6th Cavalry Regiment

Surnames T-V

TADLIER, W.:  A man with something like this name of Co. G, was admitted 6/1/64 to General Hosp. No. 9, Richmond, and transferred next day to Chimborazo. Also shown as Tadlies. Almost certainty garbled, perhaps referred to William Saddler. No other records; not on postwar roster. 

TALIAFERRO, CHARLES C, JR.:  b. 1/26/42 at Martinsburg, (W.)Va.; moved to Orange Co. enl. 1/11/62 in Co. F as Cpl. Previously in 1st Co., Richmond Howitzers, and Co. H, 4th Va. Cav. On leave on 7‑8/63 roll. To Sgt. on 7‑8/64 roll. Paroled 5/17/65 at Wincheater. Schoolteacher postwar in Greenville, Miss., Macon and Savannah, Ga. Returned 1892 to Orange; in House of Delegates. m. Miss Barclay 1881. Witnessed C. B. Hite pension application 12/11/26. 

TALIAFERRO, ROBERT L.: att. Episcopal High School, Alexandria. enl. 11/1/62 in Co. F. Previously in Co. H, 4th Va. Cav. Horse leave from 12/13 on 12/62 return. On leave on 7‑8/63 roll. Otherwise present until wded. and missing at Winchester 9/19/64. Postwar roster says "missing at Winchester, supposed to have been killed." 

TALLEY, GEORGE W‑ b. in Augusta Co. enl. 5/28/61 in Co. C. Carpenter. Discharged 1/3/62, age 23, for wound from a piece of shell received in a skirmish 7/16/61, resulting in spine injury. Unfit for service for 30 days before discharge. Resid. Port Republic. 

TANNER, GEORGE WHITFIELD: enl, 5/1/63 in Co. I. Present on all rolls thru final 3/20/65 roll. d. 8/2/99 of pneumonia at his home near Parker's, Spotsylvania Co., age 58, bur. Tanner Cem., Spotsylvania. WId. Sarah F., m. 1870. 

TAPP, ELIJAH ADAMS. b. 1/23/20 in Culpeper. enl. 4/1/62 in Co. B. Farmer. Discharged 7/25/62 at Orange C.H., having served his 3 months enlistment. m. Mary Elizabeth Griffin 1846. d. 4/29/98, bur. family cem. in Amissville. Postwar roster says "over age, discharged." 

TARPLEY, JOSEPH EDWARD. b. 10/21/26 at Whitmell, Pittsylvania Co. enl. 4/1/62 in (2d) Co. E. Present on 5‑6/62 roll. No further record. d. 12/18/05 at Whitmell. 

TAYLOR, ANDREW. On a postwar roster of Co. A, "discharged, over‑age," as distinct from A. J. Taylor. 

TAYLOR, ANDREW JACKSON: b. 1829 in Fairfax Co. enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. On extra duty in QM Dept. as teamster since 9/25 on 10/61 return. On leave to get clothing on 11/62 return. No further record. Farmer in Fairfax Co. postwar, resid. Ash Grove 3/13/09. d. 1919, bur. Andrew Chapel Cem., Leesburg Pike at Trap Rd. 

TAYLOR, JAMES W.: Only record is of parole as in Co. F 4/22/65 at Winchester, age 20, resid, Loudoun Co. Middle initial may be "M." 

TAYLOR, JOHN: enl. 9/14/62 in Co. A. Present on rolls thru 11‑12/63, Postwar roster says KIA at Cold Harbor. 

TAYLOR JOHN H‑ enl. 3/10/62 in Co. G. Absent wded., POW and paroled on 9‑10/62 roll (no Federal records on this). Thereafter always absent wded., and detailed on Richmond and Danville R.R. 1‑2/63 roll thru final 3/22/65 roll. 

TAYLOR, JOHN S, enl, 5/1/61 in Co. F as Cpl. Present until detached 12/1/61 on extra duty in QM Dept. at Centerville. On detached duty thru 1‑2/62 roll, then present again until discharged (no reason recorded) 7/20 (or 26)/62. d. 4/16/88 at Alexandria. 

TAYLOR MAHLON ROBERT: b. 1/3/44. enl. 10/5/62 in Co. K. Present until POW 6/9/63 at Brandy Station. Paroled 6/25/63 at Old Capitol Prison. Thereafter present until AWOL on final 1‑2/65 roll. POW 4/1/65 at Five Forks. Took the oath 6/21/65 at Pt. Lookout, resid. Loudoun Co. Transportation furnished 6/22/65 to Washington, D.C. d. 10/11/27 in Prince William Co., wId. Mary H., m. 1887. 

