6th Cavalry Regiment

Surnames O-Q

OAKES, CHRIST. C‑ b. in Halifax Co. enl. 3/6/62 in Co. G. Farmer. Absent on sick furlough until discharged on surgeon's certificate of disability 12/8/62, age 24. Applied for pension in Danville, age 62, claiming exposure in service, 7/21/02. 

O'BANNON, HENRY CLAY, enl. 3/1/62 in Co. B. On sick furlough since 6/17/62 on 5-6/62 roll. Courier for Gen. W. E. Jones on Nov. and Dec. returns. On extra duty as orderly for Capt. D. A. Grimsley on 7‑8/64 roll. Absent with leave on 9-10/64 roll and absent sick since 3/1/65 on final 3/21/65 roll. Postwar roster says age 20 on enlistment. Resid. Fredericksburg. d. 7/21/16 at Ft. Stanton, N.M., and bur. there. 

O'BANNON, WALTER: b. 9/17/35. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B as Lt. Farmer. Sick in quarters on 12/61 return. Dropped as Lt. when not reelected 4/20/62. To regimental Ordnance Sgt. on 9‑10/62 roll. Otherwise present thru 9‑10/64 roll. Paroled 5/17/65 at Winchester, resid. Rappahannock Co. d. 5/12/93 in Va. 

O'BRIEN, WILLIAM: Only record Is of parole as in Co. A 5/11/65 at Charleston, W.Va., age 19. 

O'CONNEL, TERRY, enl. 1/1/63 in Co. D as substitute for George H. Sowers. Missing on 7/3/63, supposed to be POW, but no Federal records Postwar rosters give name as P. O'Connel, P. O'Connell. 

O'DAY, MICHAEL, enl. 1/9/63 in Co. G. Laborer. POW 5/1/63 at Fairmont, (W.) Va. Released 6/3/63 from Camp Chase, Ohio. Age 43, resid. Fairfax. 

ODEN, JAMES S.: enl. 7/15/61 in Co. K AWOL on 7‑8/61 roll. Detached as courier since 11/1 on 11/61 return, and detached since 12/3 on 12/61 return. POW 5/30/62 at Front Royal. Exchanged 8/5/62 at Alken's Ldg. Signs as in Co. K on 8/7/62. Appointed Capt. and AQM from Louisiana as of 6/5/63. Paroled at Edwards Ferry, Md., 5/65 as Capt. and AQM, Stuart Horse An. Unofficial sources also state he served as aide to Gen. Micah Jenkins and as ordnance officer with Gen. R. B. Garnett. 

ODEN, JOHN BEVERLY.: b. 2/23/39. enl. 7/15/61 in Co. K Appointed Assistant Surgeon 9/13/61 (or 10/9/61), most of which subsequent service seems not to have been with the regiment. To Surgeon 11/26/63. Retired 5/2844, suffering from phthisis pulmonalls. d. 1/25/11, bur. Sharon Cem., Middleburg. 

O'DONNELL, J.: enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. E, but name cancelled on 10/16/61 roll, "failed to join. Horse reported to belong to the captain." No further record. 

O'GRADY, MICHAEL C‑ b. in Ireland. enl, 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. F, age 34. Teacher. Resid. Savannah, Ga. Discharged 8/31/62 for hernia. 

OLIVER GEORGE Y.: enl. 10/11/62 in (2d) Co. E. Twenty day horse detail from 12/16/63. POW 1/31/64 on Robinson River, Madison Co. Took the oath 6/20/65 at Ft. Delaware, resid. Pittsylvania Co. Farmer postwar, age 56 on 5/15/00, resid. Acorn and Nathalle, Halifax Co. d. 4/17124. 

OPIE, HIEROME LINDSAY, JR_ b. 1837. enl. 12/28/62 in Co. D. Previously in Capt. Garber's Co. (Staunton Artillery) Va. Lt. Art. Present until appointed drift master with rank of U. as of 11/3/63 on staff of Col. W. L. Jackson. Capt. John O. Imboden wrote 3/20/62 "his estate of some $40,000 was all at Wheeling. The Yankees have it all." Brother of John N. d. Covington, Ky., 5/25/92. 

OPIE, JOHN NEWTON: b. 3/14/44 at Millview, Jefferson Co., (W.) Va. Att. VMI. enl. 10/15/62 in Co. D. Previously in 5th Va. inf. Horse KIA 6/9/63 at Brandy Station. Wded. 10/11/63 at Brandy Station, and absent wded. on rolls until POW on final 3/22/65 roll. Retired to invalid Corps 1/8/65, POW 2/6/65 in Clarke Co. Paroled 3/14/65 at Elmira. Paroled Winchester 5/8/65. Grad. U. Va. law school 1885. House of Delegates 1802‑84, State Senate 1896‑1904. m. 1) Bello Harmon 1866, 2) Ida Walton Fletcher 1878. Wrote A Rebel Cavalryman ... (1899). d. at Staunton 1/26/06, bur. Thornrose Cem., Staunton. 

ORISON, FREDERICK. b. 1840 in Loudoun Co. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K Thirty day furlough from 8/5/61. Confederate records show POW 3/1/62 but there are no U.S. records of this. The 12/12/62 roll states AWOL until 9/1/62.. Accidentally wded. 6/20/63. Otherwise present until final 1‑2/65 roll when AWOL Paroled 4/18/65 at Edwards Ferry, Md. d. 1905 in Loudoun Co. Confederate records also spell name Orrison, 

ORRISON, GEORGE G.: b. 10/4/32 in Loudoun Co. Reported KIA 8/5/61 at Point of Rocks in Co. K, bur. Now Valley Church Cem., Lucketts. 

ORRISON, JONAH L.: enl. 7/15/61 in Co. K POW 8/5/61 opposite Point of Rocks, Md. Hold at Ft. Lafayette, N.Y., and paroled 3/24/62. POW 6/9/63 at Brandy Station. Paroled 6/25/63 at Old Capitol Prison. Otherwise present until POW 7/1/63 at Waterford. d. 10/4/64 of chronic diarrhea at Elmira and bur. there. Name also appears as Orison. 

