to invalid Corps 11/15/64, and stationed at Richmond. Paroled 4/15/65 at Winchester. d. 8/18, bur. Green Hill Cem., Berryville. Famous as the man who killed Union Col. Benjamin F. ("Grimes") Davis at Brandy Station. 

ALLEN, WILLIAM PERKINS: enl. 5/21/61 in Co. E. Absent on sick leave and not re‑enlisted on 2/16/62 roll, but present on 5-6/62 roll. Acting QM Sgt. 12/62. Teamster 8/24‑9/21/63. POW 5/7/64 near Spotsylvania C.H. Transferred for exchange from Pt. Lookout 11/1/64 ("some prisoner unknown assumed this name and was transferred to Elmira, N.Y.," 8/8/64). Paroled at Appomattox 4‑9‑65. m. 1853, resid. Weal postwar, d. 2‑26‑03, wdd. Giddy Ann. 

ALLISON, BAILEY A.: enl. 11/1/62 in Co. H. AWOL since 11/25 on 11‑12/62 roll and marked as a deserter. Present on 2/28/63 roll. Shown as permanently disabled from date of Brandy Station 6/9/63, and thereafter absent sick until final 3/22/65 roll, where he Is shown as having deserted in 1/64. On ca. 1898 Fauquier Co. veterans census as a member of Co. C, age 67. d. before 8/2/1910. 

ALLISON, BASIL enl. 9/14/62 in Co. H. Absent from company as wagoner in the regiment, 11/62. POW in Fauquier Co. 6/20/63. d. 8/22/64 at Pt. Lookout. 

ALLISON, JOHN T.: b. 6/6/36. enl. 9/14/62 in Co. H. Present until shown absent sick on 7‑8/63 roll, then as AWOL since 8/28/63. 9‑10/64 roll has him deserting on 3/24/64. d. 2/2/1919, bur. Marshall Cem. Confederate records give his middle initial as "A!'. 

ALLISON, WILLIAM: enl. 9/14/62 in Co. H. POW near Salem 8/20/63, and held at Pt. Lookout, but no release recorded. Signs parole by mark at Winchester 3/3/65, age 23. 

ALLMAN, C. C.: Shown as enl. 1/5/65 in Co. F on a roll supposed to cover 9‑10/64, but which Is dated 2/24/65. This roll, his only record, has him absent on horse detail. 

ALMOND, BAKER: enl. 4/1/64 in Co. I. Present on rolls for 7‑10/64. A notice of desertion Issued in Richmond on 3/1/65 says he can be sought in Spotsylvania Co. Apparently Identical to Bonnie Almond, shown on a postwar roster. 

ALMOND, ETHELWIN A.: b. 4/24/45 in Spotsylvania Co. enl. 4/1/64 in Co. I. Laborer. Absent sick since 3/20/65 on final 3/20/65 roll. Living 6/14/09 at Granite Springs. d. 11/6/33, bur. Spotsylvania Confederate Cem. 

ALMOND, LISTON V.: enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I, age 18. Present, except for occasional Illnesses, until final 3/20/65 roll, on which he is AWOL d. 4/1/1907, bur. Tumor‑Almond Cem. on Rt. 608 west of Orange. 

ALMOND, THOMAS J.: b. 3/26/42. enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. Absent sick on 11‑12/63 and 11‑2/63 rolls, otherwise prowl until wded. 8/21/64. Marked as returned on 7‑8/64 roll, but thereafter wded. and absent thru final 3/20/65 roll. d. 12/9/09, bur. Zoar Baptist Church Cem. m. 1868, wId. Lucy (who subsequently married another Confederate veteran named Johnson.) 

ALMOND, WILLIAM L.: Shown as a member of Co. I on a postwar roster. No official record. 

AMBLER, RICHARD JAQUELIN: b. 4/13/31. enl. 12/6/64 in Co. D. POW 4/1/65 at Dinwiddie C.H. Took the oath at Pt. Lookout 6/13/65. Resid. Fauquier Co. d. 2/17/76, bur. Leads Episcopal Church Cem. Hume. 

AMIS, W. H.: Only record is a return for 12/62 which shows a man of this name as a deserter from Co. H. 

AMISS, EDWARD L.: enl. 7/19/61 in Co. B. AWOL since 4/28/62 on 5‑6/62 roll, thereafter absent sick thru 1‑2/63 roll. Admitted 4/14/63 to general hosp. at Staunton with secondary syphilis. Transferred to Co. E, 49th Va. int. 9/9/63. Paroled at Winchester 5‑18‑65. Reportedly alive in 5‑07 Resid. Montgomery Co., Md., postwar. 

AMISS, THOMAS BENJAMIN: b. 7/4/39 in Rappahannock Co. grad. VMI and U. of Pa. enl. as Cpl. 4/1/62 in Co. B. Absent on detached service in Medical Department in Richmond on 5‑6/62 roll, his only official record with the regiment. Subsequently surgeon at Salisbury and Weldon, N.C., and with 31st Ga. inf. m. Mary E Miller 1881. Physician in Rappahannock and Page Cos. postwar. d. 11/9/13, bur. Wray Cem. 

ANDERSON, ELIJAH C‑ b. 7/8/36. enl. 10/30/62 in Co. F. Generally present to 2/24/65 final roll, when absent on horse detail. Reported by Richmond as deserter on 3/1/65. Paroled at Winchester 4/24/65. Resid. near Orlean, Fauquier Co., postwar. m. 1861, wId. Adaline L. d. 3/16/90, bur. Crest Cem., Marshall. 

ANDERSON, GEORGE R.: enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. E, age 21. Present on 11/1/61 roll. Resid. Liberty Co., Ga. Wded. 10/63. Drowned after close of war in Ogeechee River while returning home. 

ANDERSON, JAMES: On a 1913 roster of (2d) Co. E, enl. 5/61. d. after the war. No official record. 

ANDERSON, JOHN HENRY: b. 7‑24‑29. enl. 10/7/62 in Co. D. Present except for 8/3/63 roll, when absent at "horse hospital," and final 3/22/65 roll, when absent as regimental blacksmith. Paroled at Appomattox 4/9/66. d. 9/6/01 at Berryville, bur. Green Hill Cem., Berryville. m. 1851, wed Ann N. 

ANDERSON, JOSEPH A.: enl. 10/1/62 in Co. A. Present on 9‑10/62 roll, dated 12/5/62. No further record. May be the man of this name who d. 8/13/98, and Is bur. Union Cem., Leesburg. There is some confusion with Nimrod F. Anderson, under whose name this record is filed in the CSRs. 

ANDERSON, JOSEPH E‑, b. Pittsylvania Co. enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G, age 24. Clerk. Present until granted sick furlough on 3/25/62. d. in Pittsylvania Co. 5/13/62. 

ANDERSON, MILTON SOLIS. b. Berryville 8/24/34. enl. 10/7/62 in Co. D. Lost his carbine, sabre, and pistol in action 9/13/63. in hosp. at Charlottesville 11/28‑12/10/63. Otherwise always present until 3/22/65 final roll, when AWOL. Paroled 5/5/65 at Winchester. Farmer in Rappahannock Co. postwar, wife Francis Mildred. 

ANDERSON, NATH C.: enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. Absent on detached service on 5-6/62 roll. Otherwise always present through 3/4/65 final roll. 

ANDERSON, NIMROD F.: enl. 10/1/62 in Co. A. On detached service guarding a bridge at Mt. Jackson on 11‑12/62 roll, from which duty he was relieved on 1/10/63. Absent sick in hospital from 10/28/63, and still sick on 7‑8/64 roll, the last on which he appears. Apparently the "Anderson" shown on a postwar roster of the company as discharged. 

ANDERSON, PEYTON L.: JR_ b. 7/4/37 at Amissville, Rappahannock Co. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B. Farmer.  Wded. 5/27/61 by a pistol shot through his right arm near Fairfax C.H. while On picket. Thereafter absent unfit for service until discharged for disability 1/18/62. Later served in Co. C of Mosby's 43rd Bn. Va. Cav. m. 1876 Louemma Miller. Noted as the first Confederate soldier to shed his blood, an event commemorated by a small monument at the site. d. 1/12/14, bur. Anderson family earn. near Amissville. 

ANDERSON, STEPHEN THOMAS: b. Monroe Co., Mo. Carpenter. enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G, age 18. Discharged 1/16/62 due to a pistol shot through the foot. Resid. Pittsylvania Co. 

ANDERSON, T.: On a 1913 roster of (2d) Co. E as enl. 4/61. d. in Pittsylvania Co. No official record. 

ANDREWS, WILLIAM SAMUEL: enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I as Sgt., age 23. Lt. on 7‑8/63 roll. in hospital with dislocated ankle 11‑12/63, and absent sick on 9‑10/64 roll. Present as Lt commanding the company on 3/20/65 final mil. Paroled at Bowling Green 5/10/65. A comrade recalled in 1907 that Andrews "lived in Spotsylvania.. since the war lived for a long time in Caroline Co. but I understand he is now dead." 

ANGLE, M. J.: This name appears as a member of Co. A only. in a Danville hosp. register, suffering from a gunshot wound 11/1/63 to 12/8/63. Angle's company commander is given as a "Capt. Wilson," and the entry Is probably erroneous. 

ANKERS, JAMES E‑ b. 11/21/37 in Loudoun Co. Resided Alexandria. enl. 10/1/62 in Co. K. Wded. slightly at Upperville 6/21/63. POW at Cold Harbor 5/31/64. Apparently used an assumed name for the purpose of being exchanged from Pt. Lookout about 6/8/64. POW in Loudoun Co. I/6/65. Took the oath at Elmira 7/11/65. Signs by mark. Laborer at Colvin Run, Fairfax Co., postwar. d. 4/16/09, bur. (old) Sterling Cem. 

APPERSON, GEORGE F.: b. 2/27/25. enl. 2/12/64 in Co. F. Later records have him in Co. E but throughout his service he was detailed as a teamster, wagon master, or similar job (except for one reference to detail as a scout for Gen. R. E. Lee. Paroled at Appomattox 4/9/65. Resid. Culpeper Co. d. 11/9/19, bur. Apperson Cem., Culpeper. 

APPERSON, WILLIAM CUMBERLAND‑ b. 10/19/35. enl. 2/2/64 in Co. F. Later records show him in Co. E. All his service was on detail on extra duty as teamster, forage master, etc. (one roll mentions his detail as a scout for Gen. R. E. Lee. Paroled at Appomattox 4/9/65. d. 3/13/30, bur. Apperson Cem., Culpeper. 

ARENDALL, FRANCIS M.: enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G, age 39. Absent on sick furlough early in 1862, and absent "sick at home but never sent any certificate from surgeon" on 9‑10/64 roll. Otherwise present thru 3/22/64 final roll. 