TAYLOR, WILLIAM: enl. 4/18/61 in Co. D. To Lt. 7/1/61. Present until dropped 4/20/62. Later Capt. and Major in subsistence dept. May be the man of this name, 6/30/27‑12/4/91, bur. Grace. Episcopal Church, Berryville. 

TEBBETTS, ROBERT B.: enl. 9/23/62 in Co. H. Present until AWOL since 8/25/63 on 7‑8/63 roll, then present again until absent sick on 7‑10/64 rolls. POW 1/14/65 in Fauquier Co. Took the oath 6/10/65 at Elmira, resid. Rectortown. 

TERRETT, VEILLARD: On postwar "original list" of Co. F. 

TERRILL, ROBERT M‑ b. 12/22/38. enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I. Physician. Detached as hosp. steward at Culpeper hosp. dispensary thru 9/61 return. To Assistant Surgeon with Army of Potomac 10/3/61. To Surgeon with 9th Ga. inf., George T. Anderson's brigade, 6/12/63. d. 2/5/70, bur. Graham Cem. on Rt. 20 west of Orange. Sgt. on postwar roster. 

TERRY, BEN: Shown on a postwar roster of Co. G as enl. 1861. No Confederate record. 

TERRY, JOSEPH COLEMAN: enl. 3/10/62 in Co. G. Twenty days horse leave from 12/18/62. Horse wded. in action and d. at Fairmont 5/4/63. in Richmond hosp. with fever 12/1‑12/7/63. POW 5/12/64 at Yellow Tavern. Paroled 3/10/65 at Elmira and still POW on final 3/22/65 roll. d. 3/14/91 of "frostbite contracted in the army." WId. Elizabeth F. 

THOMAS, GEORGE A.: enl. 5/1/61 in Co. F as Sgt. POW 7/13/61 while scouting near Falls Church. Reportedly paroled 1/11/61 (no U.S. records on capture). After parole on duty in QM Dept. at Manassas. Not heard from since 5/1/62 on 7‑8/62 roll. No further record. 

THOMAS, J.: enl. 10/20/62 in Co. C. Present on 9‑10/62 roll, his only record. 

THOMPSON, CHARLES HENRY: b. 2/19/41. enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I. At home with measles on ca. 6/19/61 roll. On sick furlough since 12/28/61 on 1‑2/62 roll. Otherwise present thru 11‑12/63 roll and on 5/2/64 clothing roll. Descendants state he was KIA at Trevillian's Station. 

THOMPSON, GEORGE W.: enl. 11/20/62 in Co. A. Present until POW 6/9/63 at Beverly Ford. Paroled 6/25/63 in Old Capitol Prison. Absent sick 8/2/63 until reported d. 8/64 on 7‑8/64 roll. Mysteriously shown AWOL on 9‑10/64 roll. Postwar sources say resid. Clarke Co., and "killed in Loudoun." 

THOMPSON, GEORGE W.: enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G, age 22 on 9/10/61. On sick furlough 11/19/61 thru 1‑2/62 roll. AWOL on 11/62‑2/63 rolls. in Richmond and Danville hosps. with camp Itch or scabies 4/20‑7/20/64. Otherwise present thru final 3/22/65 roll. 

THOMPSON, JAMES B.: b. in Orange Co. enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I. At home with measles on ca. 6/19/61 roll, age 25. To Cpl. on 5-6/62 roll. Horse KIA 10/9/64 at Rude's Hill, an horse detail on 9‑10/64 roll. Otherwise present thru final 3/20/65 roll. Farmer and bricklayer postwar, resid. Tatum on 7/24/05. 

THOMPSON, JIM: On a postwar roster of Co. G as enl. 1862. No Confederate records. 

THOMPSON, JOHN: Member of Co, K, shown in Federal records as POW 11/22/63 in Loudoun Co. Paroled 9/18/64 at Pt. Lookout. in Chimborazo Hosp. No. 5, Richmond, 9/22‑9/27/64 with acute diarrhea, then 45 day furlough. No further record; never shown on company rolls. Not on postwar roster. 