OSBORN, EDWARD: enl. 5/31/61 in Co. D. Reported as AWOL from 12/12/61, "sentenced to loose $24 ... had joined another company" and "sold to be Lieut. to some compy. unknown." No further record. Postwar rosters spell name Osborne, one stating he resid. Loudoun Co. 

OSBORN, W. P‑ Conscript assigned 3/7/64 to Co. G. d. 5/5/64 of typhoid pneumonia at General Hosp. No. 9, Richmond. Never taken up on rolls of company. Also shown as Osbourne, Osburn, etc. 

OSBORNE, JOSEPH: Shown in Co. G clothing book as discharged. 

OSBURN, HERBERT. b. 2/14/43. enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. Present until POW 9/14/63 near Culpeper. Paroled 3/10/65 at Elmira. Absent, paroled POW since 3/10 on final ca. 3/27/65 roll. Paroled 4/24/65 at Charles Town, (W.) Va. d. 2/2/90, bur. Leesburg Union Cem. 

OSBURN, JAMES MILLER: b. 1846 at Snickersville, Loudoun Co. enl. 9/22/62 in Co. A. Absent with leave on 9‑10/64 roll. Otherwise present thru final ca. 3/27/65 roll. POW 4/3/65 at Appomattox. Took the oath 6/15/65 at Pt. Lookout, resid. Loudoun Co. Postwar source says never wded., 2 horses shot under him. Moved to Shelbyville, Ky., 1876. Businessman in Louisville since 1881 in 1896. 

OVERFIELD, MARSHALL.: Arrested 5/10/64 by Federals in Jefferson Co., (W.) Va‑, who recorded him as "guerilla and horsethief" of Co. H. He appears actually to have been a member of Mosby's 43d Bn. Va. Cav., as there are no records for him in the 6th Va. Cav. 

OWEN, HENRY E.: enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G, age 20. d. 11/21/61 at Ashland of typhoid fever. 

OWEN, RUFUS W. b. 9/24/30. enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G as Sgt. To Lt 12/26/61. On recruiting service since 2/16 on 1‑2/62 roll. To Capt. 4/20/62. Several absences for sickness in 1862. On detached service in Culpeper and Albemarle Cos. 4‑6/63. Requested retirement for mumps and hemorrhoids 10/29/63. Last present on 11‑12/63 roll. Honorably retired 3/9/64. d. 3/19/92 at home near Houston of grip, bur. "Green's Folly," Hwy. 654, Centerville, Halifax Co. WId. Eliza J., m. 1853. 

OWEN, THOMAS HOWERTON: b. 6/11/33 in Halifax Co. Grad. VMI. enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G as Lt. Resigned 12/25/61. in Danville hosp. 12/26/61. Elected to Capt., 3d Va. Cav., later Lt. Col. Civil engineer and farmer at South Boston postwar. d. 5/8194, 

OWENS, CUTHBERT, JR‑, b. 7/12/43. enl. 3/9/62 in Co. H. Detailed as courier to Gen. L. L. Lomax on 7‑8/63 roll. Detached service at Gen. Jeb Stuart's HQ since 8/1 on 11‑12/63 roll. Otherwise present until KIA 5/11/64 at Yellow Tavern, bur. Owens Cem., The Plains. 

OWENS, JOHN: This name appears as a member of Co. D on a register of a Petersburg hosp. for 2/14‑9/10/64. However, there Is no other record, official or unofficial, of this man in the regiment, and It is doubtless an error. 

OWENS, J. S.: POW 12/6/63 in Fauquier Co. as in Co. A. Paroled 5/3/64 at Pt. Lookout. in Richmond hosp. 5/8‑5/20/64 with chronic diarrhea, then furloughed 30 days. Not on company rolls or postwar rosters. No further record. One record shows middle initial "L." 

OWENS, SIMON KENTON: b. 3/22/39. enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H. Student. Transterred 8/21/61 to 8th Va. inf. KIA 5/6/62 at Williamsburg, bur. Owens Cem., The Plains. 

OWENS, WILLIAM MASON: b. 2/22/41. enl. 5/20/61 in Co. H. Farmer. To Sgt. on 5‑6/62 roll. Transferred 8/16/62 to Co. A. Pvt. on 12/5/62 roll. Detailed to go on scout with Lt. Stringfellow 12/12 on 11‑12/63 roll. KIA 1/10/64 at Loudoun Heights, bur. Owens Cem., The Plains. See L. Hopkins, Bull Run to Appomattox (1908), pp. 201/203. Known as Mason Owens. 

PADGETT, CHARLES P.: enl. 2/21/62 in Co. H. Substitute for J. R. W. Macrae. Detailed as courier for Gen. Jeb Stuart on 5‑6/62 mil. d. 6/62, bur. 6/10/62 at Oakwood Cem., Richmond. 

PADGETT, JOSEPH: enl. 4/20/61 in Co. F. Sent to Richmond hosp. sick 4/20/62, d. 6/62, bur. 6/10/62 at Richmond. Possible middle initial is P. or H. 

PAGE, ARCHIE C.: enl. 9/3/61 in Co. D. Ten days leave from 12/18/61. Reported as AWOL on 9‑10/62 roll and returned from desertion 12/10/62 with surgeon's certificate. Absent sick at hosp. on 8/31/63 roll. Absent on duty in QM Dept. at Harrisonburg as clerk 9/27/63 thru 3/22/65 final roll. Otherwise present. Paroled 4/19/65 at Winchester, age 35, 

PAGE, GEORGE RANDOLPH: b. 1824. enl. 7/10/61 in Co. D. Ten days sick furlough from 12/17/61. AWOL on 5‑6/62 roll. No further record. d. 3/14/03, bur. Mt. Hebron Cem., Winchester. 