ARMISTEAD, BOWLES EDWARD‑ b. 4/26/38. enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A as Cpl. To Lt. 4/20/62. Wded. 10/19/64. Absent on 2/28/65 to bring in absentees. Present on 3/27/65 final roll. Postwar roster says wded. at Cold Harbor, Fishersville, and Five Forks. Paroled at Winchester 5/17/65. m. 1) Susan Lewis Marshall 1867, dau. of Fielding L. Marshall, 2) Elizabeth Lewis Marshall 1871. d. 10/16/16. bur. Ivy Hill Cem., Upperville. Son of Gen. Walker Keith Armistead, USA, and brother of Gen. Lewis A. Armistead, CSA. 

ARMISTEAD, WALKER KEITH JR‑ b. 1835 at Ft. Monroe. Att. Georgetown Univ. Resid. Fauquier Co. and California. enl. 9/15/61 in Co. A; Sgt. on 11‑12/61 roll thru 8/31/63 roll, and on 10/8/63 clothing roll, otherwise Pvt. Sick on 5-6/62 roll and 6‑9/63 with paraplegia. Absent detailed in brigade ordnance dept. 11/1/63 thru 3/27/65 final roll. Paroled at Winchester 5/17/65. Resid. Abingdon postwar. d. at Lee Camp Soldiers Home, Richmond, 9/1 (9 or 3)(04. Known as Walker K, he was brother of Gen. Lewis A. Armistead. 

ARMISTEAD, WALKER KEITH: b. 12/11/44 at St. Davids, Alabama. enl. 5/1/62 in Co. A. Student. To Lt. and aide de camp to his father Gen. L. A. Armistead 4/6/63, but lost the appointment automatically when his father was KIA at Gettysburg. Because he was also on detached service as courier with Gen. Jab Stuart from 8/18/62, detailed to division HQ 10/20/63, and to division HO ordnance dept. 1/1/65, he seems rarely to have been with the company. Wded. 6/29/64. Paroled at Appomattox 4/9/65. Wded. at Stoney Creek on postwar roster. m. Julia Francis Appleton 1871. d. 3/28/96 at Newport, R.I. Known as W. Keith. 

ARMSTRONG, JOHN W.: enl, 5/8/61 in Co. B, age 18. Wded. 6/29/64 and furloughed. Otherwise almost always present thru 3/2/65 final roll. His name Is on a Pt. Lookout roll of POWs captured at Five Forks 4/1/65 and "arrived at this station under assumed name, or who assumed one for the purpose of being transferred, exchanged, or released." Postwar roster says wded. at Spotsylvania and Reams Station. d. 8/17/11, bur. Confederate section of City Cem., San Antonio, Tex. 

ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM CLEMINSON: Federal records show him as POW 4/19/64 in Rappahannock Co., and a member of Co. B (or D, which seems less likely), held at Old Capitol Prison, and paroled at Pt. Lookout 1/17/65. Not in Confederate records or postwar rosters. m. Sarah Catherine Slaughter. Resid. Woodville, Rappahannock Co., a wagon maker and farmer. 

ARNALL, WILLIAM M, JR.: b. at Sperryville. enl, 4/22/61 in Co. B. Farmer. Cpl. on 5‑6/62 roll. Absent on furlough or sick much of 1862. Deserted to Federals 7/23/63 at New Creek, (W.) Va. Took the oath at Camp Chase, Ohio, 12/1/64 and released. U.S. records give his occupation as printer. d. 12/1/21 at Towson, Md., age 79. 

ARNETTE, WILLIAM: enl. 9/17/62 in Co. A. AWOL since 7/3/63 on 8/3/63 roll, otherwise present until transferred 8/1/64 to Co. E, 1st Bn. Va. int. Probably the man of this name who d. 3/4/11 and Is bur. at Ebenezer Cem. (Bloomfield), Loudoun Co. 

ARNN, ISAAC CLAY. b. 12/3/44 in Pittsylvania Co. enl. 12/25/62 in (2d) Co. E Farmer. Present on every roll thru 3/4/65 final roll. in hospital ca. 6/24‑‑7/26/64 with scabies. Served previously in Co. B, 38th Va. inf., where he was described as a clerk. m. 1867, wId. Mary A. d. 4/13/24, bur. Amn Cem., Callands. A purported signature on a pension application of J. E. Gatewood in 1923 is “I. Clay Aaron." 

ARRINGTON, DAVID T.; enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G, age 29. Absent at home sick, awaiting discharge from 11/5/61 until discharged 12/25/61. 

ARRINGTON, JOHN R.: enl. 8/19/62 in Co. G, age 36. d. 3/11/62 in a Richmond hosp. while on his way home on sick furlough. Left a mother, Martha Arrington, of Red Bank, Halifax Co., but no father, widow, or child. 

ARRINGTON, J. W‑, on postwar "original list" of Co. F. 

ARTHUR, JOSEPH LINDSEY‑ b. 1822. enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E Absent sick at Danville hosp. on 11‑12/62 roll. POW at Beverly Ford 6/9/63 and paroled at Old Capitol Prison 6/25/63. in Chimborazo Hosp. No. 4 5/20/64 with lumbago, transferred 7/8/64 to Lynchburg. Thereafter absent sick thru 3/4/65 final roll. 

ASHBY, BERTRAND STUART. b. 3/13/39 in Fauquier Co. Att, Dickinson College. Enl. 9/1/62 in Co. H. Always present except for furlough on 11‑12/63 roll until marked absent sick at hosp. since 2/1/65 on 3/22/65 final roll. Paroled at Winchester 4/27/65. Civil service clerk. d. 1/26/90 at Washington, D.C., bur. St. Paul's Episcopal Cem., Alexandria. 

ASHBY, BUCKNER G‑ enl. 4/18/61 in Co. D as Sgt. Present thru 11‑12/61 roll, then no official record until paroled at Winchester 4/27/65. A reliable postwar roster states he transferred to Co. I, 12th Va. Cav. Another states he was discharged under the 20 Negro law. May be the man of this name (12/3/34‑‑2/5/01) bur. Graham Cem., Route 20 West on outskirts of Orange. 

ASHBY, EDWIN T.: enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A as Sgt. Absent recruiting since 2/21/62 on 1‑2/62 roll. Reduced to ranks 12/15/62. Shown as Sgt. again, AWOL since 6/1/63, on roll dated 8/31/63, and AWOL on all rolls thru 9‑10/64 (except 7‑8/64 roll, which has him a deserter since 7/12/64). 

ASHBY, GEORGE H.: b. Clarke Co. enl. 3/19/62 in Co. D. Blacksmith. AWOL since 6/1/62 on 5‑6/62 roll, then absent on sick furlough prior to 10/22/62 discharge for scrofula, age 17.

ASHBY, JAMES LEWIS: b. 11/6/31 in Clarke Co., grad. VMI. enl. 7/18/62 in Co. D. Engineer in Missouri, in Kansas troubles prewar. Milling business in Va. Absent on detached service in Signal Corps. from 9‑10 thru 11‑12/62 rolls, otherwise present until KIA at Trevillian's Station 6/11/64. Never married. 

ASHBY, NIMROD THOMSON: enl. 3/16/62 in Co. H. Absent sick since 4/1/62 on 5‑6/62 roll, and since 11/1 on 11/62 return. Otherwise present on all roils thru 3/22/65 final roll. Paroled 4/25/65 at Winchester. Farmer postwar. Resid. Conde, age 79, on 1/19/23. d. 1/23/24. 

ASHBY, SHIRLEY C.: 9/22/62 in Co. D. Horse KIA near Strasburg 6/1/63. Absent sick at hosp. on 11‑12/63 roll, and AWOL on 9‑10/64 roll. Present on all others thru 3/22/65 final roll. ‑Paroled 4/20/65 at Millwood, age 23. 

ATKINS, DEWITT CLINTON: enl. 11/1/61 in Co. B, age 24. Harness maker. AWOL from 6/10/62 and POW 7/14/62 while visiting Rappahannock Co. At Old Capitol Prison and released about 8/1/62. Under sentence of court‑martial on 1‑2/63 roll. Deserted to Federals, who made him POW 7/23/63 at New Creek, (W.) Va. d. 4/12/64 of pneumonia at Camp Chase, Ohio, bur. there. Postwar roster says "deserted, accidentally wounded." 

ATKINS, GEORGE PEYTON: b. 10/13/44 in Sperryville. enl. 2/20/63 in Co. B. Absent sick since 8/1/63 on 11‑12/63 roll. Reported by Richmond as a deserter on 2/28/65. Present otherwise thru 3/21/65 final roll. d. 1/8/20, bur. family cem. near Sperryville. m. 1868, wId. Mary Washington Atkins. 

ATKINS, SILAS M.: enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B, age 19. Saddler, injured shoulder 6/1/61 and sent home. Absent sick since 2/27 on 1‑2/62 roll. Severely injured by fall from horse in engagement at Cedarville 5/23/62. Wded. in finger at Fairmont 4/29/63. POW at Sperryville 11/14/63. Paroled at Pt. Lookout 5/3/64. Absent wded. since 1/16/65 on 3/21/65 final roll. Paroled at Winchester 5/9/65. Resid. Rappahannock Co. 

ATKINS, THOMAS V.: b. Rappahannock Co. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B, age 20. Farmer. Discharged 5/23/61 as unfit for service, "having had a wound in his leg unknown ... at the time of enlistment." enl. again 2/1/63. Absent sick since 9/1/63 on 11‑12/63 and 7‑8/64 rolls. AWOL since 1/15/65 on final 3/21/65 roll. On pension application claimed he was shot in the hand, and came home wded. in 1864. Resid. near Sperryville, a miller, age 65, on 6/11/06. Still drawing pension in 1923. 

ATWELL, RICHARD M. JOHNSON: b. 1838 in Belmont Co., Ohio. enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. Schoolteacher. Absent scouting by order of Gen. W. E. Jones on 11/62 return. Otherwise almost always present until detailed as scout with Lt. Stringfellow on 12/12/63 which service continued until final 3/27/65 roll, when absent as scout with Gen. Lomax. Postwar roster says wded. at Snickersville. Farmer and real estate broker in Loudoun and D.C. m. Carrie V. Young 1869. d. 4/29/03 in Washington, D.C., bur. Middletown, Md. 

ATWELL, THOMAS HENRY, b. 11/24/29. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K. Teamster at various times in 1862. Wded. 8/19/62 at Brandy Station AWOL in Loudoun Co. on 12/27/64 roll. AWOL on final 1-2/65 roll. Paroled at Harpers Ferry 4/21/65, signs by mark. d. 3/7/02, bur. Union Cem, Leesburg. 

