Union Regimental Information

The monument to Albert Wolson is south of Gettysburg on Hancock Avenue in Ziegler's Woods in front of Cyclorama.  He was a drummer boy and did not see any action.

The last soldier that fought for the Union and saw action was James Albert Hard


Memorial to the
Grand Army of the Republic


Dedicated on September 12, 1956
by National Auxiliary to
Sons of Union Veterans
of the Civil War 1861 - 1865


Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief
of the G.A.R.
Albert Woolson of Duluth, Minnesota.
The last survivor.

It should be noted that since the end of the war, a LOT of information was either lost or destroyed.  Especially with the Confederacy.  As you will notice with a LOT of the rosters for both the Union & Confederacy, a lot of them are incomplete or have no names.  Some units only have a few names that were found over the course of time.  Units that should have over 1,000 men's names, might only have 3-400 or maybe less.


 Alabama  Nebraska
 Arizona Territory  Nevada
 Arkansas  New Hampshire
 California  New Jersey
 Colorado  New Mexico
 Connecticut  New York
 Corps De Afrique     North Carolina
 Dakota Territory      Ohio
 Delaware                  Oregon
 District of Columbia       Pennsylvania  Found too many mistakes that deals with spelling of soldier name and incorrect dates.  I am re-doing the whole State.  I hope I don't make the same mistakes that the original one had.   Credit for all rosters will be given on the opening page rather than on each and every unit.
 Florida           Rhode Island
 Georgia  South Carolina
 Illinois  Tennessee
Indiana  Texas  
Iowa                 U.S. Colored Troops
Kansas           U.S. Regular Army
Kentucky  U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps
Louisiana  U.S. Veteran Volunteers
Maine  U.S. Volunteers
Maryland  U.S. Volunteers (Indian Troops)
Massachusetts  Vermont
Michigan  Virginia    
Minnesota  Washington
Missouri  West Virginia
Mississippi  Wisconsin
Armies of the Union U. S. Marines
Generals of the Union U. S. Navy
Union Order of Battles Formations and Ranks in Civil War Units

Union Corps Histories

1st Corps

2nd Corps

3rd Corps

4th Corps (Army of the Potomac)

4th Corps (Army of the Cumberland)

5th Corps

6th Corps

7th Corps (Department of Virginia)

7th Corps (Department of Arkansas)

8th Corps

9th Corps

10th Corps

11th Corps

12th Corps

13th Corps

14th Corps

15th Corps

16th Corps

17th Corps

18th Corps

19th Corps

20th Corps (McCook's)

20th Corps (Hooker's)

21st Corps

22nd Corps

23rd Corps

24th Corps

25th Corps

Cavalry Corps (Army of the Potomac)

Cavalry Corps (Armies of the West)




Isaac S. Snedeker--Dept. Corps--Department of the Monongahela
George W. Apgar--Civilian Teamster--Q/M Department.  U.S. Volunteers
Lewis D. Harlow--Assistant Surgeon--U.S. Volunteers Medical Staff

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