PAGE, WILLIAM BYRD, att. Episcopal H.S., Alexandria. enl. 5/17/61 in Co. D. Courier for Gen. Jeb Stuart on 11/61 return. Absent sick with broken leg 11/25/62 thru 1‑2/63 roll. Wded. 9/13/63 at Culpeper and permanently disabled. Absent wded. at hosp. on final 3/22/65 roll. One postwar source says KIA. 

PAINTER, JACOB M‑ Conscript enl, 2/24/64 in Co. F. Shoemaker. Paroled 5/26/65 at Charleston, W.Va., age 44, resid. Rockbridge Co. 

PALMER, JAMES FRANK: b. 6/14/35. enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. Farmer. Twelve days sick furlough from 2/25/62. On furlough since 8/29/63 on 8/31/63 roll. To Cpl. 11/1/63. Wded. 5/31/64 at Cold Harbor and left arm lost, thereafter absent (Pvt.) due to wd. thru 3/27/65 final roll. Paroled 5/9/65 at Charles Town, (W) Va. d. 3/4/05, bur. Ebenezer Cem. near Round Hill. 

PALMER, JOHN WILLIAM: b. in Loudoun Co. Enl. 3/9/62 in Co. F. Absent on sick furlough on 5‑6/62 roll. Thereafter present until AWOL on 9‑10/64 roll. Farmer, resid. Archie, Culpeper Co., age 61 on 6/4/04. Claimed wd. at Brandy Station, typhoid pneumonia, "left in Fall 64 on acct. Illness." d. 5/25/21. 

PALMER, LEWIS FRANKLIN: b. 10/3/26 (or 1829) in Loudoun Co. enl. 7/15/61 in Co. K On sick furlough from 2/17/62 on 1‑2/62 roll. POW 8/20/64 while on horse detail near Leesburg. Paroled 3/14/65 at Elmira. Present as paroled POW in hosp. and at Camp Lee, near Richmond, 3/18‑3/20/65. Paroled 4/28/65 at Edwards Ferry, Md. in mercantile business at Arcola postwar. d. 2/13/94 (or 1892), bur. Mt. Zion Old School Baptist Church Cem. on Route 50. 

PANNIL, JAMES BRUCE., On a 1913 roster of (2d) Co. E. No official record. 

PANNILL, BALDWIN:‑ enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. Present on 5‑6/62 roll. Got Alexander Z. Gardner as substitute. Postwar roster says discharged 1863, 

PARKER, STAFFORD H, JR.: b. 1846. enl. 9/10/62 in Co. G. Discharged 10/27/62 by order of Secretary of War, he being a minor enlisted without the consent of his parents. Son of Capt. John H. Parker, CSN. Later cadet and Lt. in Parker's Co. Va. Lt, Artillery. Lost an arm from wd. at Spotsylvania. Living in California in 1885. 

PARNELL, ARTHUR F.: enl. 3/1/62 in Co. B. POW 6/14/62 at Sperryville "by a scouting party of the enemy whilst on his way from Rappk. Co. to join his company." Exchanged from Old Capitol Prison 8/1/62. On extra duty in QM or Commissary Dept. as teamster from 11‑12/62 roll thru 9‑10/64 roll. Reported as deserter by Richmond 3/1/65. Deserted and dropped from rolls on final 3/21/65 roll. Paroled 5/2/65 at Winchester, age 29. Reportedly d. before 5/07. 

PARRISH, ABRAHAM N.: enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. Sick at home in Pittsylvania on 11‑12/62 roll. Detached as teamster for brigade on 7‑8/63 roll. Order transterred to Co. I, 21st Va. Inf. in exchange for "Josephus Parrish" of that unit 9/1/63. Always absent sick on rolls of 21st. Resid. Axton, age 70, on 11/19/88. Claimed wded. in battle near Petersburg in 1883, thigh bone broken. Also shown as Abram. 

PARRISH, ABRAM P, SR. enl. 5/27/61 in (2d) Co. E. d. 8/10/61 at Monterey. Possibly Identical to Peck or Park Parrish shown on postwar rosters. 

PARRISH, JOHN W‑: enl. 2/8/63 in (2d) Co. E. Fifteen days furlough on 1‑2/63 roll. POW 5/11/64 at Yellow Tavern. Took the oath at Elmira 6/16/65, resid. Danville. 

PARRISH, JOSEPH MADISON: b. 1833 in Pittsylvania Co. enl. 5/27/61 in (2d) Co. E as Sgt. Farmer. Present until POW 5/11/64 at Yellow Tavern. Took the oath 6/16/65 at Elmira, resid. Danville. d. 7/5/97 near Chatham. WId. Sallie B., m. 1892. 

PARRISH, PECK: On 1913 roster of (2d) Co. E. Another postwar roster shows Perk Parrish (Parish). Perhaps Identical to Abram P. No official record. 

PARRISH, WILLIAM C. enl. 9/8/62 in (2d) Co. E. POW 9/13/63 now Culpeper. Paroled 3/10/65 at Elmira for exchange. 

PARRISH, WILLIAM S.:  b. in Pittsylvania Co. enl. 5/27/61 in (2d) Co. E. Age 36 on 2/16/62 roll. On detached service on 5‑6/62 mil. Shown as AWOL, exchanged POW on 12/62 return, no other record of capture. POW 10/11/63 at Brandy Station. d. 7/9/64 at Pt. Lookout. 

PARTLOW, JOHN M‑, b. in Rappahannock Co. enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I, age 19. Sick at home with measles on ca. 6/61 roll. Absent sick with pneumonia 2/10‑4/4/62.. To Cpl. on 5‑6/62 roll. AWOL slnce 10/23/63 on 11‑12/63 roll. Found not guiIty of AWOL 3/7/64 by court‑martlal: "being found not guilty, Captain [sic] Partlow will resume his sword." Present 7‑8/64 roll thru 3/20/65 final roll, but back to Pvt. on final roll. Paroled 4/65 at Lynchburg. Postwar roster says badly wded. at Five Forks. Farmer, resid. near Washington, Rappahannock Co. 4/16/08. d. 7/21/20. 