AUDAS, JOHN D. enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. E, age 24. Resid. Savannah, Ga. Paroled at Greensboro, N.C., 5/1/65. 

BADENHOP, CONRAD:. b. 2/1/43 in Hamburg, Germany. enl. 4/5/62 in Co. G as "Henry E West," a substitute. Clerk Previously Sgt., Co. D, 1st S.C. Art., which he deserted on furlough. POW at Snickers Gap 7/17/63 as bugler. Enl. 1/24/64 in Co. E, 1st U.S. Vol. inf. at Pt. Lookout. Mustered out as drum major 11/27/65 at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. m. Catherine Mustier 1869. d. Manhattan, N.Y. City, 2/21/76, bur. Lutheran cem. there. 

BAGBY, SAMUEL P.: b. 8/30/42 in Halifax Co. enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G, age 19. To Cpl. 11/1/62 Except for furlough on 5‑6/62 roll, present at all musters thru 3/22/65 final roll. Living in Halifax Co. in 2/04 when he stated he was paroled at Appomattox 4/9/65. m. 1870 Mary Annie Crowder. d. 11/26/26, bur. Shady Grove Methodist Church, Hyco Road. 

BAGGARLY, MARTIN LAFAYETTE., b. 1834 in Va. Farmhand. Resid. near Flint Hill, Rappahannock Co., when paroled from Co. B at Winchester 4/29/65, age 30. This is his only official record. Also on postwar roster. d. 1917, bur. Flint Hill Methodist Church Cem. 

BAILEY, JOHN: enl. 10/20/62 in Co. C. Sgt. on 7‑8/63 roll. Absent wded, 9/64 on 9‑10/64 roll, and absent in Richmond hosp. on final ca. 3/25/65 roll. POW in Libby Prison, Richmond 4/10/65, "deserter." Transportation ordered to "Millersonville" (probably Millersville), Md., by provost marshal at Washington, D.C., 4/18/65, May be the man of this name who d. 11/18/92 age 59, bur. Early Cem., Rockingham Co. 

BAILEY, WILLIAM E‑ enl. 10/26/61 in Co. A. Detailed as brigade teamster 7/21/63 thru 3/27/65 final roll. Paroled at Staunton, 5/14/65, age 24. Resid. Fairfax Co. Postwar roster Says "Captured." 

BAKER, E‑ Only mention Is in a register of General Hosp., Farmville, which has this man in Co. D. transferred to Richmond as nurse 5/17/64. Not on reliable postwar rosters, and probably an error. 

BAKER, JOHN RUDOLPH: b. 1846 in Shenandoah Co. enl. 11/1/64 in Co. F, transferred from Co. A, 39th On. Va. Cav. Paroled 4/20/65 at New Market as in Co. I. Signs by mark. d. 1/28/01 in Frederick Co. Wed Susan A., m. 1870. 

BAKER, JOSEPH H.: enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I, age 19. Resid. Rockingham Co. MWIA in thigh 6/9/63 at Brandy Station, d, at General Hosp., Charlottesville, 8/29/63. bur. Confederate Soldiers' Cem., Charlottesville. 

BAKER, WILLIAM H.: enl. 3/27/64 in Co. F, transferred from Co. A, 39th Bn. Va. Cav, Farmer, resid. Louisa Co. Absent sick since 9/8/64 on roll ostensibly dated 8/31/64. POW at Woodstock 3/20/65. Took the oath 6/9/65 at Ft. McHenry, Md 

BALL, CHARLES H.: b. 4/15/35. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K. as QM. Sgt. on 1‑2/62 roll. Farmer. To Lt. 4/20/62. Capt. on 6/30/62. roll.  General Hosp. No. 4, Richmond, 10/23‑11/3/63 with contusion of leg from fall from home, furloughed 30 days. MWIA 5/7/64, near Spotsylvania C.H. in thigh, amputation 5/9/64. d. 5/14/64, bur. Union Cem., Leesburg. 

BALI, CHARLES H.: b. indiana. enl. 5/26/61 in Co. K. Assistant messenger in U.S. Treasury Dept., resigned 4/23/61, denounced as "an out and out secessionist." enl. 5/26/61 in Co. K. Discharged on order from Secretary of War 11/16/61, probably for poor health. Still shown as present on 6/30/62 roll. Appointed messenger in Comptroller's Bureau, C.S. Treasury Dept. 4/1/62. 

BALL, HENRY E.: b. Beaufort Dist., S.C. enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. E, age 31. Merchant. Resid. Tattnall Co., Ga. Discharged for disability 3/4/62. 

BALL, JAMES: enl. 12/21/61 in Co. A. Present until KIA 10/16 (or 17) 62 at Upperville. A member of the regiment identified only as "Ball" Is bur. in the Upperville Cem. cf. John Ball, Co. K. Substitute for Ell J. Hamilton. 

BALL, JOHN: enl. 9/1/61 in Co. K. Present thru 6/30/62 roll. No further record. A postwar roster of Co. A has John Ball killed at Upperville, with no date. 

BALL, MOTTROM McCABE: enl. 9/1/61 in Co. K. Admitted 3/14/62 to Chimborazo Hosp. No. 2, Richmond, with typhoid fever. Absent on sick furlough 6/30/62. No further record. 

BALL, WILLIAM, JR.: b. 9/12/37 in Loudoun Co. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K. as Sgt. Furloughed 30 days on 2/11/62 Wded. slightly at Aldie 10/9/62. Horse KIA 10/11/63 at Brandy Station. in Charlottesville General Hosp. 1/7/64, morbi cutis. POW in Loudoun Co. 10/1/64, Paroled for exchange 2/2/65 at Elmira. Paroled 4/17/65 at Harpers Ferry. m. Musadora Harris 1867, farmer postwar, d. 3/17/07 at Leesburg. Brother of Capt, Charles H. 

BALL, WILLIAM HENRY: b. Loudoun Co. enl. 5/28/62 in Co. K. Clerk. Wded. slightly 6/21/63 at Upperville. POW 3/4/64 at Hamilton while disbanded, age 22 Took the oath at Ft. Delaware 5/30/65. 

BALLENGER, ROBERT WASHINGTON: b. 7/1/37 in Alexandria. enl. 4/20/61 in Co. F. Farmer. Horse KIA 6/26/63 at Fairfax C.H. Present on every roll until POW 2/19/64 at Upperville. Took the oath 5/31/65 at Ft. Delaware. d. 11/17/19 or 29 in Fairfax Co., bur. St. Paul's Cem., Alexandria. 

BALTHIS, CHARLES. b. Loudoun Co. enl. 9/13/62 in Co. A. Deserter since 4/1/64 on 7‑8/64 roll, and AWOL an 9‑10/64 roll. d. 1/26/09 at Charles Town, W.Va., supposedly bur. Harpers Ferry. 

BALTHROPE, JEREMIAH A.: enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H. Farmer. Furlough 2/10‑3/14/62. Detailed as blacksmith 9-10/62 roll thru 11‑12/63 roll. POW at Beverly Ford 6/9/63, paroled at Old Capitol Prison 6/25/63. Present with Co. H. on 12/30/64 and 9‑10/64 rolls. POW at Rectortown 1/14/65. Took the oath at Elmira 7/7/65. Resid. Point of Rocks, Md. 

BANEY, THADDEUS., enl. 6/7/61 in Co. D. AWOL from 9/27/61, "sick," no further record. Postwar roster says d. of disease contracted in service. Maybe identical to Thaddeus Baney, Jr., b. 7/20/42‑KIA '63 aged 21 years, 2 months, and 29 days, who served in Co. B, 12th Va. Cav., and Is bur, in Edge Hill Cem., Charles Town, W.Va. 

BANKS, WILLIAM G.: enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G as Lt., age 43. Absent on sick furlough from 11/7/61, resigned 1/15/62 Dropped 4/20/62. Resid. Pittsylvania Co. Postwar roster says "resigned age limit." 

BARBEE, GEORGE T: enl. 3/16/62 in Co. H. Absent as courier to Gen. Jab Stuart on 9-10/62 roll and 11/62 return. Cpl. on 11‑12/63 roll. Horse KIA 6/11/64 near Louisa C.H. Absent, wded. 10/9/64 on final 3/22/65 roll. Paroled at Winchester 4/22/65, resid. near Piedmont Station, Fauquier Co. d. 7/27/92 age 49, bur. Cool Spring Methodist Church Cem., Delaplane. 

BARBEE, JOHN: enl. 5/25/63 in Co. D. KIA 6/9/63 at Brandy Station, erroneously carried on rolls as POW. 

BARBEE, ROBERT S_ enl. 3/14/62 in Co. H. Cpl. on 2/28/63 and Sgt. on 11‑12/63 rolls. Present on every roll until 3/22/65 final roll, when absent sick since 3/1/65. Paroled 4/22/65 at Winchester. Resid. Langley, Fairfax Co., a carpenter, on 12/20/97, when he applied for pension, age 58. Claims wds. in picket skirmish 6/5/62 near Big Spring, Shenandoah Co. and at Winchester 9/19/64, in shoulder. d. 1/4/18, bur. Arlington National Cem. Wed Susan C., m. '67. 

BARBEE, SAMUEL A‑ enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H. Merchant. Sent home sick with typhoid fever 9/21/61 and never returned. 

BARBER, A. JONES., Detailed to Co. A by order dated 4/6/63. Apparently served as wagonmaster at various times thru 12/31/64, as wagonmaster for the 4th N.C. inf., and as Pvt. in Co. D, 12th Va. inf. 

BARBER, THOMAS: On postwar roster of Co. A, "discharged." 

BARBOUR, WILLIAM NEWTON: enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G, age 29. To Sgt. 12/26/61. in Chimborazo Hosp. No. 3, Richmond, with typhoid fever 3/20‑‑3/27/62, furloughed 30 days 4/17/62 and absent on sick furlough on 5‑6/62 roll. KIA at Paris 9/23/62. Resid. Pittsylvania Co. Wed Amanda V., m. '55. Chaplain Davis described him on 9/23/62 as "a consistent Xn & excellent soldier. I had noticed him as one of our best singers & very fond of singing hymns." 

BARKSDALE, M. B. On 1913 roster of (2d) Co. E as enl. 4/61 and d. at home. No official record. 

BARNHOUSE, JONAS P‑ b. 2/22/38. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K. Deserted 9/1/62. d. 10/12/10, bur. Mt. Pleasant Methodist Episcopal Cem., Loudoun Co. Postwar roster says "went home and stayed." 

