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Organized as a Battalion of 5 Companies at Camp Merchant, near Oakland, California., and mustered in as follows: Co. "A," August 16; Co. "B," October 31; Co. "C," October 31; Co. "D," September 9, and Co. "E," August 15, 1861. 7 new Companies organized and mustered in as follows: Co. "F," December 15; Co. "G," June 13; Co. "H," December 31; Co. "I," November 12; Co. "K," May 16; Co. "L," August 15, and Co. "M," May 16, 1863.

SERVICE.-- Companies "A," "B," "C," "D," "E" moved to Southern California and duty at Los Angeles (3 Cos.) and at San Bernardino (2 Cos.) until March, 1862. Pursuit and capture of Showalter's party at Warner's Ranch, near San Jose Valley, November 20-29, 1861 (Detachment). Attached to Carlton's California Column, organized for an Expedition to recapture the Forts and Posts in Arizona and New Mexico, March, 1862. March to Stanwix Rancho, Arizona, March 1-16. Carlton's Expedition through Arizona to Northwest Texas and Indian Territory April 8-September 20. Led advance guard of the Column on its march across the Yuma and Colorado Deserts to the Rio Grande River. March to Picacho Pass April 8-15. Action at Picacho Pass April 15. March to Pimos Villages April 16-24. Expedition to Kenyon Station April 26-29. Duty at Pimos Villages until May 15. March to Tucson May 15-20. Occupation of Tucson May 20. Reoccupation of Fort Breckenridge, afterwards Fort Stanford, at Junction of the Gila and San Pedro Rivers, May 24, and duty there until June 17. Moved to Tucson, thence to Fort Thorne, Arizona, on the Rio Grande River, June 21-July 6. Reoccupation of Fort Thorne July 6. Expedition for the reoccupation of Mesilla, Fort Fillmore and Fort Bliss July 15-19. At Las Cruces until August 16. Expedition to Fort Bliss and Fort Quitman August 16-22. At Camp Johnson, Texas, until October. Affair at San Pedro Crossing, Arizona, September 21 (Detachment). At Mesilla, Arizona, until January, 1863. Expedition against Apache Indians November 15-December 31, 1862. White Mountains November 15. At Fort West, Dept. of New Mexico, until September, 1863. Skirmish at Bonito Rio, N. Mex., March 27 (Cos. "A," "B" and "L"). Skirmish near Fort Bowie, Arizona, April 25 (Detachment). Operations against Navajo Indians in New Mexico August 20-December 16, 1863. Skirmish at San Pedro Crossing, Arizona, August 22. Fort Bowie, Arizona, August 27 (Co. "E"). Duty at Las Cruces, N. Mex., until December, 1863. Companies scattered at various points and Posts in Districts of Arizona and California and Depts. of New Mexico and the Pacific until September, 1866. Skirmish at Oregon Mountains, Ore., January 28, 1864 (Co. "D"). Skirmish at Foot of Sierra Bonito, N. Mex. (Co. "C"). Doubtful Canon, N. Mex., May 4 (Co. "I"). Spencer's Ranch, near Presidio del Norte, N. Mex., May 15 (Co. "A"). Expedition from Fort Craig, N. Mex., to Fort Goodwin, Arizona, May 16-August 2. Expedition to Gila River May 25-July 13 (Cos. "C," "F" and "L"). Scout in Southeast Arizona July 6-24 (Co. "C"). Croton Springs, Arizona, July 14 (Co. "L"). Expedition to Pinal Mountains, Arizona, July 18-August 17 (Co. "E"). Company "I" at Fort Goodwin, Arizona, July, 1864, to November, 1865, and at Fort McDowell until April, 1866. Expedition to Southwest New Mexico July 23-October 10, 1864 (Co. "C"). Expedition from Fort Craig to Fort Goodwin, Arizona, October 1-November 27, 1864. St. Vrain's Old Fort, Canadian River, November 25, 1864 (Cos. "B," "K" and "M"). Fort Buchanan, Arizona, February 17, 1865. Scout from Fort Sumner May 10-19, 1865. Scout from Camp Nichols June 13-17, 1865 (Co. "F"). Skirmish, Santa Fe Road, N. Mex., June 14 (Co. "F"). Scout from Fort Sumner to Oscura Mountains June 15-22 (Detachment). Scout from Fort Bowie to Gila River, Arizona, June 26-July 6 (Cos. "F," "L" and "M"). Sacramento Mountains, N. Mex., July 1 (Cos. "G" and "H"). Cottonwood Creek July 3 (Cos. "F," "L" and "M"). Cavalry Canon July 4 (Cos. "F," "L" and "M"). Expedition from Fort Bowie to Maricopa Wells July 10-21 (Detachment). La Monica Springs, N. Mex., September 4, 1865 (Cos. "G" and "H"). Company "L" stationed at Camp Union, Cali., October, 1863, to January, 1864; Drum Barracks, Cali., February and March, 1864; Riventon, Arizona, April and May, 1864; Tubac, Arizona, to June, 1865; Fort Bowie, Arizona, to February, 1866; Fort McDowell, February, 1866. Regiment mustered out March 6 to October 19, 1866.

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Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867.  Revised and compiled by: Brig.-Gen. Richard H. Orton,  Adjutant--General of California.  (Late Captain Company M, First California Calvary.)  Sacramento:  State office, J. D. Young, Supt. State Printing. 1890.