Richard W. Meade

Civil War Union Naval Officer. Graduate of the United States Naval Academy.

Older brother of Major General George Gordon Meade, US Army.

Father of Rear Admiral Richard Worsam Meade II.

Midshipman, 1 April, 1826. Passed Midshipman, 14 June, 1834. Lieutenant on Reserved List, 20 December, 1837. Commander on Active List, 14 September, 1855. Captain on Active List, 16 July, 1862. Retired List, 11 December, 1867. Died 16 April, 1870.

Captain Richard Worsam Meade II was born on 21 May 1807 at Cadiz, Spain. He married Clara Forsyth Meigs, daughter of Judge Henry Meigs and Julia Austin, on 5 Dec 1836 at New York, NY. He died on 16 Apr 1870 at Brooklyn, NY, at age 62.  He and Clara Forsyth Meigs had 4 children.

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