BARNETT, CAMPBELL BOYD: b. 5/23/38 in Loudoun Co. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K. as Sgt. Absent since 2/21/62 on sick furlough on 1‑2/62 roll. Transferred to Co, A, 35th Bn. Va. Cav. 5/1/62 as Pvt. Lived postwar in Alexandria and Washington, D.C. Moved to South Dakota in '83 and ran the Aberdeen Republican 1884‑1893; also receiver of U.S. Land Office. Alive in Aberdeen 7/27/1910. m. Mollie D. Fadeley. 

BARRETT, JOHN WADE. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K. as Lt. Absent on sick furlough since 1/24/62 on 1‑2/62 roll, "still forwarding certificates of inability to date." Dropped 4/20/62. 

BARRON, H. K.: On muster‑in roll of (1st) Co. E, dated 10/16/61, "detained in Burke Co., Ga., by Illness in family," name cancelled. 

BARTLEY, HENRY A. M‑, b. in Va. enl. 8/24/64 in Co. I. Store keeper. Present on 7-8/64 roll. "Absent with leave as constable of Orange Co." on 3/20/65 final roll. U.S. mail contractor in Orange Co., age 53, on 10/6/71, when he swore "I never did a day's duty ... told my neighbors that If I should fight at all, it should be for the stars and stripes." Radical Republican postwar. Alive in 1901. Three brothers in C.S. service. 

BARTLEY, WALKER OLIVER: b. 12/31/32 in Louisa Co. enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. AWOL on 8/31/63 roll. in Chimborazo Hosp. No. 2, Richmond, 4/7‑‑5/7/64. Present until final 3/20/65 roll, when AWOL Farmer in Orange postwar. d. 6/28/13, bur. family cem. near Louisa C.H. 

BATEMAN, ELIJAH: enl. 9/1/63 in Co. C. Absent under arrest on 9‑11/63 roll, the only one he is on. Resid. Port Republic. d. at General Hosp. No. 13, Richmond, of typhoid pneumonia 12/26/63, bur. Oakwood Cem., Richmond. 

BATEMAN, JAMES. enl. 11/20/63 in Co. C. Present on 11‑12/63 roll, and on 1/64 clothing roll. No further record. 

BATEMAN, JONATHAN: enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. Teamster in QM Dept. at various times. AWOL since 8/23/63 on 7‑8/63 roll. Otherwise always present thru ca. 3/30/65 final roll. Paroled at Harrisonburg 5/2/65, age 28. Resid. 4/27/03 at Port Republic. First name also shown as John. 

BATEMAN, WILLIAM HENRY: Conscript assigned 4/4/64 to Co. C. in Chimborazo Hosp. No. 1, Richmond, 3/30/65. Otherwise present thru ca. 3/30/65 final roll. Paroled at Harrisonburg 5/2/65, age 19. 

BATES, EDWARD; Reported on Union records as a deserter, no Co., who came in 6/24/64 near Ft. Powhatan. Resid. Petersburg. Took the oath at Ft. Monroe 7/2/64. Released and sent to Philadelphia, Pa. Probably not 6th Va. Cav. 

BATTAILE, WILLIAM D: enl. 11/1/62 in Co. I. d. 2/22/63 of typhoid fever in hospital at Mt. Jackson, bur. Our Soldier's Cem., Mt. Jackson. Survived by his mother, Mary Battaile. 

BAXTER, GEORGE A‑ b. "1830‑‑33" in Richmond. Att. Washington College. enl. 5/21/61 in Co. K. as Lt. Lawyer and editor in St. Joseph, Mo. Provost marshal in Leesburg on 7‑8/61 roll. Hunting deserters 1/13‑1/19/62. To Capt. 4/20/62. KIA 5/23/62 at Cedarville. 

BAYLY, JAMES P‑ enl. 1/10/62 in Co. H. Substitute for Sampson P. Bayly. Presence or absence not stated on 1‑2/62 roll, the only one with his name. 

BAYLY, SAMPSON P‑enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H. Farmer. "On business at home for the company" on 6/30/61 roll; present on detail on 9‑10/61 roll. Absent to procure clothing for company in Fauquier Co. on 11/61 return. Got James P. Bayly as substitute. Age 45 on 8/8/65 amnesty petition. 

BEACH, ALFRED. b. near Alexandria. enl. 5/1/61 in Co. F. Laborer. in arrest for drunkeness and insubordination 8/19. Dishonorably discharged by order of Secretary of War 10/1/61. Age 24 on 10/31/61 when he went to Federals and was put in Old Capitol Prison. Took the oath at Washington, D.C., ca. 11/2/61. 

BEACH, WILLIAM H.: enl. 5/1/61 in Co. F. Farmer. Resid. one mile south of Burke Station. Sick to 7/31/61, when given 30 days furlough and never returned. in Old Capitol Prison 3/17/63 when he said "I was in the first battle at Bull Run but never shot off my gun, never made a charge, or wounded a man in my life," 

BEANS, AARON HUMPHREY. b. 5/31/42. enl. 10/1/62 in Co. K. POW 9/14/63 near Rapidan Station. Paroled 3/10/65 at Elmira and sent to James River for exchange. Paroled at Edwards Ferry 4/22/65. d. 11/28/16. Bur. Harmony Methodist Church Cem., Hamilton. m. 1885, wed Louisa. 

BEARD, LAWSON G.: enl. 10/1/62 in Co. K. POW 4/28/63 in Loudoun Co., paroled 5/10/63. Wded. slightly by shell fragments at Upperville 6/21/63. Cpl. on 12/27/64 roll. POW 4/1/65 at Five Forks. Took the oath at Pt. Lookout 6/7/65. 

BEAVERS, BENJAMIN E.: b. 8/9/39. enl. 9/26/62 in Co. A. Detailed as ordnance teamster on 11‑12/63 roll. Absent sick since 9/24 on 9‑10/64 roll. AWOL on final 3/27/65 roll. Paroled 4/21/65 at Winchester. Resid. Clarke Co. d. 9/1/21, bur. Edge Hill Cem., Charles Town, W.Va. 

BEAZLEY, FERDINAND: enl. 5/1/63 in Co. I. POW at Summit Pt., (W.) Va, 8/30/64. Release ordered by Lincoln 2/2/65. Took the oath at Camp Chase 5/10/65, age 38. 

BECKETT, WILLIAM M‑* b. Prince George's Co., Md. enl. 9/10/61 in Co. G, age 21. Farmer. in Richmond hospitals with typhoid fever 3/7‑5/17/62. Discharged 10/21/62 after expiration of enlistment. Captured by Union steamer Freeborn ca. 11/12/62 crossing Potomac into Maryland with five others. 

BECKON, W‑ Only record Is a list of POWs at Old Capitol Prison dated 7/28/62, which has him in Co. F, captured 5/30/62 at Front Royal. Probably a garbled record meaning someone else. 

BELL, GEORGE H.: On postwar "original list" of Co. F. 

BELL, JAMES D: enl. 4/25/61 in Co. D. AWOL since 12/20 on 11‑12/61 roll. POW 6/9/63 near Millwood, age 26. Paroled at Old Capitol Prison 6/10/63. Otherwise present until KIA 8/21/64 at Berryville. 

BELL, JOHN WILLIAM: b. 6/13/38 in Loudoun Co. enl. 4/27/61 in Co. D. Wded. 9/13/63 at Culpeper C.H. Furlough for 30 days to 10/15/63, then absent wded. thru final 3/22/65 roll. POW "for about fifteen minutes." m. Mary E. Minnich, 5/65. Postwar miller, resid. Rockingham and Allegheny Cos. d. 9/25/24 at Covington, bur. Cedar Hill Cem., Covington. 

BELL, JONAH: enl. 6/1/62 in Co. D. Present thru 11‑12/63 roll. Postwar roster says KIA 6/11/64 at Trevillian's Station. 

BELL, R. W‑ On a Postwar roster of Co. C, enl. 1861. 

BELT, ALFRED CAMPBELL enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K. Present on 7‑8/61 roll, "has been AWOL" Absent sick since 9/20 on 12/61 return. AWOL since 12/3/61 on 1‑2/62 roll. Paid for service thru 3/9/62 Arrested 3/26/63 for horse stealing, treason, and saying "if the Yankees were agoing to trespass on Southern soll, he was going to stain his blood with It" Discharged from Ft. Delaware 12/26/63 Resid. near Leesburg. d. 1883 in Missouri. 

BENNETT, GEORGE RICHARD: b. 3/13/26 in Pittsylvania Co. enl. 9/10/64 in (2d) Co. E. Present thru 3/4/65 final roll. On a postwar roster of Co. E. 57th Va. inf., as serving 18 months. m. Mary Catherine Owen 3/7/61. d. 9/29/18 in Pittsylvania Co. 

BENNETT, JOHN H.: enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. Present until POW 5/11/64 at Yellow Tavern. Paroled 3/14/65 at Pt. Lookout for exchange. Resid. Franklin Co. 

BENNETT, JOHN KELLY, enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. POW 6/9/63 at Beverly Ford, paroled 6/25/63 at Old Capitol Prison. Otherwise always present, except for details, until 3/4/65 final roll, when absent sick in Pittsylvania Co. on surgeon's Certificate. 

BENNEZETTE, CLINTON L.: enl. 5/22/61 in Co. F. Resid. Alexandria. Present until POW 9/13/63 at Culpeper. Paroled 3/10/65 at Elmira, and transferred to James River for exchange. Took oath of amnesty at Alexandria 6/17/65. 

BENSON, JOHN: (2d) Co. E. Only record is of death 2/23/65 from chronic diarrhea at Camp Chase, which Is probably an error. 

BENT, J. J.: Shown as in Co. C in Rockingham Register of 5/31/61. No other record. 

BENTON, JAMES MONROE. b. 9/18/19 at "Oak Hill," in Loudoun Co. enl. 4/20/61 in Co. F. Absent, detailed for special service in QM Dept. from 7/1/61 through 5-6/62 roll, the last on which he appears. Justice of peace in Fairfax and Loudoun Cos. postwar. d. 7/13/95, bur. Sharon Cem., Middleburg. 

BERKELEY, CARTER: b. 10/9/37 in Staunton. enl. 7/10/62 in Co. A, transferred to Co. D on 9‑10/62 roll. Previously in Capt. Garber's Co., Va. Lt. Art. (Staunton Artillery). Absent as hospital steward in Staunton thru 1‑2/63 roll. Afterward Lt. in Capt. McClanahan's Co., Va. Horse Art. Physician and insurance agent postwar. d. 3/7/05, bur. Thomrose Cem., Staunton. 

BERNARD, JOHN: enl. 8/7/61 in Co. K. Present thru 6/30/62 roll. No further record. 