THOMPSON, JOHN GARNETT: b. 3/29/39. enl. 4/12/62 in Co. I, but first shown on 7‑8/64 roll. Admitted to Charlottesville hosp. 7/3/63 and furloughed from there for 40 days 8/8/63. Present on 9‑10/64 roll, but sick on final 3/20/65 roll. m. Ella Grey BrIdwell postwar. Descendants say he never fully recovered from wd. in knee at Brandy Station in 6/63. Postwar roster says wded. at Brandy. d. 5/10/13, bur. Antioch Church, Mine Run. 

THOMPSON, JOSEPH: b. 1838. enl. 5/26/61 in Co. K Sick since 12/24 on 12/61 return. Otherwise present thru 6/30/62 roll, where Cpl. A receipt for pay shows service 5/1‑10/25/62. No further record. d. 1917, bur. Oliver‑Smith Cem. on Towiston Rd., Fairfax Co. 

THOMPSON, LUTHER R.: enl. 1/15/63 in Co. I. in Petersburg hosp. with diarrhea 7/22‑8/6/64, then transferred to S.C. hosp. Present on every roll thru final 3/20/65 roll. 

THOMPSON, REUBEN L.: enl. 9/2/61 in Co. I. Sick since 12/27 on 12/61 return. To Cpl, absent on sick leave on 5‑6/62 roll. To Sgt. of courier post for Gen. W. E. Jones 12/30/62 thru 1‑2/63 roll. Furlough of indulgence 1/3/63 thru 11‑12/63 roll. Horse KIA 9/1/64 in charge at Summit Pt., (W.) Va. Wded. and at hosp. on 9‑10/64 roll. Absent sick since 12/21/64 on final 3/20/65 roll. "Died in 1864" postwar roster.

 THOMPSON, THOMAS SAMUEU b. 7/19/46 in Halifax Co. enl. 4/1/64 in Co. G. Present thru final 3/22/65 roll. Resid. South Boston in 2/04; stated he was in North Carolina part of the war. d. 9/30/28 at Cluster Springs, bur. Rogers Chapel Baptist Church near Clover. One source gives middle name as Sanders. 

THOMSON, ANDREW W‑, enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G. Physician, age 33 on 9/10/61 roll. On sick furlough since 2/25/62 on 1‑2/62 roll. Signs as acting Surgeon, 6th Va. Cav., at Camp Ashby 7/1/62. Detailed as hosp. steward until discharged by substituting John Lanton 12/17/62. Later Surgeon with 5th and 18th S.C. Vols., at Libby Prison, and for Federal POWS in Columbia, S.C. Postwar roster spells name Thompson (which may be correct) and says discharged, age limit. 

THOMSON, DAVID MARSHAL enl. 3/15/64 in Co. I. Admitted 6/1/64 to Richmond hosp. with wd. of left index finger. Absent, wded. 3/26/64, in hosp. on 7‑8/64 roll. in Charlottesville hosp. with wd. of finger of left hand 9/69/13/64. in same hosp. with acute diarrhea 1/7‑2/3/65. Present on final 3/20/65 roll. Paroled 5/20/65 at Louisa C.H. 

THOMSON, JAMES HAMMER: b. 8/19/37. enl. 9/4/61 in Co. D. AWOL since 11/1 on 11/61 return. Courier for Gen. Jeb Stuart on 12/61 return thru 5-6/62 roll. Sentenced to lose 1 month's pay on 11‑12/61 roll. Otherwise present until he got P. F. Topper as substitute 10/20/62. m. Virginia Baker. d. 1/26/08 at Baltimore, Md., age 71, bur. Mt. Olivet Cem., Frederick, Md.

 THORN, DENIS W‑, Shown on 5‑6/62 roll of Co. A as KIA in skirmish at Strasburg. Postwar rosters spell name Thorne. Substitute for James W. Sherman, Co. F, transferred to Co. A.

 THORN, JOHN W.; Record of events of Co. A for 5-6/62 has a Pvt. of this name KIA 6/1 near Strasburg.

 THORNTON, CHARLES FRANKLIN: b. in Rappahannock Co. enl. 3/1/63 in Co. B. AWOL on 11‑12/63 mil. Present on 7‑8/64 roll (the only one where he Is so shown). AWOL on 9‑10/64 roll. On clothing rolls for 5/2 and 5/19/64. Paroled 6/7/65 at Winchester, age 23. Small farmer at Browntown postwar. d. 3/26/20 in Warren Co. WId. Rosanah, m. 1877.

