1st Battalion Mountaineers


Field & Staff

Organized at large May 30, 1863, to March 16, 1864, for special service in Humboldt County. Attached to Humboldt District, Dept. of the Pacific.

Company "A" - Ordered to Fort Humboldt June, 1863. Stationed at Fort Humboldt, Fort Bager and Camps Curtis and Iaquia. Skirmish, Redwood Creek, February 29, 1864. Redwood Mountains March 1. Kneeland's Prairie May 1. Operations in Humboldt District until June, 1865.

Company "B" - Ordered to Fort Gaston. Duty there and at Camps Anderson and Curtis until June, 1865. Skirmish at Oak Camp June 6, 1863. Thomas' Ranch November 12. Trinity River November 13. Willow Creek November 17. Near Fort Gaston December 25-26. Skirmish near Boynton's Prairie May 6, 1864. Scout from Camp Anderson to Bald Mountain August 8-12.

Company "C" - Ordered to Fort Gaston June, 1863. Duty there operating against Indians in Humboldt District until June, 1865. Redwood Creek July 9 and 11, 1863. Thomas' Ranch November 11. Trinity River November 13. Near Fort Gaston December 25-26. Thomas House, on Trinity River, May 27, 1864. Operations in Trinity Valley September 1-December 3, 1864. Company "D"--Duty at Fort Gaston until June, 1865. Company "E"--Duty at Camp Grant until June, 1865. Skirmish at Grouse Creek May 23, 1864. Matole May 26. Big Flat May 28. Expedition to North Fork Eel River September 1-29.

Battalion mustered out June 14, 1865.

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