Sidney Burbank

Section 14, Lot 58. General Burbank is buried in this lot with his wife, daughter, and grand-daughter. He and his wife do not have grave markers. The two large stones near the center are for his daughter and grand-daughter.

SIDNEY BURBANK was born September 26,1807, at Lexington, Massachusetts. He was graduated from West Point on July 1,1829. He served on frontier duty in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa, where he took part in the campaign against the Seminole Indians (1840-1841). He then moved to frontier duty in Kansas and Texas. He was stationed at Newport Barracks, Newport, Kentucky, at the outbreak of the Civil War. He served as a regimental or brigade commander in all the campaigns of the Army of the Potomac. He made the army his career and retired after forty years' service on May 1,1870. He lived in retirement in Newport until his death December 7,1882, at age seventy-five.

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