 THORNTON, HOWARD GLENN: b. in Prince William Co. enl. 1/1/64 in Co. F. Farmer. Previously in Co. F, 4th Texas inf. in Richmond hosp. with diarrhea 6/22‑7/3/64, transferred to Huguenot Springs. in Charlottesville hosp. with diarrhea 8/9/64, then 60 days furlough, Present on company rolls thru 9‑10/64. Absent sick on final 2/24/65 roll. Reported by Richmond as deserter 3/1/65. Paroled 4/26/65 at Winchester, age 22. Resid. Alexandria on 3/3/08, had been R.R. agent 25 years.

 THORNTON, JOHN W.: b. in Rappahannock Co. enl. 6/1/62 in Co. B. Present until marked deserter on 11/62 return and 11‑12/62 roll. Present again on 1‑2/63 and 7-8/64 rolls, AWOL on 9‑10/64 roll. No further record. Paroled 5/1/65 at Winchester, age 36. Resid. Washington on 6/17/08, stating he was home on furlough when Lee surrendered. One postwar roster has John Franklin Thornton, evidently a mistake.

 THORNTON, MACARTA. enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. in Richmond hosp. 5/29‑5/30/64. To Sgt. on 7-8/64 roll. Sick at hosp. on 9‑10/64 roll, Otherwise always present until wded. in thigh, penis, and scrotum and POW 12/21/64 at Lacey Springs. Paroled 2/16/65 at Ft. McHenry, age 24, in Richmond hosps. with thigh wd. 3/2‑3/14/65, then 60 day furlough. Absent, POW, on final 3/20/65 roll.

 THORNTON, WILLIAM H.: Appointed Lt. 4/20/62 in Co. F. On sick furlough on 7‑8/63 roll. Otherwise present until POW 9/24/64 at Luray. Took the oath 5/30/65 at Ft. Delaware, resid. Orange Co.

 THRIFT, CHARLES WILLIAM: b, in Loudoun Co. enl. 4/22/61 in Co. K as Orderly Sgt. To Lt. 4/20/62. Always present until KIA 8/23/62 at Fauquier White Sulphur Springs, when horribly mutilated by a shell. Often shown as William Thrift. 

THRIFT, SANDERSON: enl. 7/15/61 in Co. K Shown as present on 7‑8/61 roll. No further record. Not on postwar rosters.

 THROCKMORTON, JOHN ARISS: b. 3/3/15 at Meadow Farm, Loudoun Co. enl. 4/20/61 in Co. F. To Sgt. on 7‑8/61 roll. To Lt. 8/19/61. To Capt. 4/20/62. Horse KIA 5/23/62 near Front Royal. Horse wded. 6/4/62 at Strasburg. Commanding regiment on 7‑8/63 roll. Resigned 9/23/63, "The Department having seen fit to promote an outsider (Jullen Harrison] to command my regiment." Still serving in regiment 11/25/63, Resignation accepted 12/16/63. Col. of Va. Militia pre‑war. m. 1) Mary Barnes Tutt 1839, 2) Mary Crittenden. d. 5/28/91. His only son, Charles Beaujoilais Throckmorton, was a USA Regular Lt. and Capt. in the war. 

TIMBERLAKE, THOMAS WILLIAM: b. 10/7/42. enl. 5/12/61 in Co. D. in Richmond hosp. 5/16‑5/17/64. in Charlottesville hosp. with intermittent fever 6/12‑7/29/64, including furlough. Present on all rolls until KIA 9/19/64 at Winchester, bur. Episcopal and Masonic Cem., Middleway, W.Va. Son of Richard and Frances. 

TINDER, ALONZO: b. 1841 in Culpeper Co. enl. 11/9/61 in Co. I. Present until transterred 6/13/63 to Co. E, 9th Va. cav. Tobacco dealer in Kentucky postwar, resid. there in 1915.

 TINDER, AMOS E.: enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. Always present until detailed on provost guard duty on rolls for 7‑10/64. Present on final 3/20/65 roll.

 TINDER, EDGAR A.: enl. 5/4/61 in Co. I, age 20. Ten (Jay furlough from 2/20/63. in Richmond hosp. 6/10‑6/11/64 with diarrhea. Detailed in hosp. on 7‑10/64 roll. Otherwise present until detailed as courier on final 3/20/65 roll. Paroled 4/9/65 at Appomattox, resid. Orange Co, 

TINDER, THOMAS ROBERTSON: enl. 4/1/62 in Co. I. Absent with leave on 11‑12/63 roll. Horse KIA 10/19/64 at Cedar Creek, and on horse detail on 9‑10/64 roll. Otherwise present thru 3/20/65 final roll. d. 10/20/63 of typhoid fever. m. 1851. Md. Mrs. E. J, Swift, who remarried. 

