1st Infantry Battalion Regulars


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1st Infantry Battalion Regulars was organized in May, 1861, with men from the city of Richmond and Hanover County. The unit contained five companies and was known as the Irish Battalion. It moved to western Virginia and participated in Lee's Cheat Mountain Campaign, then fought at First Kernstown, McDowell, and in Jackson's Valley Campaign. The unit was then assigned to General J. R. Jones' Brigade and was involved in many conflicts of the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Fredericksburg. Later it was assigned to General Headquarters and in November 1864, Provost Guard. It lost twenty-five percent of the 187 engaged at First Manassas, had 3 wounded during the Seven Days' Battles and 3 killed and 19 wounded at Second Manassas. The unit surrendered 18 officers and 120 men. Majors D. B. Bridgford, John D. Munford, and John Seddon were in command.

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