PARTLOW, WILLIAM E.: b. at Washington, Va. enl. 8/15/64 in Co. I. Present thru 3/20/65 final mil. Justice of the Peace at Sanger, Denton Co., Texas, age 78 on 7/11/25. Resid. in Texas for 49 years prior to 1925 d. 8/20/26. 

PATE, MATTHEW H.: enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G, age 26. Absent on sick furlough since 2/16 on 1‑2/62 roll. Present on 5-6/62 roll. Shown as having obtained substitute (William Clark) on 9‑10/62 roll. 

PATRICK, DENNIS M‑ enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. E, "age 39," as farrier. On 5/62 sick report of Chimborazo Hosp. No. 3, Richmond, "Disease: For being 57 years old." Discharged for disability 5/15/62. His certificate reads "Great disability from a long attack of typhoid pneumonia. He Is 40 years of age & of broken down constitution." Teamster from 11/18 on 11/61 return. Resid. Savannah, Ga. 

PATTIE, JAMES S.:  enl. 9/1/62 in Co. H. Clerk Previously in Co. K, 17th Va. inf. 12/1/62 transfer to 17th Va. int. was aborted. in Charlottesville hosp. 6/14—6/26/63 with chronic diarrhea and 8/29‑9/20/63 with acute gonorrhea. Absent sick on 7‑8/63 roll. AWOL from 12/28/63. Took the oath 3/12/64 at Old Capitol Prison and sent to New York, age 21, resid. Warrenton. Voluntarily came in to the pickets of the 1st N.J. Cav. 1/25/64 near New Baltimore. Told Federals he "belonged to a Military Comp. before the war, was railed out by the Governor in 4/62, never in favor of secession." 

PATTON, JOHN W‑, enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. Present until marked absent sick since 12/9 on 1‑2/62 mil. Present on 5‑6/62 roll. Postwar roster says "discharged," no date. 

PAXSON, THOMPSON M. C.:  b. 11/23/23 enl. 7/15/61 in Co. K Absent on sick furlough from 2/17 on 1‑2/62 roll. Detailed in QM Dept. from 12/12/62 roll thru 11‑12/63 roll. Transferred 2/10/64 to Co. A, 39th Bn. Va. Cav, Paroled 4/24/65 at Winchester. Resid. Peonla 1896. d. 6/8/07, bur. Union Cem., Leesburg. Cousin of Union Gen. John R. Kenly. 

PAYNE, AMOS PARKER: b. 8/14/37 in Fairfax Co. enl. 10/1/61 in Co. F, in Richmond hosp. wded. 5/18—6/2/64. Otherwise present until absent on horse detail on final 2/24/65 roll. Paroled at Appomattox 4/9/65. Took the oath at Alexandria 6/17/65. Farmer in East Falls Church 5/28/18, d. 1/5/29 at Chesterbrook, bur. Arlington National Cem. WId. Elizabeth Catherine, m. 1891. 

PAYNE, CHARLES R.: b. in Campbell Co. enl. 5/27/61 in (2d) Co. E. Age 19 on 2/16/62 roll. d. 2/28/62. Left no widow or child; father Philip M. Payne. 

PAYNE, EDWARD SCOTT. enl. 4/2/62 in (2d) Co. E. AWOL on 5‑6/62 roll and in arrest on 11‑12/62 roll. Present on 1‑2/63 roll. Gave himself up to Federals 9/12/64 at Point of Rocks, took the oath at Harpers Ferry, (W.) Va, 9/14/64, age 22, maid. Culpeper. Transportation furnished to Philadelphia, Pa. Stated his captain's name was "West." in C. S. records as Edward B. or Ned S., but in U.S. records as Edwin, of Co. H. An unreliable postwar roster says he d. in Pittsylvania Co. 

PAYNE, ROBERT C.:  enl. 5/27/61 in (2d) Co. E Age 25 on 2/16/62 roll. AWOL on 5-6/62 roll. No further record. 

PAYNE, THOMAS.: Shown in Federal records as in Co. H. Gave himself up to them 9/12/64 at Point of Rocks, age 21, resid. Culpeper. Took the oath 9/14/64 at Harpers Ferry, (W.) Va. and transportation furnished to Philadelphia, Pa. Said his captain's name was 'West." No Confederate records. Not in postwar rosters. 

PAYNE, WALTER C.: enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. Absent on 5-6/62 roll. in Charlottesville Hosp. 9/30, d. there 10/1/62 of typhoid fever, age 17. One death record puts him in Co. F, which seems erroneous. His father was Fullington Payne of Pittsylvania Co. Walter C. Is bur. Confederate Soldiers' Cem., U. Va., Charlottesville. 

PEAKE, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: b. 1842 in Fauquier Co. enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. To Cpl. on 11‑12/63 mil. POW 5/11/64 in Hanover Co. Exchanged ca. 11/15/64 at Venue Pt., Savannah River, from Elmira and Pt. Lookout (erroneously reported as 3/15/65). Sick at home since 1/65 on 3/27/65 final roll. Paroled 5/8/65 at Millwood. Resid. Alexandria postwar. Merchant at The Plains in 1914. d. 1921 in Baltimore, Md., bur. family cem. at "Rockdale," Fauquier Co. Brother of John W. 

PEAKE, JOHN W.: b. in Fauquier Co. enl. 3/1/62 in Co. A. Present until shown as absent sick 8/64 thru final 3/27/65 roll. Paroled at Winchester 4/25/65, age 19. Known as “Tip" or "Tippy." Claimed service as courier for Gens. Jeb Stuart and L. L. Lomax. m. Alwilda: Marshall Brooke. Wrote "Recollections of a Boy Cavalryman" in 7/26 Confederate Veteran. d. 10/12/25 at Washington, D.C., bur. family cem. at "Rockdale," Fauquier Co. Brother of Benjamin F. 