TINSLEY, HENRY EDWARDS., b. in Orange Co. enl. 8/24/64 in Co. I. Present until detailed on provost duty on 9‑10/64 roll. Detailed as courier on final 3/20/65 roll. Wheelwright for 30 years postwar. Resid. Burr Hill, age 60 on 3/12/03. d. 3/24/08, bur. Tinsley Cem., Burr Hill. WId. Amma G., m. 1874.

 TINSLEY, P‑ Only record Is of parole 9/29/62 at Warrenton as in Co. A.

 TINSON, JAC08 K.: Shown as in Co. H. on a list of men paroled 5/3/65 at Winchester. No other record. Compare Jacob K. Vinson.

TIPPETT, JOHN HENRY. enl. 7/15/61 in Co. K Sick in camp on 1‑2/62 roll. Deserted 3/7/62 on 6/30/62 roll. AWOL 5/1‑9/6/62. POW 4/30/63 in Loudoun Co. Paroled 5/10/63 at Old Capitol Prison. Otherwise present until POW 7/15/64 at Elmira, resid, Leeburg. d. ca. 1878, m. Emily E. Havenner 1855.

 TOLER, WASHINGTON NELSON: enl. 5/30/61 in Co. K Sick in camp on 1‑2/62 roll. AWOL on 6/30/62 roll, but excused by Gen. Jeb Stuart on 2/12/62 roll. Detailed as scout for Gen. Stuart thereafter until scout for Gen. Fitz Lee on 12/27/64 roll. Paroled 1/31/63 by Provost Marshal, Army of Potomac, but no record of POW. POW 2/21/63 in King George Co. Exchanged from Old Capitol Prison 3/29/63. AWOL since 10/21 on 9‑10/64 roll. Present on final 1‑2/65 roll. Paroled 5/10/65 at Conrad's Ferry, Md. 

Took the oath 5/17/65 at Headquarters, Defenses South of Potomac, resid. King George Co. Admitted 5/6/02 to Maryland Line Soldiers Home, Baltimore, Md., age 63, farmer. d. in Washington, D.C., bur. Alexandria. One source gives his date$ as 1843‑1893. 

TOLLIVER, JOSEPH: Shown in Federal records as in Co. F, POW 8/14/64 at Berryville. Took the oath 7/7/65 at Elmira, resid. Winchester. No Confederate records.

 TOPPER, PIUS FRANCIS: enl. 3/18/62 in Co. D. Accepted as substitute for James H. Thompson 10/20/62. Absent with leave, one month's pay deducted by sentence of court‑martial on 11‑12/63 roll. Otherwise always present until KIA 9/22/64 at Luray, bur. Green Hill Cem., Berryville. Unofficial sources state he was from Fairfield, Pa., and was wded. 6/9/63 at Brandy Station. Sometimes shown as F. P. Topper.

 TORIAN, PAUL C.: b. in Halifax Co. enl. 3/17/62 in Co. G. Farmer. Discharged 5/19/62 for disease of heart, "has been in hospital 2 months and has done only one month's duty since he entered the army," age 20 (elsewhere 23). Afterward shown as absent sick until he appears mysteriously as "deserted" on 11/62 return. 

TORIAN, RICHARD P‑ enl. 1/24/62 in Co. G, Overseer. Absent guarding baggage on 9‑12/62 rolls. On horse leave 11/25/63 thru 7‑8/63 roll. Otherwise present on 11‑12/63 roll thru final 3/22/66 roll.

 TOTTEN, GEORGE M‑ b. in Rappahannock Co. enl. 3/1/62 in Co. B. Carder. Wded. and horse KIA 5/23/62 at Cedarville. Sick on 11‑12/62 returns. Under sentence of court‑martlal on 1‑2/63 roll. POW (deserter) 7/23/63 at New Creek, (W.)Va., age 18. Took the oath 12/15/64 at Camp Chase, ordered to stay north of Ohio River. Carpenter, resid, Scrabble on 3/1/19. d. 8/30/21. "Deserted" on postwar roster.

 TRENARY, BENJAMIN F.; b. 10/27/36. enl. 6/1/62 in Co. D. Wded. slightly 6/21/63 at Upperville. Horse KIA 9/13/63 near Brandy Station. Absent with leave on 11‑12/63 roll. Detailed on provost guard at brigade HQ on 9‑10/64 roll. Otherwise present thru final 3/22/65 roll. Paroled 4/24/65 at Winchester. d. 3/26/03, bur. Waterloo Crossroads, Clarke Co.