BERRY, JOHN HENRY, enl. 5/28/61 as Sgt. in Co. C. Present on 9‑10/61 roll. Got Augustus Eckhart as substitute. Age 29 in 10/63 

BEST, ELIAS: enl. 3/14/62 in Co. H. AWOL from 5/25/62 and marked as a deserter. 

BIBS, WILLIAM C.: Conscript assigned to Co. F on 3/14/64. Absent sick since 5/6/64 on 9‑10/64 roll and still so absent on 2/24/65 final roll. 

BICKERS, JOHN M‑ enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I. Various absences and Illnesses before and after wound in left thigh 5/26/64. Present on final 3/20/65 roll. Age 65 on 5/23/00, resid. Nason's, Orange Co., signs by mark. d. 3/15/08, bur., Bickers Cem. on Rt. 600 southwest of Orange. 

BIGGS, JED W‑ enl. 10/7/61 in (1 st) Co. E. Bugler. POW 2/26/65 at Tiller's Bridge, S.C. Took the oath at Hart's Island, N.Y. Harbor, 6/23/65, maid. Augusta, Ga. 

BILLINGSLEY, JOHN DABNEY. b. 10/8/33 in Spotsylvanla Co. (one source says Kentucky). Conscript assigned 3/1/64 to Co. F. Present thru final 2/24/65 roll. Age 81, a farmer, resid. Lignum, on 4/11/14 pension application. d. 3/19/24. 

BIRCH, WILLIAM JOSEPH ROWAN. b. 11/2/39 (one source has 1842) in Arlington area of Alexandria Co. enl. 5/25/61 in Co. F. Farmer. Typhoid fever from 7/28/61 thru 9‑10/61 roll. POW 7/14/62 at Sperryville, exchanged 8/5/62. Present until POW again 2/20/64 at Upperville. d. at Ft. Delaware 7/20/64 of "influenza of tonsils." Bur. Oakland Cem., Falls Church. 

BIRD, FRANKLIN: enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. E. age 24. Resid. Effingham Co., Ga., d. 4/15/62 at General Hosp. Orange C.M., from accidental wd. Announced 12/10/64 on Roll of Honor for Accotink River. 

BISHOP, ELIJAH E.: enl. 9/13/62 in Co. H. Left in charge of sick man near Harrisonburg since 12/19/62 on 11‑12/62 roll. Ordered to report to 8th Va. inf. on 1/30/63. 

BISHOP, HAMILTON S: enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H. Carpenter (U.S. POW records show farmer). AWOL 9/1‑10/1/61. AWOL since 10/13/62. marked as a deserter on 11‑12/62 roll. Absent sick at hosp. on 11‑12/63 roll. POW 10/17/64 at Salem. Tried as a spy in Washington, D.C., 11/29‑11/30/64, and found not guilty. Took oath at Ft. Warren, Mass., 6/13/65. 

BISHOP, HARVEY B‑ enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H. Farmer. Re‑enlistment furlough 2/9‑3/13/62. Absent sick an 9‑10/62 roll. POW. 10/19/62, exchanged 11/2/62. Court martial for "conduct to the prejudice of good order" announced 3/7/64. Served 6 months at hard labor, back on duty with co. on 12/30/64 roll. Reported as deserter by Richmond on 2/28/65. Present on 3/22/65 final roll. Paroled 4/9/65 at Appomattox. Living at LaBelle, Lewis Co., Mo., age 72, in 1913. Applied to Missouri Confederate Home in 1925. 

BISHOP, HEZEKIAH: b, 3/9/43 in Fauquier Co. enl. 9/13/62 in Co. H. Wded. at Paris 9/22/62 and not recovered until 7‑8/64 roll. Absent sick since 3/1/65 on final 3/22/65 roll. Paroled 4/22/65 at Winchester. Farmer postwar, claimed two wounds. d. 1/18/28, bur. Warrenton Cem. 

BISHOP, ROBERT A: enl. 9/13/62 in Co. M. Present until ordered to report to 8th Va. int. on 1/30/63. 

BITZER, GEORGE W‑ b. 5/4/35. enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. On extra duty in QM Dept. as teamster since 10/21/61 on 9-10/61 roll. AWOL since 12/18/61 on 11‑12/61 roll. Otherwise present thru 5-6/62 roll. Transferred to Co. A, 8th Va. inf. 8/31/62 d. 2/6/11 near New London, Md., bur. Mt. Olivet Cem., Frederick, Md. wed Annie E. 

BLACKBURN, JOHN SINCLAIR: b. 10/9/38. enl. 4/18/61 in Co. D. Present thru 5‑6/62 roll. Later acting Lt. of artillery for Thomas' Brigade. Ordnance officer for Gen. L. L. Lomax's Brigade 2/7/63. Paroled at Summit Pt., (W.) Va, 5/1/65. d. 12/1/11, bur. St. Paul's Cem., Alexandria. 

BLADEN, THOMAS: b. 1841. enl. 10/21/61 in Co. F. Absent on sick furlough near Mt. Crawford on 5‑6‑62 roll. Absent, sent back with horses on 7-8/63 roll. Detailed as teamster on 9‑10/64 roll thru final 2‑24‑65 roll. POW 4‑5‑65 at Amelia C.H. Took the oath 6‑23‑65 at Pt. Lookout, signs by mark. Postwar roster says "captured by some of Gen. Pope's men, but returned as the armies were under flag of truce." d. 12‑27‑08, bur. Ashburn City Cem. 

BLANKENSHIP, GEORGE W‑ enl. 1/15/63 in (2d) Co. E. Horse KIA near Fairfield, Pa., 7/14/63. Presence or absence on final 3‑4/65 roll not stated. Postwar roster says resid. Franklin and/or Henry Cos. 

BLEDSOE, JESSE N.: enl. 10/1/62 in Co. I. AWOL on 11‑12/62 roll, for which offense he was tried, "sentence not read." Wded. in head at Fairfield, Pa.; 7/4/63. Absent sick at hosp. since 12/1/63 on 11‑12/63 roll. Admitted to Chimborazo Hosp. No. 2 with fever 6/1/64, d. 6/6/64, bur. Oakwood Cem., Richmond. 

BLEDSOE, MOSES GARNETT, b. 3‑26‑34, enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. Absent on sick leave on 5‑6/62 roll. Wded. in back at Paris 9/22/62. Wded. 6/11/64 at Trevillian's Station and absent wded. thru 9‑10/64 roll. Present on 3/20/65 final roll. d. 3/20/15, bur. Bledsoe family cem. on Rt. 611. 

BLONDEAU, GASTON: b. Paris, France. enl. 3/1/62 in Co. A. Engraver. Resld. Washington, D.C. Previously in 7th Va. inf. Absent sick on 5‑6/62 roll. Discharged 10/5/62 for wds. of both arms and foot, age 25. Returned to Co., POW and wded. 7/14/63 at Williamsport, Md. Paroled at Elmira 10/11/64. in Richmond hospitals for debility, old wd. of foot 1/10‑1/17/65 (one record says he deserted on the latter date, another that he was discharged). Paroled at Charlotte, N.C., 5/24/65. 

BOGGESS, JOHN W‑ enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. AWOL since 10/28/61 on 9‑10/61 roll. AWOL since 12/23/61 on 11‑12/61 roll. in confinement since 1/24/62 on 1‑2/62 roll. Deserted 10/15/62 at Paris. Paroled 11/9/62 near Warrenton, name cancelled on later list of parolees. Name also appears as Boggs, Boggles, and Bigges. 

BOCOCK, JESSE LOUIS;, b. 6/7/37. enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. Farmer. Sgt. on 9‑10/62 roll. Discharged, age 27, on 1/19/63 after furnishing James Martin as substitute. Shown as enlisted by conscript officer and AWOL on final 3/30/65 roll. d. 1/31/12 in Rockingham Co. bur. McGaheysville Cem. 

BOND, JOSEPH M.: enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. AWOL on 5-6/62 roll. Detailed as teamster in QM Dept. from 1/25/63 thru final 3/20/65 roll. Absent sick at home since 8/12/63 on 7‑8/63 roll. Paroled at Appomattox 4/9/65. 

BOND, THOMAS P.: enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. E. Slightly wded. at Hanover Junction. Resid. Savannah, Ga. 

BONHAM, GEORGE S.: enl. 7/24/61 in Co. D. AWOL since 8/30/61 on 9‑10/61 roll. "Discharged, dropped from rolls having never been regularly received & never received any pay" on 11‑12/61 roll. 

BONHAM, ISAAC, enl. 10/1/62 in Co. D. On horse furlough on 11‑12/62 roll. On duty in brigade commissary dept. on 11‑12/63 roll. POW in Clarke Co. 3/20/64. Paroled at Camp Chase, Ohio, and transferred for exchange 2/25/65. in Richmond hospital with debilitas on 3/8/65. Paroled at Winchester 4/20/65, age 18, resid. near Berryville. 

BONHAM, WILLIAM: enl. 4/18/61 in Co. D. Absent sick from 6/20/62 thru 8/31/63. Horse KIA 10/11/63 at Brandy Station. AWOL since 11/12/63 on 11‑12/63 roll. Otherwise present to 3/22/65 final roll, when on scout for Gen. Lee. Paroled at Winchester 4/19/65, age 25, resid. near Berryville. 

BONNER, WILLIS: enl. 5/21/61 in Co. K Present to 7-8/63 roll, when absent sick in hosp. at Lynchburg since 8/11/63. Courier for Gen. L. L. Lomax on 11‑12/63 roll. KIA 5/7/64 near Spotsylvania C.H. 1917 roster says "of Alabama." 

BOOTH, JAMES THOMAS: enl. 8/19/61 as Cpl. in Co. G, age 22. To Sgt. 12/26/61, and Lt. 4/20/62. On sick furlough on 9‑10/62 roll. Wded. 10/19/64 at Cedar Creek Absent sick ordered before medical board at Danville on final 3/22/65 roll. in hosp. at Danville with wd, 3/22/65, returned to duty 3/25. Alive at Oxford, N.C., in 1913. 

BOOTH, PATRICK A.: enl. 9/4/63 in Co. G. Transferred from Co. K, 23d Va. inf. in Richmond hosps. with camp Itch 6/17‑7/5/64. KIA 10/19/64 at Cedar Creek. 

BOOTH, SAMUEL D.: enl. 11/16/63 in Co. G. Transferred from Co. A, 53d Va. inf. Also in Montague's Bn. inf. POW 5/7/64 near Spotsylvania C.H. Took the oath at Ft. Delaware 6/19/65. Resid. Charlotte Co. Physician and superintendent of health of Granville Co., N.C., postwar. d. 6/28/16, bur. Elmwood Cem., Oxford, N.C. 