PEARSON, JAMES MASTIN, JR.: enl. 1/15/63 in (2d) Co. E. Sick at Orange hosp. on 11‑12/63 roll. POW 5/11/64 at Yellow Tavern. Paroled 9/18/64 at Pt. Lookout. in Richmond hosp. with scorbutis 9/22‑9/27/64, then 45 day furlough. Drew clothing at Richmond 11/11/64. Present on final 3/4/65 roll. d. 1899, bur. Pearson family cem., Chatham. 

PEARSON, JOHN C.: b. in Fauquier Co. enl. 5/20/61 in Co. H. Farmer. On furlough 2/10‑3/14/62. To Cpl. on 5-6/62 roll. To Pvt., AWOL since 12/28/63 and on 11‑12/63 roll. Thereafter generally absent sick and so absent since 3/1 on final 3/22/65 roll. Paroled 4/22/65 at Winchester, age 25. Farmer at Selone on 3/28/11. d. 7/13/16 in Fauquier Co. of tuberculosis. WId. Mary E., m. 1863. Claimed frostbite on Rosser's raid resulting in leave of absence. 

PEARSON, WILLIAM H.: enl. 6/26/61 in Co. K Previously in Co. F, 5th Va. Cav., in which records his name appears as Pierson or Person. Detailed to drive baggage wagon 11/20/61 thru 12/61 return. Paid for 90 days service as butcher 3/31/62. Detailed as regimental wagoner on 6/30/62 roll. 

PEARSON, WILLIAM MALBARRY: enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. Paid as teamster 12/4‑12/31/61, 4/1‑4/20/62. Sick at home since 10/28 on 12/62 return. Otherwise present thru final 3/4/65 roll. Resid. Red Eye, age 56, claiming flesh wd. in left leg at Spotsylvania ca. 3/11/64 on 5/2/00 pension application. d. 6/22/28, wId. Josephine, m. 12/21/65. 

PEMBERTON, J. D.: Shown as a member of Co. I, from Culpeper, on a postwar roster. No Confederate service record. 

PENCE, JOHN T.: enl. 2/10/64 in Co. C. Present thru final 3/30/65 roll. POW 4/1/65 at Five Forks. Took the oath 6/11/65 at Pt. Lookout, resid. Rockingham Co. 

PENCE, PETER: Only record in the regiment is of parole as in Co. C, 5/18/65 at Staunton, age 25. Previously in Co. I, 33rd Va. inf. 

PENCE, SYLVESTER HARRISON: b. 10/10/36. enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. Absent sick since 10/21 on 9‑10/61 roll. Thereafter present thru 11‑12/63 roll and draw clothing 5/2/64. Presumably Identical to "Pvt. S. A. Ponce, Co. C," listed in Richmond Sentinel of 5/27/64 at KIA between 5/4 and 5/13/64. KIA Wilderness 5/8/64. 

PENDLETON, DUDLEY DIGGES: b. 1840 in Louisa Co. Grad. Washington College. enl. 9/24/61 in Co. D. Teacher. Transferred from Rockbridge Artillery. Present until appointed Capt. and Adjutant on staff of his uncle, Gen. William N. Pendleton 5/22/62. Personally recommended for Lt. by Gen. T. J, Jackson and by Col. Charles Field, Capt. Hugh M. Nelson and Gens. W. N. Pendleton and Jeb Stuart. Paroled 4/9/65 at Appomattox. Principal, postwar, of Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, W.Va. d. 8/25/66, bur. Elmwood Cem., Shepherdstown.

PENDLETON, R013ERT NELSON: b. 2/4/42 in Lousia Col. Att. Washington Coll. enl. 3/19/62 in Co. D. Horse wded. 5/23/62 near Front Royal. Absent as clerk at brigade HQ 12/5/63 thru final 3/22/65 roll. To Lt. and drillmaster on staff of Gen. W. H. Payne 3/28/65. Recommended by Gen. Payne 2/26/65 for "intelligence, good habits, courage and usefulness on the field." Paroled 4/25/65 at Summit Pt., (W.) Va. Farmer and civil engineer postwar, resid. Jefferson and Clarke Cos. and Wytheville. m. Fannie Gibson 1869. d. at Wytheville 1905. Nephew of Gen. W. N. Pendleton. 

PENICK, ROBERT: enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G as bugler, age 36. Absent on sick furlough since 11/28/61 on 11‑12/61 roll. Thereafter present thru 5‑6/62 roll. Co. clothing book has discharged 8/19/62. Postwar roster says "served part time as bugler." 

PENNYBACKER, FRANCIS STRIBLING: b. 9/26/40 at "The White House." Att. Roanoke College. enl. 11/15/63 in Co. D. Transferred from Co. F, 10th Va, inf. in Charlottesville hosp. 12/19/63 with morbi cutIs, transferred to Staunton. Absent sick at hosp. on 11‑12/63 roll. Courier for Gen. T. L. Rosser on 9‑10/64 roll. Present on final 3/22/65 roll. in Richmond hosp. with scables 3/31/65. m. Lucy ElIzey White 1867. in insurance business at Mt. Jackson 1903. d. 1925, bur. New Mount Jackson Cem., Mt. Jackson. Known as "Frank." 

PERKINS, A. H.: Only record Is as a member of Co. C, in Richmond hosp. with bronchitis 3/5‑3/15/65, then given 60 days furlough. 

PEYTON, HAMILTON: enl. 9/20/64 in Co. B. Present on 9‑10/64 roll, but reported by Richmond as deserter 3/1/65, to be found in Rappahannock Co., and shown as deserted and dropped from the rolls on final 3/21/65 roll. 

PHILLIPS, GRANVILLE D.:  enl. 3/5/62 in Co. C. Present on all rolls thru 11/12/63 roll, and drew clothing in 1/64. No further official record, but Annie L. Winegord (who had m. Isaac Winegord in 1874) stated on a pension application that she m. Phillips in 1863 and that he d. of a gunshot wd. on the battlefield of Spotsylvania C.H. 