TRENARY, EDWARD S.: enl. 7/24/61 in Co. A. AWOL since 11/25 on 12/61 return. Absent sick from 3/20/62 and eventually dropped from rolls as permanently disabled. "Deserter" on 8/31/63 roll. Resid, Round Hill ca. 1900 claiming typhoid fever in 1862. d. 3/22/03, age 72 WId. C. Lucy, m. 1856, who gave his name as Emanuel Singleton Trenary. Usually shown as "E. S."

 TRENARY, THOMAS: Shown as a member of Co. A, "discharged," on postwar roster. No Confederate records.

 TRIPLETT, GEORGE W.: On a postwar roster of Co. F. No Confederate records,

 TRIPLETT, J. THOMAS. enl. 5/1/62 in Co. F. To Cpl. on 9‑10/62 roll. Back to Pvt. on 11‑12/63 roll. Present on every roll until AWOL on final 2/24/65 roll. Paroled 4/23/65 at Winchester, age 20, resid. Fairfax Co. Usually shown as Thomas Triplett. Postwar roster says wded. at Sharpsburg, Culpeper Co.

 TRIPLETT, RICHARD C.: b. 1/10/41 at "Round Hill," Fairfax Co. enl. 4/20/62 in Co. F. To Lt. 7/1/61. Present until dropped at reorganization 4/20/62. Later in Mosby's 43d Bn. Va. Cav. Farmer postwar. Elected to House of Delegates from Fairfax 1891. On ca. 1898 Fairfax Co. veterans census. Bur. Presbyterian Cem., Alexandria.

 TUCK, RICHARD FRANCIS: b. 1/17/41 in Halifax Co. Enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G. Farmer. Absent sick 3/14/62 until discharged 9/3/62 for paralysis, debility, and emaciation. enl. again 8/15/64. On horse detail on 9‑10/65 roll. Paroled 4/25/65 at HQ 2d Div., 6th Corps. Farmer and merchandiser in Halifax Co. postwar, claiming measles, pneumonia, and typhoid fever during war. D. 7/28/19, bur. Tuck Cem., Halifax Co.

 TUCKER, CREED IVERNON: Pvt. in Co. G on 5‑6/62 roll, present. Co. clothing book has transferred. Received $50 bounty 3/11/62 for enl. in "18th Va. Regt." Middle initial sometimes shown as "J,"

 TUCKER, JAMES P.: enl. 3/22/62 in Co. G. Absent sick on 9‑10/62 roll. Deserted 11/1/62. Confined in Castle Thunder, Richmond, on 7‑8/64 roll, and absent in arrest at Petersburg on 9‑10/64 roll. Often in Richmond hosps. with rheumatism or diarrhea 9/14‑11/26/64, returned to Castle Thunder. Transterred 1/23/65 to Co. F, 38th Va. inf., "has never reported." 

TULLER, WILLIAM L.--No further record

TURNER, ABSALOM: enl. 4/22/61 in Co. B, age 25. Farmer. Absent sick since 2/3 on 1‑2/62 roll, and at hosp. on 11‑12/62 roll. in Richmond hosp. 5/29‑5/30/64. Otherwise present on all rolls until AWOL on final 3/21/65 roll. Reported by Richmond as deserter 3/1/65. Paroled 4/28/65 at Winchester, resid. Flint Hill. Reportedly d. before 5/07. 

TURNER, GEORGE W.: enl. 10/28/63 in Co. D. Previously in 2d Va. inf. in Charlottesville hosp. with morbi cutis 12/19/63, transferred to Staunton. Prowl on rolls for 7‑10/64. Presence or absence not stated on final 3/22/65 roll. Paroled 4/19/65 at Wincheater, age 27, resid. Winchester.

 TURNER. HENRY WALKER: b. in Orange Co. enl. 3/5/62 in Co. C. Absent at "Mr. Bradford's" guarding cornfield on 7‑8/63 roll. Thereafter present on all rolls thru final ca. 3/30/65 roll. Farmer at Mine Run, age 68, on 3/13/08. d. 6/16/19, bur. TurnerAlmond Cem. on Rt. 608 west of Orange. WId. Annie E. m. 1869.