BOTTS, ANDREW TUTT: b. at Woodville, Rappahannock Co. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B as Cpl., age 20. Farmer. Absences for Illness, furlough, and detailed service as shoemaker before being wded. 5/11/64 at Yellow Tavern through right arm. Absent wded. to final 3/21/65 roll, when detailed grazing cattle. d. 12/12/28 at Woodville. wed. Cora Miller Botts, m. 1870. 

BOURNE, WILLIAM T.: enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I, age 22. Re‑enlistment furlough of 34 days from 2/9/62. d. before 7/21/63. 

BOWEN, HENRY: enl. 5/8/61 in Co. B, age 28. Farmer. Absent sick at home 7/1‑9/1/61. Absent sick since 12/20/62 on 11‑12/62 roll. Absent driving ambulance from 7/1/64 thru 9‑10/64 roll. Reported as deserter by Richmond on 2/28/65. Present on final 3/21/65 roll. Paroled at Winchester 5/11/65. Reportedly alive in 5/07. 

BOWEN, WILLIAM F.: b. 7/30/24. enl. 5/8/61 in Co. B. Farmer. Overage and declined to re‑enlist on 5-6/62 roll, but horse KIA 6/11/63 at Upperville and Bowen wded. 6/21/63 at same place. Absent on horse detail on 9‑10/64 roll. Thereafter present thru 3/21/65 final roll. Paroled 5/11/65 at Winchester. d. 1/23/12, bur. Bowen Cem. in Shenandoah National Park. 

BOWIE, WILLIAM JACKSON‑ b. 12/29/22. enl. 5/24/62 in Co. H. Detailed as wagoner thru 3/22/65 final roll, except 12/30/64 and 9‑10/64 rolls. d. 2/1/95, bur. Aylor Cem., Franklin Co. 

BOWLES, JOHN R.: enl. 1/15/63 in Co. F. Absent, detailed to attend horses on 7‑8 and 11‑12/63 rolls. Present as Cpl. on 7‑8/64 roll thru final 2/24/65 roll. Took the oath as Sgt. at Lynchburg 5/31/65, resid. Baltimore, Md., and destined to go there. 

BRABHAM, CHARLES M.: b. 1/29/36. On postwar roster of Co. D as enl. 4/61 and discharged on surgeon's certificate. d. 4/9/01. bur. Green Hill Cem., Berryville. 

BRACKETT, JOHN W: enl. 3/1/62 in Co. A. AWOL on 5‑6/62 roll, the only one he is on. 

BRADEN, GABRIEL V.: b. 9/2/41. enl. 6/1/61 in Co. K. Sgt on 6/30/62 roll. Pvt. again on 11‑12/62 roil and thereafter. Present on 11‑12/63, then no further record. Resid . Washington, D.C., postwar. d. 3/1/21, bur. Union Cem., Leesburg. Postwar roster says wded. in Loudoun in 3/64. 

BRADEN, J. HECTOR: With Co. K when MWIA in Loudoun at home of Washington Vandevanter 3/4/64, in ambush by Loudoun Rangers. d. 3/9/64, age 18, bur. Catoctin Free Church Cem. No official record. 

BRADEN, OSCAR S_‑ b. 1818 in Loudoun Co. enl. 4/18/62 as Lt. in Co. K Wded. slightly at Fairfield, Pa., 7/3/63. in charge of disabled horses from 8/25/63 on 7-8/63 roll. To Capt. 5/13/64. Resignation for health dated 8/12/64, but shown present on 7‑8/64 roll, dated 12/27/64. No further record until paroled 4/27/65 at Edwards Ferry, Md. President Loudoun Mutual Fire insurance Co. postwar. d. 1/4/95. 

BRADFORD, HILL C. b. 1838. enl. 3/1/63 in Co. B, age 24. Previously in Capt. Cayce's Co., Va. Lt. Art. POW 9/25/63 at Griffinsburg, exchanged from Pt. Lookout 2/24/65. Absent with leave on final 3/21/65 roll. Paroled 6/5/65 at Charlottesville. Resid. Fayette Co., Ky., and Culpeper Co. d. 1908, bur. Old City Cem., Jacksonville, Fla. 

BRADY, ALBERT. enl. 4/26/61 in Co. B, age 27. Sick in camp on 1‑2/62 roll. Severely wded. 5/23/62 at Cedarville. Absent wded. to 1‑2/63 roll. Wded. 6/29/64 at Reams Station through left arm, and absent wded. thru 3/21/65 final roll. d. between 4/17/99 and 5/07. Resid. Rockingham Co. postwar. 

BRADY, JOSEPH W.; enl. 12/1/61 in Co. B, age 23. Cpl. on 11‑12/63 roll. Present to final 3/21/65 roll, when AWOL d. before 5/07. 

BRADY, SIDNEY G‑ enl. 10/15/62 in Co. F. On horse furlough on 7‑8 and 11‑12/63 rolls. POW 5/19/64 in Fauquier Co. d. of pneumonia ca. 4/20/65 at Ft. Delaware, bur. Finn's Pt. Cem., N.J. Resld. Fairfax. 

BRADY, WILLIAM BARNET. b. in Rappahannock Co. Farmer. Transferred from Co. G, 49th Va. inf. to Co. B. Only records are Federal, showing POW about 11/6/64 at Front Royal (or Fauquier Co.). Paroled 2/24/65 at Pt. Lookout, and transferred for exchange. Age 21 on 12/1/61. 

BRAGG, PHILIP EVANS:  b. 1/18/64. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B. Farmer. Absent sick since 10/5/61 on 1‑2/62 roll. Apparently declared unfit because of sickness ca. 9/25/62, but re‑enlisted and present on 7-8/64 roll. AWOL on 9‑10/64 roll and AWOL since 12/16/64 on final 3/21/65 roll. Reported by Richmond as deserter on 3/1/65. Paroled 5/9/65 at Winchester. d. 10/16/19, bur. Culpeper Cem., Rt. 522. Postwar roster says "put in substitute and discharged." 

BRANCH, WILLIAM ROSCOE. b. Prince Edward Co. enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G as Sgt., age 44. Farmer. Discharged 9/10/61 for incipient phthisis and rheumatic disorders. Elected Capt. of Co. E, 1st (Farinholt's) Va. Reserves. Served at Staunton River Bridge. 

BREADY, DANIEL CALVIN: b. 11/4/42 in Md. enl. 6/16/61 in Co. K Farmer. Cpl. on 6/30/62 roll. Sgt. on 7‑8/63 roll. Wded. slightly at Fairfield, Pa., 7/3/63, and 5/5/64. Wded. in arm near Cedar Creek 10/9/64. Present on final 1‑2/65 roll. POW 4/1/65 at Five Forks. Took the oath at Pt. Lookout 6/16/65. d. 7/19/29, bur. Mount Olivet Cem., Frederick, Md. 

BREEDLOVE, DAVID R.: enl. 5/27/61 in (2d) Co. E. Present on 7‑8/61 roll. No further record. 

BRENT, A. MONT: enl. 3/1/62 in Co. A. Present until 1‑2/63 roll, when in arrest, forfeiting a month's pay by sentence of regimental court‑martial. Cpl. when KIA 6/9/63 at Brandy Station, 

BRENT, COURTENAY B.: b. in Alexandria. enl. 5/25/61 in Co. F, Student. Previously served in U.S. Navy, Under arrest 8/19/61 for disobedience and insubordination. Dishonorably discharged 10/1/61. Lt. of artillery under Turner Ashby, Capt. 5th Va. Cav., then commanded a Bn. of rangers. Bearer of dispatches to England for Secretary of War. Took the oath at Johnson's Island 7/6/65 as Lt. Col., 4th (Special) Bn. Ky, Cav. (acting), age 24. Wife Kate E Brent. 

BRENT, WILLIAM A‑ b. 4/3/42. enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H as Cpl. Clerk. Sgt. on 11‑12/61 roll. Present up to furlough of 2/11--3/15/62. Transferred to Co. A, 7th Va. Cav. d. 10/4/04 in Baltimore, Md., bur. Sharon Cem., Middleburg. Never married. 

BREWARD, JOHN H.: enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K POW and paroled 9/22/62 at Paris, thereafter absent until marked AWOL since 3/1/63 on 7‑8/63 roll. Later shown as deserting 12/15/63. Postwar roster says he never returned after parole. 

BRIGHTWELL, JOHN DABNEY, JR_ enl. 7/19/61 in Co. I, age 31. Admitted 2/24/62 to Orange General Hosp. with rheumatism. Otherwise always absent, on furlough or without leave. AWOL on 8/31/63 roll, the last one he is on. Also in Co. E, 9th Va. cav. 

BROCKMAN, ROBERT: enl. 10/15/64 in Co. I. Present on 9‑10/64 roil, the only record for him. 

BROCKMAN, W. ALFRED: enl. 10/1/64 in Co. I. Present on final 3/20/65 roll as W. A. Brockman. Doubtless the same as Ally Brockman, reported as a deserter by Richmond on 3/7/65, to be found in Orange Co. Postwar roster shows Alfred Brockman. 

BRODEN, JOHN WILLIAM: b. 5/16/30 in Fauquier Co. enl. 5/25/63 in Co. C. Miller. POW 7/3/63 at Fairfield, Pa. Took the oath and enl. 1/24/64 in Co. B, 1 at U.S. Vol. inf. Discharged 11/27/65 at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Signs by mark. m. 1) Fannie Deeds 1864, 2) Rebecca Frances Fultz 1873. d. 11//28/14,, bur. Mabel Memorial Chapel, Route 6, Harrisonburg. 

BROOKE, JOHN M.: 4/24/61 in Co. H. Drover, Present up to furlough from 2/9 to 3/13/62. Marked as a deserter from latter date. Resid. with S.C. Young at Edwards Ferry, Md., sent after a horse of Young's taken by Federal cavalry. Arrested as a spy, and hold at Ft. McHenry, Md., 7/6/63. Released on taking the oath 7/24/63. 

BROOKE, ROBERT DAVID: b. in Rappahannock Co. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B, age 36. Farmer. d. suddenly of disease while on picket duty 5/6/62. 

BROOKE. WILLIAM P.: enl. 5/8/61 in Co. B, age 33. Farmer. On extra duty as teamster in QM Dept. from 10/16/61 thru 5-6/62 roll.. Present from 11‑12/63 thru 9‑10/64 rolls. On extra duty as teamster on 3/21/65 final roll. Paroled 4/9/65 at Appomattox. Postwar roster says "prisoner at Yellow Tavern, captured his captors, escaped to our line." Reportedly d. before 5/07. 