PHILLIPS, JOHN: enl. 3/24/62 in Co. H. Present until paid as discharged soldier 7/31/62. 

PHILLIPS, THADDEUS W.: enl. 10/10/63 in Co. C. in Richmond hosp. with diarrhea 11/28‑12/24/63. Present on 11‑12/63 roll. Drew clothing in 1/64. No further record. Known as "Shad." 

PHILLIPS, WILLIAM HIRAM: b. 3/2/41. enl. 3/5/62 in Co. C. Absent with leave on 9‑10/64 roll. in Richmond hosp. with dysentery 10/11‑10/17/63. in Charlottesville hosp. with scabies 1/12‑2/11/64. Otherwise always present thru final ca. 3/30/65 roll. Paroled 5/2/65 at Harrisonburg, age 24, resid. Rockingham Co. d. 5/7/08, bur. Goshen Baptist Ch. Cem. 

PIERCE, WILLIAM G.: enl. 4/18/61 in Co. D. On extra duty as teamster in QM Dept. 10/21/61 thru 12/61 return. AWOL since 6/1 on 5‑6/62 roll, but present on 9‑10/62 roll. Deserted 12/3/61 at Harrisonburg. 

PILLOW, SAMUEL B.: enl. 3/10/62 in Co. G. Absent sick on 9‑10/62 roll, and charge of AWOL removed on 12/62 return when he furnished a surgeon's certificate. Transferred 2/16/63 to Co. I, 53d Va. inf. POW at Gettysburg and exchanged. POW at Five Forks, d. 4/28/65 at Pt. Lookout of chronic diarrhea and bur. there. Resid. Pittsylvania Co., signs by mark. 

PINE, GEORGE: enl. 11/25/62 in Co. A. On horse and clothing leave in Fauquier Co. 12/10/62‑1/16/63, Present on 1‑2/63 roll, but AWOL since 6/27/63 thru 11‑12/63 roll. No further record. Postwar listing says resid. Clarke Co. 

PIRKEY, ALBERT M.: b. 4/22/38. enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. Absent sick since 10/21 on 10/61 return. Sick at Mt. Jackson hosp. since 2/27/63 on 1‑2/63 roll. POW 6/5/64 at Piedmont. Paroled 3/4/65 at Camp Morton, ind. Still POW on final ca. 3/30/65 roll. d. 8/9/15, bur. FrIeden's United Church of Christ, east of Harrisonburg. 

PIRKEY, OSCAR F. A: enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. Sick in hosp. since 10/1 on 9‑10/61 roll. Present, joined from desertion 10/62 on 9‑10/62 roll. Absent wded. on 9-10/64 roll. Otherwise present thru final ca. 3/30/65 roll. Paroled 5/2/65 at Harrisonburg, age 29. 

PLASTER, GEORGE EMORY: b. 5/12/26. enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. Physician. To Lt. 7/30/61. POW 3/14/62 at Upperville. Paroled from Old Capitol Prison 8/1/62. Thirty days leave from 9/13/63. Acting regimental adjutant since 10/20/63 on 12/31/63 roll. Recommended by Gem L. L. Lomax for valor and skill 7/23/64. Wded. 10/9/64. To Capt., Co. H, 10/27/64. Detailed to bring in absentees 2/28/65. Present on final 3/22/65 roll. POW 4/1/65 at Dinwiddle C.H. Took the oath 6/19/65 at Johnson's Island, Ohio. Resid, "Glenmeade," near Bluemont, which he bought with money made in California in 1849. m. Sallie Meade Tallaferro. d. 3/1/25, bur. Ebenezer Cem., Bloomfield. 

PLASTERS, ROBERT E.: Only record is a register of commissioned officers, which shows him as Lt. in Co. A, appointed 8/1/61, dropped 4/20/62. 

POLLARD, E.: W.: enl. 5/28/63 in Co. C. Absent, detailed with brigade QM on all muster rolls with his name (thru 9‑10/64 roll). Forage master with brigade forage master on 2/64 clothing roll. Paroled 5/31/65 at Harrisonburg, age 32. 

PORTER, DAVID, enl. 4/20/61 in Co. F. POW 5/24/61 as vidette on Potomac opposite Georgetown, D.C. Released on parole by Federals 2/61, and then employed at Norfolk Navy Yard. Signed receipt for pay 11/30/61 (covering period 4/20‑10/31/61), but apparently did not return to the regiment. Shown as "released by federals on parole, not heard from since" on 7‑8/62 roll. 

PORTER, MARCELLUS:, Only record Is as a member of Company I on a 1909 roster. This may be a confused reference to Marcellus Proctor, but both names are on the roster. 

POTTER, JOHN: On postwar "original flat" of Co. F. 

POWELL, A. H.: On postwar "original list" of Co. F. 

POWELL, BENJAMIN R.: enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. Absent sick since 10/21 on 9‑10/61 roll. Next appearance is on 9‑10/62 roll, where he Is absent, sent to hosp. in Sept. Shown as deserting 10/15/62 at Rippon on 11/62 return. Present on rolls for 11/62‑2/63. Absent sick since Aug. on 12/62 return. Absent under arrest since 5/1/63 on 11‑12/63 roll. enl. 23rd Va. Cav., 1/14/64. 

POWELL, EDWARD BURR: b. 1822. enl. 4/20/61 in Co. F. Merchant. To Capt. 7/1/61. Sick 10 days from 12/30/61. Dropped 4/20/62. J. R. Tucker wrote G. W. Randolph, Secretary of War, "He was a gallant officer left out in the re‑organization." Appointed enrolling officer for Loudoun, Fauquier, Fairfax, Prince William, Alexandria and Culpeper 7/25/62. Paroled 4/24/65 at Fairfax C.H. Took the oath 5/29/65 at HQ, Defenses South of the Potomac. Originally from Alexandria. Commissioner in chancery at Leesburg postwar. d. 12/1/97 at his home at Annapolis Junction, Md., bur. Union Cem., Leesburg. 