 TURNER, JOSEPH McLEOD: enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. E as Sgt, age 22. To Lt. 1/18/63. KIA 11/8/63 at Stevensburg, Culpeper Co., "while acting with the most conspicuous gallantry as Ald‑de‑camp for Brig. Gen. P. M. B. Young." On Roll of Honor 12/10/64. Resid. Savannah, Ga.

 TYNES, THOMAS JEFFERSON: b. 10/24/45 at Green Hill Ferry, Halifax Co. enl. 3/10/62 in Co. G. Teamster for the medical wagon on 11‑12/63 roll. Generally present until transferred 7/15/64 to Wright's Battery, Va. Vols. (Heavy Art.). Moved to Mertes Co., Mo., postwar. Later resid. Phelps Co., Mo., where he d. 10/20/17, bur. Goodall Cem., Arlington, Mo. 

UNDRA, BYRON: Shown on 7‑8/64 roll of Co. K as transferred in exchange for Pvt. G. V. Braden. No further record.

 UPDIKE, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: enl. 5/8/61 in Co. B, age 28. Farmer. Absent sick since 10/25 on 10/61 return and since 9/1/62 on 9-10/62 roll. Otherwise present until POW 1/12/64 in Rappahannock Co. Paroled 9/18/64 from Pt. Lookout. in Richmond hosp. with debility 9/23‑9/27/64, then 60 day furlough. Absent sick since 12/1/64 on final 3/21/65 roll. May be Franklin Updike, 1836‑1908, bur. Prospect Hill Cem., Front Royal. 

UTZ JOHN A‑ enl. 2/16/63 in Co. B. Present on 1‑2/64 roll, but thereafter shown AWOL until "deserted, dropped from the rolls" on final 3/21/65 roll. d. 12/6 (or 26)/16 in Rappahannock Co. Known as "Jack." WId. Lucy M., m. 1867. After reading depositions and Wars on Lucy Utz's pension claim, pension clerk John H. Johnson wrote "in view of all the circumstances, I am giving the applicant benefit of my doubt," and allowed the claim despite the notation of desertion.

 VADEN, G. W.: Conscript assigned 4/7/64 to Co. C. in Danville hosp. with epilepsy 5/2‑10/10/64, when returned to duty. No further record. Also shown as Vaiden.

 VALENTINE, JOHN: enl. 5/25/63 in Co. C. Deserted "to the enemy" while on picket 8/26/63. Also shown as Valentine.

 VAN CAMP, EUGENE BESTOR: b. 3/31/38 in Kentucky. Aft. Georgetown (D.C.) Univ. enl. 4/20/61 in Co. F as Sgt. To Pvt., absent sick since 8/25/62 on 11/62 return. AWOL since 11/1/62 on 1‑2/63 roll. Arrested 3/20/63 at Berlin, Md., "deserter" and "Rebel soldier," with a parole given at Baltimore. Accused by a Unionist 1/18/64 of trading cotton between Vicksburg, Miss., and Memphis, Tenn., and of being a spy (which may have been true). Son of Dr. Aaron Van Camp, a Confederate spy in Washington, D.C. Postwar roster says "deserted, captured & escaped to the enemy."

 VANDEVENTER, ISAAC CLARKE. b. 4/11/44 in Loudoun Co. enl. 8/15/62 in Co. A. Farmer. Previously in 8th Va., inf. Absent sick 5/28/63 until detailed to Engineer Dept. 2/23/64. in Petersburg hosp. with epilepsy 8/1‑8/18/64. Discharged for epilepsy 8/18/64. Later with Mosby's 43d Bn. Va. Cav. Lived in West postwar, but returned to Va. d. 3/23/98, bur. Leesburg Union Cem. One source gives middle name as Cornelius.

 VAN GIESEN, HENRY. enl. 9/17/61 in (1st) Co. E, age 25. Detailed as conductor on Central R.R. of Ga. on 34/64 roll. Resid. Savannah, Ga.

 VANHORN, BURR W.: enl. 4/24/61 in Co. H. Carpenter. Sent home sick 8/14/61 and shown AWOL from 9/61. May be the man of this name who d. 3/21/63, age 56 years, 3 months, 12 days, and is bur. Marshall Cem.

 VANHORN, ROBERT S.: enl. 5/8/61 in Co. B, age 24. Farmer. Discharged from Culpeper hosp. 8/12/61. Sick since 9/16 on 9‑10/61 roll. POW 5/31/64 at Cold Harbor. Paroled 10/11/64 at Elmira. With detachment of paroled POWs at Camp Lee, near Richmond, ca. 10/31/64. Absent sick since 12/1/64 on final 3/21/65 roll. At 1920 Culpeper reunion. 

