Alexander Sandor Asboth

Alexander Sandor Asboth was born in Keszthely in the county of Zala, Hungary, on December 18, 1811. He was graduated from the academy at Selmecbanya and, after receiving a government appointment as an engineer, worked in various parts of Hungary. During the Hungarian revolt of 1848 against the temporal power of Austria, he associated himself with Lajos Kossuth and followed him to exile in America in 1851. By 1861 Asboth had become a citizen and offered his services to the Federal government. General John C. Fremont, who had known him in New York, applied for his services and appointed him brigadier general of volunteers and chief of staff. But the appointment was not recognized in Washington and lapsed until Asboth was duly appointed on March 21, 1862. During the same month he was wounded while in command of a division at Pea Ridge (Elkhorn Tavern). The following year he was in command at Columbus, Kentucky, and later of the District of West Florida. In 1864, at the battle of Marianna, he was badly wounded in the left cheek bone and the left arm. In 1866 General Asboth was appointed United States minister to the Argentine Republic and Uruguay. By this time he had been accorded the brevet rank of major general of volunteers for gallant and faithful service during the war. The wound in his cheek failed to heal, and on January 21, 1868, he died at Buenos Aires, probably of a malignancy. He was first buried in the British Cemetery in the Victoria District. In 1923 the Victoria District became a public park and the cemetery was moved to the Chacarita District.

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