POWELL, GEORGE W.: enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. Present on extra duty in QM Dept. as teamster since 10/12 on 9‑10/61 roll. AWOL on rolls for 9‑12/62. Present on 1‑2/63 roll, but AWOL since 8/1 on 7-8/63 roll and since 12/14 on 11‑12/63 roll. No further record. 

POWELL. JOSIAH H.: b. in Franklin Co. enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. Farmer. Absent sick in Staunton hosp. on rolls until discharged for casies of tibia 11/12/62, age 35, signs by mark. Claimed wd. at Brandy Station on right shin in 1882 on 4/18/92 pension claim. At that time he gave his middle initial as "F," and his age as 67. 

POWELL, ROBERT N.: enl. 4/1/61 in (2d) Co. E as Cpl. Farmer. To Sgt., guarding bridge at Mt. Crawford, on 12/62 return. Wded. 5/7/64 at Spotsylvania in right thigh, age 41, then in Richmond and Danville hosps. and at home in Franklin Co. until returned to duty 7/26/64. Present on final 3/4/65 roll. 

POWELL, THOMAS L.: Only references Is as a member of Co. K, "served 1 year," enl. 4/61, on ca. 1898 Fairfax Co. veterans census, on which his age is given as 86. 

POWELL, WILLIAM L.: enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. Seven days sick from 1/29/62. Otherwise present thru 5-6/62 roll. Transferred ca. 10/62 to 11th Va. Cav. d. 1/8/15 at his home near Woodburn, age 73, WId. Fannie W., m. 1872. 

POWER, JOHN A‑ b. in Ireland. enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. F, age 23. Merchant. in Richmond hosp. sick 10/7/61 thru 11/61 return. Discharged 1/20/62 on surgeon's certificate of disability. Resid. Savannah, Ga. 

POWER, JOHN W‑ enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G, age 26. Present until absent in Danville hosp. on 1‑2/63 roll. Shown as Cpl. on 12/9/63 receipt roll, but not elsewhere. in General Hosp. No. 9, Richmond 5/11/64, transferred to Chimborazo 5/20, no complaint shown. Otherwise present thru final 3/22/65 roll. Resid. Riceville in 1888. 

POWER, WILLIAM QUARLES: enl. 6/10/63 in Co. G. On detached service in pasture with horses on 7‑8/63 roll. Twenty days horse leave from 12/16/63. Wded. 5/11/64 at Yellow Tavern in left ankle. in Richmond hosps. until given 40 days furlough 6/10/64. Otherwise present thru 3/22/65 final roll. Age 53 on 1/17/98, when he applied for pension claiming disability from wd. d. 10/19/07 at Gretna. WId. Drucilla C., m. 1871. 

POWERS, BURR W.: enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K Present on 7‑8/61 roll. No further record. 

POWERS, GEORGE, Only record Is as a member of Co. C, absent sick on 11/62 return. 

POWERS, R. W.: Shown in Co. G on a postwar roster. No Confederate records. 

PRESGRAVE, THOMAS LUDWELL‑ b. in Loudoun Co. enl. 10/1/63 in Co. K Present until POW 9/14/63 near Brandy Station. Paroled 3/10/65 at Elmira. Paroled again 4/26/65 at Edwards Ferry, Md. Farmer postwar, resid. Herndon 4/2/12, age 69. d. 6/23, bur. Chestnut Grove Cem., Herndon. 

PRESGRAVES, RICHARD: Shown in Federal records as in Co. A, POW 10/1/62 in Fairfax Co. by troops of Gen. Franz Sigel. Paroled 10/31/62 at Old Capitol Prison, D.C. No Confederate records; not found on postwar rosters. 

PRICE, ARAHAM N‑‑ enl. 5/27/61 in (2d) Co. E. Age 31 on 2/16/62 roll. Twenty days home detail from 12/16/63. Otherwise present on every roll thru 3/4/65 final roll. 

PRICE, DAVID E. enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. in Lynchburg hosp. 9/63. Admitted to Charlottesville hosp. for debility 6/23/64. Thereafter absent sick until he d. 1/6/65 of chronic dysentery in Pittsylvania Co. 

PRICE, JOHN B‑ Conscript, no company shown, enrolled 2/20/65 at Camp Lee near Richmond and assigned 3/14/64 to 6th Va. Cav. No further record. 

PRICE, LENT CRANE: enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. Absent sick on 5‑6/62 roll. Thereafter present until POW 7/17/64 at Snicker's Gap. Exchanged from Pt. Lookout 2/10/65. Paroled prisoner at Camp Lee near Richmond 2/17/65. Paroled 4/9/65 at Appomattox, resid. Pittsylvania Co. 

PRICE, NAT N.: enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. d. 5/14/62 in general hosp. at Liberty of pneumonia. Probably identical to Nicholas Price, shown on postwar rosters. 

PRICE, NATHANIEL COLEMAN: enl. 7/1/61 in (2d) Co. E. Age 25 on 2/16/62 roll. AWOL on 5-6/62 roll. POW 6/9/63 at Beverly Ford. Paroled 6/25/63 at Did Capitol Prison, D.C. POW 10/11/63 near Brandy Station. Exchanged from Pt. Lookout 11/1/64. Present on final 314/65 roll. 

PRICE, STEPHEN, D‑ enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. On 15 day furlough on 1‑2/63 roll. POW 7/4/63 near Fairfield, Pa. Paroled 8/24/63 at DeCamp General Hosp., N.Y. Harbor. Present on 11‑12/63 roll. KIA on picket near Orange C.H., 2/64. WId. Nancy P., m. 1858. 

PRICE, WILLIAM P.; enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. I‑ Sick in camp on 5-6/62 roll. Twenty days horse leave from 12/17/62. in hosps. or absent wded. 6/16/63 thru 11‑12/63 roll. On detached duty arresting deserters and conscripts in Pittsylvania Co. on 7-8/64 roll thru final 3/4/65 roll. 