VANSICKLER, JAMES CRAVEN: b. 5/8/41 in Loudoun Co. Federal records show him in Co. A, POW 12/11/63 at Snickersville (or Winchester). Took the oath at Ft. Delaware 6/21/65, resid. Loudoun Co. d. 9/26/12, bur. North Fork Regular Baptist Church Cem., North Fork. No Confederate records. Not on postwar roster. 

VAUGHAN, EDGAR HOPSON: b. 5/6/43. enl. 8/19/61 in Co. G. Sick furlough since 2/16 on 1‑2/62 roll. To Cpl. on 5‑6/62 roll. To Sgt. on 11‑12/63 roll. Twenty days horse leave from 12/16/63. in Richmond hosp. with camp Itch 4/20‑5/20/64. in Farmville hosp. with scables 12/16/64‑2/8/65. Otherwise present thru final 3/22/65 roll. Halifax Co. clerk of court 1879‑93. Accidentally killed 9/22/93, bur. Oak Ridge Cem., South Boston. 

VAUGHAN, JOHNSON: enl. 3/1/62 in Co. B. Sick since 9/10 on 10/61 return. Absent on furlough on 9‑10/64 roll. Reported by Richmond as deserter 2/28/65. Otherwise always present thru final 3/21/65 roll. Postwar roster says age 35 on enl., d. before 5/07. Sometimes shown as Vaughn.

 VEITCH, GEORGE WASHINGTON: b. 2/22/36. enl. 5/25/61 in Co. F. To CpI. on 11‑12/61 roll. To Lt. 4/20/62. Wded. 5/23/62 at Cedarville and POW 5/30/62 in hosp. at Front Royal. Exchanged 8/5/62 from Ft. Delaware. Sentenced by court‑martlal 1/30/64 to loss of rank and pay 3 months for drunkenness and conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline. Otherwise present until POW 6/11/64 at Lousia C.H. Took the oath 6/16/65 at Ft. Delaware. Prominent Methodist layman postwar. d. 5/7/11, bur. Mt. Olivet Methodist Church Cem., Arlington. Brother of Richard A. Birch.

 VEITCH, ISAAC A‑ enl. 5/25/61 in Co. F. To Cpl. on 11‑12/63 roll. Present on every roll until POW as Pvt. 5/12/64 at Spotsylvania. Took the oath 7/11/65 at Elmira, resid. Georgetown, D.C. Postwar roster says "wounded of (sic) Fairfax C.H."

 VEITCH, RICHARD ALEXANDER. b. in Alexandria Co. (another sources says Fairfax Co.). enl. 8/1/62 in Co, F. Farmer. Found guilty by court‑martlal 1/30/64 of "Absenting himself from his command without authority, and remaining for the night," sentenced to six months hard labor, but ramified. Present until POW 2/22/64 at Snickersville ("carpenter"). Took the oath 6/15/65 at Ft. Delaware. Farmer and sheriff postwar, resid. Ballston 10/20/02, age 64. d. 2/18/07 in Washington, D.C. WId. Martha, m. 1861. Brother of George W. 

VINSON, JACOB K‑ Paroled as in Co. H. 5/3/65 at Winchester, age 19, resid. Fauquier Co. near Warrenton, signs by mark. No other record. Compare with Jacob K Tinson.

 Von CZYINSKY, OSCAR: Federal records show someone of this or a similar name (Van Gysiseby, Van Grady) POW 9/24/64 at Luray as in Cos. A, G, or K, paroled at Pt. Lookout. Not in Confederate or postwar records, and may be a name used by Oscar von Unru.

 van UNRU, OSCAR: b. in Prussia. Reported as enl. 1/1/61 in Co. K but not shown on rolls until 9‑10/64. Receipt signed 1O/31/63 as Lt., Co. K. POW 9/19/64 at Luray, no record of parole. Horse KIA 9/24/64 (which may be correct date as POW). Lt. on detached service an 1/30/65 receipt. Present, detailed as drill mster of 8th Va. Cav., on final 1‑2/65 roll. Chaplain R. T. Davis wrote "He Is a most gallant and efficient soldier, and an elegant swordsman." Previously in Polish revolution. Compare with Oscar von Czylnsky. Also shown as von Unruh, Undernee, Undru, Undrue.

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Reference: 6th Va. Cavalry-The Virginia Histories Series--By Michael P. Musick. 1st Edition 1990.