17th Regiment Infantry

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East Howard Avenue, Barlow Knoll. Gettysburg, Pa.


Left Plaque:
Lieut. Col. Douglass Fowler
Sergt. Samuel Comstock
Priv Elephalet Mead
Priv William S. Gregory
Corpl Henry Burns
Priv Michael Fox
Priv William W. Westlake
Priv Calvin Nobles

Right Plaque:
Capt. James E. Moore
Sergt William O'Doughy
Sergt August E. Bronson
Sergt Bethel S. Barnum
Priva. Frank J. Benson
Priv Theodore B. Ackman
Priv Smith Delevan
Priv Daniel H. Purdy


Erected by the survivors of the
17th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers
2nd Brigade 1st Division 11th Corps
In memory of their gallant comrades
who fell here on the 1st day
and on this Battlefield on the 2nd & 3rd days of July

17th Conn. Vol's


Priv. Richard D. Taylor
Priv Rufus Warren
Priv Joseph S. Whitlock
Corpl. Alvah E. Wilcox
Priv. William F. Bradley
Priv John R. Booth
Priv Stephen C. Crofut
Priv. wilbur B. Morgan
Priv John W. Metcalf


Sergt. Edwin D. Pickett
Priv. John A. Black
Priv. Lawrence Carney
Priv. Cassius M. Crabbe
Corpl James Gordon
Priv. Francis C. Foote
Priv. James Flynn
Priv. George H. Curnsey
Priv. Francis Nash
Priv John Welsh

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Wainwright Avenue, East Cemetery Hill. Gettysburg

This memorial is erected
by the
State of Connecticut
honor her brave sons.


Field & Staff--NCO Staff











Organized at Bridgeport August 28, 1862. Left State for Baltimore, Md., September 3. Attached to Defenses of Baltimore, Md., 8th Corps, Middle Dept., to October, 1862. 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 11th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, to August, 1863. 2nd Brigade, Gordon's Division, South End Folly Island, S. C., 10th Corps, Dept. South, to February, 1864. 1st Brigade, Ames' Division, District of Florida, Dept. South, to April, 1864. District of Florida, Dept. South, to October, 1864. 4th Separate Brigade, District Florida, Dept. South, to July, 1865.

SERVICE.--Duty at Fort Marshall, Defenses of Baltimore, October, 1862. At Tennallytown, building Fort Kearney, October 15-November 3. March to Thoroughfare Gap and Chany November 3-12. Duty at Brook's Station. Va., December, 1862, to April, 1863. "Mud March" January 20-24, 1863. Chancellorsville Campaign April 27-May 6. Battle of Chancellorsville May 1-5. Gettysburg (Pa.) Campaign June 11-July 24. Battle of Gettysburg July 1-3. Hagerstown, Md., July 11-13. Moved to Folly Island, S.C., August 1-12. Siege operations on Morris Island, S.C., against Forts Wagner and Gregg, and against Fort Sumter and Charleston August 15-September 7. Capture of Forts Wagner and Gregg September 7. Moved to Folly Island, S.C., and duty there, operating against Charleston, S.C., February, 1864. Expedition to John's and James Islands February 6-14. Ordered to Jacksonville, Fla., February 22, and duty there April 15. Moved to St. Augustine, Fla, April 15-17, and duty there June, 1865. Action at Welaka May 19, 1864 (Detachment). Expedition to Camp Milton May 31-June 3. Action at Milton June 2. Whitesville July 24. Companies "A," "C," "I" and "K" at Picolata, St. Johns River, July 18, 1864, to February, 1865. Companies "A," "E," "F" and "H" moved to Jacksonville July 22, 1864, and participated in Expedition to Baldwin July 23-28. Expedition to Enterprise September 28, 1864. Companies "C," "F" and "H" at Lake City, Fla., and "G" and "I" at Tallahatchie May and June, 1865. Regiment moved from St. Augustine to Jacksonville June 9, and duty there July 7. Mustered out July 19, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 5 Officers and 48 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 74 Enlisted men by disease. Total 128.

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The Seventeenth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers was for the most part furnished by Fairfield County, and was recruited and organized during the month of August, 1862. On the third of September, 1862, the regiment left for Washington, one thousand (1,000) strong, under the Command of Colonel William H. Noble, and was attached to the Army of the Potomac.

On the 2d of May, 1863, the regiment was called upon to participate in the battle of Chancellorsville, Va. ; that they performed their part in the battle, and fully sustained the reputation of Connecticut troops for bravery and endurance, is clearly exhibited in the long list of casualties reported by the Major commanding.

During the battle the 17th were called upon to use the bayonet freely, and although driven from positions at different times while the fight was in progress, it is clearly set forth in the several official reports, that had all performed their duty with the same degree of bravery and fidelity exhibited by this regiment, the result would have been less disastrous.

