John Irvin Gregg

Civil War Union Brevet Major General. A veteran of the Mexican War, he served as a Captain in 11th US Infantry who stood 6'4" tall and was called "Long John" by the men who served under his command. With the coming of the Civil War, he was commissioned Colonel of the 5th Pennsylvania Reserves and shortly thereafter appointed commander of 6th US Cavalry. His duty in the field commenced with the Peninsula Campaign, the Second Bull Run and Antietam. In 1863, he commanded a brigade at the Battle of Brandy Station and at Battle of Gettysburg. He distinguished himself in actions at Richmond and Trevilian Station, Virginia, being promoted Brigadier General in August 1864. After the Confederate surrender at Appomattox Court House in 1865, he was brevetted Major General of US Volunteers for distinguished service during the war. Remaining in the Army, he was appointed Colonel of the 8th US Cavalry in July 1866 and led a series of expeditions during the Indian Wars. He retired from active service in April 1879 and spent the rest of his life participating in various veterans' activities.

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