PRITCHETT, ROBERT HENRY: b. 11/10/26 in Pittsylvania Co. enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G as Cpl. Farmer. Present until admitted to Chimborazo Hosp. No. 3, Richmond, 3/20/62 with typhoid fever. d. 3/26/62 of pneumonia. WId. Martha A. 

PROCTOR, AUSTIN: On a postwar roster of Co. I. No Confederate records. 

PROCTOR, MARCELLUS:‑ enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I, age 20. Sick at home with measles on ca. 6/19/61 roll. To Cpl., nick at home since 8/22 on 7‑8/63 roll. Horse KIA 10/19/64 at Cedar Creek. Absent on horse detail on 9‑10/64 roll. Present on final 3/20/66 roll. 

PROCTOR, ORLANDO.: b. 4/3/37 in Orange Co. enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. "Tried by gen. court martial at Now Market for absence without leave sentence not read" on 1‑2/63 roll. Absent on horse detail on 9‑10/64 roll. in Charlottesville hosp. with Scables 1/5‑1/11/65. Absent sick on final 3/20/65 roll. Farmer at Verdlersville, on 2/9/12, claiming wd. at Winchester in 1863. m. Mildred H. d. 12/29/13, bur. Maplewood Cem., Orange Co. 

PROCTOR, OSWALD OLIVER: b. in Orange Co. enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I, age 40. At home AWOL 11/20/61 thru 1‑2/62 roll. On sick leave on 5-6/62 roll. AWOL on 11‑12/62 mil. Thereafter present until absent sick on 9‑10/64 roll thru final 3/20/65 roll. Paroled 5/15 and 5/20/65 at Louisa C.H. Carpenter postwar at Thom Hill. d. 11/26/03 at home in Orange Co., wId. Frances Ann, m. 1851. 

PROCTOR, WALTER R.: enl. 5/26/61 in Co. I, age 26. Sick at home with measles on ca. 6/19/61 roll. AWOL 8/31/63 on 7-8/63 roll. Otherwise present thru 7‑8/64 roll. Postwar roster says KIA at Middletown. 

PRYOR, JAMES N.: Conscript enrolled 2/12/64 at Camp Lee near Richmond. Assigned 3/17/64 to 6th Va. Cav., no company shown. No further record. 

PULLEN, BRUCE ALBERT. b. 4/18/44. enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. Absent, detached as orderly to Maj. C. I‑ Flournoy on 11‑12/62 roll. Present on 1‑2/63 roll and drew clothing 4/1/63. No further record. d. 4/16/64, bur. Pullen Cem, Pittsylvania Co. 

PULLEN, JOHN A.: b. in Warren Co. enl. 4/1/63 in Co. B. Present thru final 3/21/65 roll. Farmer, resid. Piedmont Magisterial District, Rappahannock Co., age 63 on 3/1/08, claiming wd. in head. Postwar roster says wded. at Beverly 1/65. d. 12/19/20. 

PULLEN, JOSEPH, JR.: enl. 4/22/62 in Co. B. He and his horse KIA 5/23/62 at Cedarville, near Front Royal. Postwar roster says age 30 on enlistment. 

PULLEN, JOSEPH, SR_ b. in Richmond Co. enl. 4/1/62 in Co. B. Farmer. Previously in Co. B, 7th Va. inf., from which he was discharged 11/26/61 at age 60 for advanced age. Absent with leave on 11‑12/62 roll. On extra duty in medical dept. as hospital steward on 1‑2/63 roll. Cook in hosp. on 12/62 return. Drew clothing 5/2/64 No further record. Reportedly d. before 5/07. 

PULLEN, JAMES.: Only record Is of parole as in Co. B at Winchester 5/31/65, age 17, resid. Rappahannock Co. 

PUTMAN, JOHN B.; enl. 4/1/62 in Co. B. in Charlottesville hosp. with debility 8/20/62‑1/3/63. Paid as teamster for 1/1‑3/28/63. Otherwise present on all rolls until final 3/21/65 roll, when shown absent sick since 3/1/65. Resid. Orlean, age 70, on 5/4/00. d. 5/24/06, wId. Elizabeth Ann, m. 1854. 

PUTNAM, RICHARD: enl. 3/16/62 in Co. H. d. 3/50/62. 

QUARLES, DAVID WALKER: enl. 6/10/63 in (2d) Co. E. Twenty day horse detail from 12/16/63. POW 5/11/64 at Yellow Tavern. Paroled as invalid 10/11/64 at Elmira. Exchanged 10/29/64. Present on final 3/4/65 roll. d. 3/2/21, bur. Patmor Cem., near Bedford. 

QUARLES, HENRY. enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I, age 39. Present thru 1‑2/62 roll. AWOL on 5‑6/62 roll. No further Confederate record, but postwar roster says "Killed near Richmond." 

QUARLES, JOHN B, enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. I‑ On detached service on 5-6/62 roll. Twenty days horse leave from 12/17/62. Found not guilty of AWOL 1/30/64. Absent sick at Richmond hosps. an records for 6‑10/64. Absent sick in Pittsylvania Co. on surgeon's certificate on final 3/4/65 roll. Sent to hosp. by examining board 3/18/65, ill 10 months. Present on 3 rolls during service, d. 7/15/93, bur. in "a country cemetery" at Penhook, near Gretna. 

QUISENBERRY, BENJAMIN: enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. Absent sick in hosp. on 9‑10/64 roll. Otherwise present on all rolls thru 3/20/65 final roll. Postwar roster says wded. 4/2/65. May be the man of this name 3/10/24‑1/25/03, bur. Antioch Baptist Church Cem., Orange Co. 

QUISENBERRY, DANIEL b. 8/17/38 in Orange Co. enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. Present on every roll thru 3/20/65 final roll. Farmer at St. Just postwar. d. 5/14/21, bur. Antioch Baptist Church Cem., Orange Co.

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Reference: 6th Va. Cavalry-The Virginia Histories Series--By Michael P. Musick. 1st Edition 1990.