Lewis Gove Brown

LEWIS GOVE BROWN was born October 31,1841, in Brooklyn, New York. He came to Cincinnati, where he was studying law at the outbreak of the Civil War. He became a lieutenant and then a captain in the 11th Ohio, and was promoted to colonel in charge of the 117th Colored Infantry. He was made a brevet brigadier general at the close of the war and continued to serve until August 1867. He then lived in Texas where he became a federal revenue collector and a sheep rancher. This resulted in bankruptcy and forced him to return to Cincinnati. He was committed to the Longview State Hospital for the mentally ill, later was released, then suffered a relapse, and was ordered recommitted. Court bailiffs went to his parents' home to take him into custody, but General Brown refused to go with them. He locked himself in a room and committed suicide on May 18,1889, at age forty-seven.

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