BROWN, AMBROSE. Told Federals he was conscripted in 3/63 (in Co. B), and deserted 8/1/63 at New Market. They reported him POW 8/19/63 at Waterloo. Took the oath 3/22/64 at Washington, D.C., and sent to New York. Resid. Rappahannock Co. Signs by mark. Age 18 on 3/1/64, "says he Is opposed to secession." Not on Confederate records or postwar roster. 

BROWN, ANDREW J.: b. in Rockingham Co. enl. 3/5/62 in Co. C. AWOL since 12/25 on 12/62 return. On detached service 7/63. Otherwise always present thru ca. 3/30/65 final roll. Paroled 4/24/65 at Winchester, age 20, resid. Martinsburg. Signs by mark. Resid. North River 3/2/05, ditcher, wded. in leg at Wilderness. May be Andy J. Brown, 1843‑1926, bur. Mill Creek Church of the Brethren, Rockingham Co. 

BROWN, CHARLES BARBOUR: enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. To Lt. from Sgt. 12/4/62. KIA 6/9/63 at Brandy Station 

BROWN, CHARLES THOMPSON: b. 1821. enl. 3/18/62 in Co. H. POW 5/7/62. Sent from Ft. Delaware to Alken's Ldg. and exchanged 8/5/62. Absent sick on 9-10/64 roll and AWOL since 1/20/65 on final 3/22/65 roll. Reported as deserter by Richmond 2/28/65. Paroled 4/22/65 at Winchester, resid. Fauquier Co. d. 1885 bur. Marshall Cem. 

BROWN DALLAS: A reliable postwar roster, etc., show him as enl. 3/62. in Co. B, age 18. KIA 5/23/62 at Cedarville, where he carried the flag, and was hit by 21 balls. No official record, but may be the same as James M. Brown, who is on the company roll. 

BROWN, FRANKLIN: Appears in Union records as a member of Co. H, POW 2/6/64 in Fauquier Co., received at Ft. Delaware 6/17/64 No further record, and does not appear in Confederate records or postwar roster. 

BROWN, G. M.: On a list of POWs committed to Old Capitol Prison, Washington, D.C., 8/19/63, no company shown. No other record. 

BROWN, GIDEON THOMPSON: b. in Culpeper Co. enl. 3/10/62 in Co. B. Merchant. Discharged for disease of the heart 8/5/62. Previously served at Lexington, Mo. Paroled at Harpers Ferry 4/22/65, age 27. Postwar roster says wded. at Slaughter Mountain in August 1862 and unfit for duty afterward, d. before 5/07. Another such roster has a John Thompson Brown, wded. and assigned to commissary detail. 

BROWN, HENRY CLAY. b. 1841 in Rappahannock Co. enl. 3/1/62 in Co. B. Home KIA 5/23/62 at Cedarville. On sick leave 12/62. Otherwise present thru 3/21/65 final roll. Reported as deserter by Richmond 2/28/65. Resid. Midland, Fauquier Co., on 5/21/15, farmer, claiming two wounds. d. 1923, bur. Cedar Grove Cem., Bealeton. 

BROWN, JAMES M.: enl. 3/1/61 in Co. B. KIA 5/23/62 at Cedarville on the single roll with his name. May be the same as Dallas Brown, who appears on poswar rosters. 

BROWN, JAMES HARVEY, b. in Warren Co. enl. 3/1/63 in Co. B. Absent sick in Richmond hosps. with intermittent fever to final 2/16/65 roll, when AWOL Carpenter postwar..d. 4/15/24 at Winston. wed Lucy C., m. 1866. 

BROWN, JAMES R.: enl. 8/24/64 in Co. I. Absent sick on 9‑10/64 roll, and absent sick since 1/1/65 on final 3/20/65 roll. 

BROWN, JAMES WILLIAM: enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I, age 18. Detailed as teamster, apparently in the regiment, on 6/27/62, a position he seems to have had for most If not all of his remaining service thru 3/20/65 final roll. Paroled 4/9/65 at Appomattox. Pension records show d. 12/21/87 at Nason's, wId. Mary E, m. 1866 Another source gives his dates as 7/1/16 ‑3/18/61. 

BROWN, JOHN D.: enl. 8/24/64 in Co. I. POW 9/19/64 at Winchester. Paroled at Pt. Lookout and transferred for exchange 2/15/65. Present with a detachment of paroled prisoners at Camp Lee, near Richmond, 2/17/65. 

BROWN, JOHN RICHARD: b. 1845 in Pittsylvania Co. enl. 12/1/63 in Co. G. Present to final 3/22/65 roll, when absent sick. Resid. Chatham. Deputy sheriff for 20 years after the war. d. 10/31/27, bur. Chatham Corn. Widow Hattle A. 

BROWN, JOHN S.: b. 3/18/31, near Sperryville. enl. 4/18/62 in Co. H. Carpenter. Detailed as wagoner in brigade for much of his service, and thru 3/22/65 final roll. Resid. Rectortown, Fauquier Co., on 6/17/02 and claimed typhoid fever during war. d. 7/31/04, bur. ivy Hill Cem., Upperville. m. 1861. 

BROWN, ROBERT WILLIAM. enl. 9/1/63 in Co. B. Present thru 3/21/65 final roll. in Chimborazo Hosp. No. 1, Richmond, on 3/28/65. m. Elizabeth Thornhill. Farmer in Rappahannock Co. postwar. Postwar roster gives his middle initial as "C", and says he was 40 when he enlisted. 

BROWN, THOMAS EDWARD: enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. AWOL on 11‑12/62 roll, but also in column of names present. A month's wages stopped by order of court‑martial on 1‑2/63 roll. AWOL from 3/17/63 on 7‑8/63 roll, and "deserter" on 11‑12/63 roll. 

BROWN, WILLIAM H.: enl. 4/18/61 in Co. D. AWOL since 7/2/61 on 11‑12/61 roll. Announced as deserter 1/31/62. Teamster in regiment 9‑10/62 thru 1‑2/63 rolls. Absent sick in hosp., and one month's pay deducted by court‑martial on 11‑12/63 roll. Absent with leave on 9‑10/64 roll. 

BROWN, WILLIAM TRAVIS: b. 1833. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B. Farmer. AWOL from 6/10/62 until POW 7/14/62 at Sperryville. in Old Capitol Prison and exchanged 8/5/62. Generally present until dropped from the rolls for desertion on 3/21/65 final roll. d. 1908, bur. Sperryville Cem. His widow Elizabeth's pension claim (m. 1885) was disallowed in 1927, leading to much correspondence. 

BROWNELL, WILLIAM H.: b. 1837 in Newport, Rhode Island. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B. Tanner. To Cpl. 7/26/61. AWOL since 10/15/61 on 9‑10/61 roll. Discharged 2/23/62 for chronic inflammation of the bowels and stomach, dependent on a scrofulous condltion. enl. 3/31/62 in Co. G, 12th Va. Cav. as Sgt. To Lt. 1/10/63. Resid. Sperryville postwar. d. 6/8/09 at Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, Richmond, bur. Hollywood Cem. 

BROWNING, GUSTAVUS JUDSON: b. 5/16/30 in Rappahannock Co. enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I as Capt. Ankle broken by fall of home 10/5/61 at Culpeper C.H., and at home recovering thru 11‑12/61 roll. Dropped 4/20/62. Farmer in Orange postwar. m. Sarah Thomas. House of Delegates 1866‑67. d. 4/9/65, bur. Graham Cem. on Rt. 20 west of Orange. 

BROWNING, HENRY R.: enl. 5/1/63 in Co, B, age 25. AWOL since 12/15/63 on 11‑12/63 roll. Present on 7‑8/64 roll. AWOL on 9‑10/64 roll, and so marked on final 3/21/65 roll, since 2/1/65. Reported by Richmond as deserter 2/28/65. Postwar roster says "accidentally wounded, unfit for duty for rest of war." Reportedly d. before 5/07. 

BROWNING, WILLIAM S.: b. in Rappahannock Co. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B as Cpl., age 27. Farmer. Absent sick in Rappahannock Co. from 8/28/61 thru 9‑10/61 roll. To Lt. 4/20/62. Present except for occasional leaves until KIA 10/19/64 at Middletown. 

BROY, ISAAC N.: enl. 10/26/61 in Co. A. Farmer. Substitute for Henry C. Gibson. Resid. Warren Co. AWOL twice in 1861‑2. Absent sick since 2/15/62, recommended for discharge for "white swelling" on 1‑2/63 roll. Deserter since 2/15/62 on 8/31/63 roll. POW 2/13/62 at Front Royal. Age 17 on 3/9/63. Transferred 3/28/63 at Camp Chase for exchange. in Chimborazo Hosp. No. 1 4/5/63 for debility, returned to duty 4/6/63 No further record. d. 7/10/11, bur. Prospect Hill Cem., Front Royal. 

BRUCE, WILLIAM P.: enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B, age 23. Mechanic. On furlough on 1‑2/62 roll. Courier for Gem W. E. Jones on 1-2/62 return. Otherwise always present thru 3/21/65 final roll. Postwar roster says wded. at Five Forks. Reportedly d. before 5/07. 

BRUCE, WINFIELD SCOTT: b. 4/3/24 in Fauquier Co. enl. 5/8/61 in Co. B as Cpl. Mechanic. To Sgt. 7/26/61. in arrest, then Pvt. on 5‑6/62 roll. With Gen. Trimble on 10/8/62. Hip dislocated in fall from horse 11/20/62. Wded. 10/1/63. Reported by Richmond as deserter 2/28/65, but present on 3/21/65 final roll. in 1st Va. Vols., Mexican War. m. Martha F. Bruce, 1852. d. 3/11/12 at Sperryville. 

BRUDDLER, JAMES: Only record Is a Union roll dated Harpers Ferry, (W.) Va., 8/3/64, which has him in Co. C, POW 7/21/64 at Upperville, and sent to Washington, D.C., 8/24/64. Doubtless an error, referring to someone else in garbled form. 

BURCH, EDGAR FRANCIS: b. 2/12/45 in Loudoun Co. enl. 3/1/64 in Co. K Wded. near Trevillian's Station 6/6/64 and at Louisa C.H. 6/11/64. Present on final 1‑2/65 roll. Paroled 4/24/65 at Conrad's Ferry (signing "Edgar F. Birch"). m. Mary Grooms Thompson. Farmer postwar. d. 2/27/00, bur. Union Cem., Leesburg. 

BURCH, JAMES., b. in Fairfax Co. enl. 6/16/61 in Co. K Present until sick in camp on 1‑2/62 roll. d. 3/25/62 in Loudoun Co. 

BURCH, THOMAS, SR_ enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K Detailed as wagonmaster for 7th Brigade 8/29/61. 11‑12/62 roll says he did not reenlist, and thus his term of service expired 4/22/62, he being over 40 years old. He continues to appear on rolls as absent, detached as above, thru 7‑8/63. 