Its loss in this engagement was one hundred and twenty (120) officers and men. Among the wounded were Colonel Noble, Captain Hobbie, Co. B, and Lieutenant Blinn, Co. D. Lieut-Colonel Walter was at first reported missing, but was afterward ascertained to have been killed. Of the missing four (4) were commissioned officers.

The regiment was subsequently engaged in the battle of Gettysburg from July 1st to 4th inclusive. Again it was called upon to give up of its bravest and best. In this battle its aggregate loss was no less than one hundred and ninety-eight (198) officers and men. Among the killed were two (2) commissioned officers, Lieut.-Colonel Douglass Fowler and Captain James E. Moore of Co. C, and eighteen (18) enlisted men. Wounded, four (4) commissioned officers, and seventy-seven (77) enlisted men. Missing, two (2) commissioned officers, and ninety-five (95) enlisted men.

After nearly twelve months of severe service with the Army of the Potomac, the renment was, in August, 1863, transferred to the Department of the South, and located at Folly Island, S. C.

On the 23d of February, 1864, the regiment sailed from Folly Island to Jacksonville, Fla. During the month of March, it was attached to the 1st Brigade, "Ames Division," of Gen. Seymour s command, and was occupied in the usual amount of picket and fatigue duty. At the time the troops in that Department were ordered North, the Seventeenth was ordered to St. Augustine, Fla., where it arrived on the 17th of April, and relieved the 10th Conn. Vols. After its arrival, portions of the regiment were at various times engaged in raids from Jacksonville. On the 19th of May, Company B, which composed the picket posts at Welaka and Saunders, on the St. Johns river, were captured by the rebels.

On the 24th of December, Colonel Noble was captured by the enemy while on his return from Jacksonville to St. Augustine.

Lieut.-Colonel Wilcoxson started from St. Augustine on the 3d of February, 1865, upon an expedition for the purpose of procuring some cotton belonging to a rebel Colonel, which was stored near Dunn s Lake, nearly seventy-five (75) miles distant ; he succeeded in capturing the cotton, but after marching some seven miles upon his return, was attacked, wounded and taken prisoner. His Adjutant, Lieut. Chatfield, was instantly killed while engaged in a hand to hand encounter with the enemy, and Captains French and Best, with thirty-two (32) of the men were captured.

Col. Wilcoxson and detachment were so suddenly attacked and by such an overwhelming force (about two hundred of the enemy) that they could make but little show of resistance. Major Allen, in his report dated March 1st, 1865, remarks: "The brave young Chatfield fell shot through and through the body. He was in the act of cutting his way through the rebels when he received his mortal wound. He died as he had lived; a courageous soldier, and an honor to the State and our country."

On the 9th of June the regiment was ordered to rendezvous at Jacksonville, and await the arrival of the detached companies, when it was to proceed to Hilton Head, S. C., for muster-out.

At Hilton Head the regiment went into camp to complete rolls, and were finally mustered out July 9th, 1865.

Thus ended the honorable service of a regiment, the superior of which in intelligence, morale, courage, and endurance, was not found in the army. The Commonwealth of Connecticut will ever cherish the memory of its dead, and honor its living.

The following are its principal ENGAGEMENTS.

Chancellorsville, Va., May 2d, 1863. Loss in killed. 1 commissioned officer, 1 enlisted man ; wounded, 3 commissioned officers, 31 enlisted men ; missing, 6 commissioned officers, 78 enlisted men. Total loss, 120.
Gettysburg, Pa., July 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th, 1863. Loss in killed, 2 commissioned officers, 18 enlisted men; wounded, 4 commissioned officers, 77 enlisted men; missing, 2 commissioned officers, 95 enlisted men. Total loss, 198.
Welaka and Saunders, Fla., May 19th, 1864. Loss in captured, 1 commissioned officer, 39 enlisted men, while on picket.
Dunns Lake, Fla., February 5th, 1865. Loss in killed, 1 commissioned officer ; wounded, 1 commissioned officer; captured, 2 commissioned officers, 32 enlisted men. Total loss, 36.

The following is a list of its CASUALTIES.

Killed in action,

Died of wounds, --- 15
Died of disease, ---74
Discharged prior to muster-out of regiment, --- 319
Missing at muster-out of regiment, --- 9

Total: -----446

Reference: Connecticut Volunteer Organizations, (Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery) in the Service of the United States 1861-1865, with additional enlistments, casualties, etc, etc, and Brief Summaries, Showing the operations and service of the several regiments and batteries. Prepared from records in the Adjutant-General's Office.

C. M. INGERSOL, Adjutant-general.
HARTFORD: Brown and Gross, 1869