BURCH, THOMAS F, JR_ b. 4/30/39 in Loudoun Co. enl. 6/16/61 in Co. K Absent on sick leave since 11/17/61 on 1‑2/62 roll, after which he was carried as AWOL until dropped by order of Gen. L. L. Lomax 12/26/63 (dates of Illness vary). m. Helen Harnmerley 1872. Present at 1st Manassas Farmer in Broad Run Dist. of Loudoun Co. in 1883 (Name appears as Birch also). 

BURGESS, HORACE PEYTON: b. 1/17/36 in Fauquier Co. enl. 10/1/62 in Co. H. Absent sick since 11/25/62 on 11‑12/62 roll. POW 7/21/63 at Chester Gap, wded. Exchanged 2/10/65 from Pt. Lookout. Paroled 4/22/65 at Winchester. Farmer resid. near The Plains postwar. m. Elizabeth Cockrill before 1861. d. 12/4/22, bur. Marshall Cem. 

BURKE, CORNELIUS W.: enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B, age 22. Sgt. on 9‑10/62 roll. Sick since 12/24/63 on 11‑12/63 roll. Reported by Richmond as deserter 2/28/65, but otherwise present on all rolls thru 3/21/65 final roll. Reportedly alive in 5/07. 

BURKE, GEORGE FESTUS: enl. 10/1/62 in Co. B, age 20. Present until absent wded. 7/3/63 at Fairfield, Pa. Signs clothing rolls on 5/2 and 5/19/64. Confederate records and a postwar roster report him POW at Cold Harbor and d. of disease in prison 7/5/64, but there are no Federal records on him. Resid. Culpeper Co. 

BURKE, JAMES EDWARD: enl. 2/1/63 in Co. B, age 20. Present until final 3/21/65 roll, when marked AWOL since 1/21/65. Reportedly d. before 5/07. Read. Culpeper Co. 

BURKE, JAMES M‑ enl. 9/1/62 in Co. B. Present until POW 5/31/64 at Cold Harbor. d. 6/28/64 at Pt. Lookout of acute dysentery and bur. there. May be the same as Mike Burke, shown below. 

BURKE, JOSEPH: enl. 2/15/63 in Co. B, age 18. Absent sick on 7‑8/64 and AWOL on 9‑10/64 rolls. Admitted to Charlottesville General Hosp. 12/30/64 with pneumonia, returned to duty 2/14/65. AWOL since 2/21/65 on 3/21/65 final roll. Reportedly d. before 5/07. 

BURKE, MIKE: Shown on a postwar roster as enl. 3/63 in Co. B, age 20. KIA at Spotsylvanla C.H. May be Identical to James M. Burke, shown above. 

BURKE, M. N.: b. Madison Co. enl. 1862 in Co. B. Farmer, resid. Boston, Culpeper Co., age 63 when he applied for pension on 5/30/08. No official record. On postwar roster. 

BURKE, NAPOLEON: enl. 2/1/65 in Co. B. AWOL since 2/7/65 on 3/21/65 final roll. Probably Identical to men of this name who served in Co. H, 2d Va. Art., Co. H, 22d Bn. Va. inf., and as detective in Dept. of Richmond (the latter reported 5/27/64 as age 48, b. in Va., citizen of Richmond, appointed 11/22/62 and employed thru 10/31/64). 

BURKE, ROBERT A‑ b. in Rappahannock Co. enl. 3/1/62 in Co. B. Absent sick since 1/25/63 on 1‑2/63 roll. Provost guard since 10/6/63 on 11‑12/63 roll. Absent sick on rolls for 7‑10/64. Reported as deserter by Richmond 2/28/65. AWOL since 1/21/65 on final 3/21/65 roll. Wheelwright, age 70, resid. Boston, Culpeper Co., 5/3/06. d. 9/10/08, at Staunton. wed Roberta, m. 11/64. 

BURKE, ROBERT E. enl. 3/1/62 in Co. B, age 20. He and horse KIA 5/23/62 at Cedarville. Left no wife or child, Known as "Tony." 

BURKE, THOMAS G:  b. in Loudoun Co. enl. 3/9/62 in Co. F. Cpl. on 7-8/62 roll. Sgt. on 7‑8/64 roll. Present on final 2/24/65 roll. Paroled 4/9/65 at Appomattox. Resid. Tucker Co., W.Va., postwar. Age 81 on 6/14/22 d. 3/1/28 at Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, Richmond. 

BURKETT, JAMES E.: b. 1844 in Rockingham Co. enl. 3/5/62 in Co. C. Present on all rolls thru ca. 3/30/65 final roll. Paroled 5/2/65 at Harrisonburg. Farmer postwar, resid. in Kentucky since 1882. d. 3/29/30 at Moreland, Lincoln Co., Ky., bur. Kentucky. The surname of 4 men in Co. C appears as Burkhead, Burgett, Burkit, etc. All have been standardized as above in this roster. 

BURKETT, JOHN WILLIAM: b. 8/16/37 in Albemarle Co. enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. Teamster in QM Dept. on 10/30/63. Otherwise present on all rolls thru ca 3/30/65 final roll. Paroled 5/31/65 at Harrisonburg, signs by mark. Farmer postwar, resid. near Elkton. d. 1/7/16, bur. East Point Cem. wed. Emmeline, m. 1864. 

BURKETT, THOMAS: b. in Albemarle Co. enl. 5/5/62 in Co. C. Laborer. 11/62 return says deserted at Rippon, since dead. d. 8/17/62, without wife or child. 

BURKETT, WILLIAM: enl. 3/5/62 in Co. C. At home sick since 1/30/63 on 1‑2/63 roll. On returns for 11 and 12/62 as teamster. Otherwise present thru 1/1/64 clothing roll. No further record. d. 8/1/01, wId. Mary A. Mrs. Burkett's pension application declares she was married in 1820 or 1821. 

BURNER, ALBERT A‑ b. 9/3/38. enl. 7/5/62 in Co. C. Farmer. Previously in Co. F, 2d Va. inf. Wded. 5/8/64, in Chimborazo Hosp. No. 2, 5/9/64. Present thru ca. 3/30/65 final roll. To hosp. at Farmville 4/15/64, released 5/6/65. d. 10/21/05, bur. Mt. Olivet Cem., Route 33 East, McGaheysvIIIe. 

BURNER, JACOB B.: b. 9/3/33. enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. Farmer. in charge of baggage at Manassas 10/61. Horse KIA 9/22/62 near Paris. Wded. 5/5/64 in groin and penis. Wded. 9/19/64. Present on final ca. 3/30/65 roll. POW at Jackson Hospital, Richmond, 4/3/65. Paroled at Richmond, 4/24/65. "Deserted" Jackson Hospital 4/27. d. 4/13/27 at McGaheysvIlle, bur. Mt. Olivet Cem. Md. Barbara A. 

BURNER, LAYTON W.: b. 1842 in Rockingham Co. enl. 7/2/62 in Co. C. Previously in Co. F, 2d Va. inf. Horse KIA at Paris 9/22/62. POW 5/31/64 at Cold Harbor. d. of exhaustion from gunshot wds. 10/4/64 at Lincoln General Hosp., Washington, D.C. Resid. McGaheysville, single. Previously in Co. F, 2d Va. inf. 

BURROUGHS, R. F. WILLIAMS:  enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. F, age 23. On extra duty in QM Dept. on 10/61 return, and a teamster since 1/11 on 11/61 return. Admitted 12/29/61 to General Hosp. No. 1, Danville, with pneumonia, sent to hosp. at Front Royal. Resid. Savannah, Ga. 

BURRUSS, JOHN HERSCHEL: b. 9/9/47 in Orange Co. Att. VMI. Enl. 2/1/64 in Co. I. Absent wded. on 9‑10/64 roll and AWOL on final 3/20/65 roll. Farmer at Monrovia on 2/12/19 when he applied for pension. W. W. Scott, state law librarian, vouched for him, explaining he was youngest of 4 brothers in army (3 KIA 6/26/62). Burruss had no recollection of being absent, said he was wded. 10/9/64 near Strasburg, and got his pension. d. 11/30. wed Alone H., m. 1887. 

BURRUSS, THOMAS P.: enl. 3/1/63 in Co. I. Horse KIA 7/3/63 at Fairfield, Pa. Detailed at horse pasture 7/9/63. Sgt. on 11‑12/63 roll. Absent sick at hosp. on 9‑10/64 roll, and AWOL on final 3/20/65 roll. 

BURRUSS, WILLIAM TERRIL: b. in Orange Co enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I, age 30. in hosp. at Orange 3/21‑3/26/62 with orchitis. AW0L since 2/17/63 on 1‑2/63 roll, and since 8/31/63 on 7‑8/63 roll. AWOL on final 3/20/65 roll. Farmer postwar. d. 11/14/15 at Gordonsville. wed Nannie A., m. 2/65. 

BURTON, JAMES D: Conscript assigned to Co. F 5/25/64. Absent on detail on 9‑10/64 roil, and sick at hosp. on final 3/24/65 roll. Postwar roster says POW at Trevillian's Station, but escaped. 

BUTLER, JOHN: On a generally reliable postwar roster of Co. B as enl. 3/62, age 27, and serving rest of war, d. before 5/07. Got William C. Wilson as substitute 6/30/62 on 5‑6/62 mil. 

BYRD, BARRY: enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. E, age 22. Resid. Tattnall Co., Ga. d. 12/21/61 at Georgia Hosp., Richmond, of typhoid fever. 

BYRNE, JAMES N.: enl. 10/1/62 in Co. K Present until POW 10/17/64 near Middleburg. Sent from Elmira to James River for exchange 3/14/65. Present at Camp Lee near Richmond 3/19/65. Paroled at Winchester 4/25/65, age 21, maid. Fauquier Co. Alive at Browningsville, Md., 8/26/11. d. 1/2/21, aged 77 years, 9 months, and 24 days, bur. Bethesda Methodist Episcopal Church Cem., Browningsville, Md. 

BYWATERS, JAMES EDWARD: enl. 4/1/62 in Co. B, age 31. d. 8/7/62 of typhoid fever at General Hosp. No. 2, Lynchburg. bur. Old Town Cem., Lynchburg. wed. Sallie Hill, m. 1851. 

BYWATERS, ROBERT H.: enl. 2/15/63 in Co. B, age 33. Present on 1‑2/63 roll, on 11‑12/63 roll (joined from desertion 12/10/63), and on 5/2/64 clothing roll. d. 12/23/61. wed Adella P., m. 1851.

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Reference: 6th Va. Cavalry-The Virginia Histories Series--By Michael P. Musick. 1st Edition 1990.