103rd Regiment Infantry
(Minute Men)



Field & Staff with Officers of Companies

 Late on the evening of  the 8gth of July, 1863, intelligence was received at Indianapolis that a rebel force, estimated to be six thousand cavalry, with four pieces of artillery, under command of General John H. Morgan, had crossed the Ohio River, near Maueckport, and was moving on Cordon, Indiana.  Governor Morton at once issued a patriotic call upon the citizens of the state, to leave their various occupations and organize for defense.

     Under this call, within the short space of forty-eight hours, sixty-five thousand men had tendered their services.  Of this force, thirteen regiments and one battalion were organized specially for this emergency, and the regiments designated numerically, from One Hundred and Second to One Hundred and Fourteenth, inclusive, the battalion being assigned to the One Hundred and Seventh Regiment.

     The One Hundred and third Regiment--Was composed of seven companies from Hendricks, two from Marion, and one from Wayne counties, all belonging to the Legion, and denominated Minute Men, for the emergency.  The companies were named: A, Plainfield Guards; B, Lincoln Guards; C, Cartersburg Union guards; D, Shuler Guards; E, Marion guards; F, Washington Guards; G, Noble Guards; H, Richmond Guards; I, Perry Township Zouave Guards; K, Pleasant Run Home Guards.  It was organized with Lawrence S. Shuler as Colonel, on the 10th of July, 1863, and contained an aggregate of six hundred and eighty-one rank and file.  The regiment left Indianapolis by rail, on the evening of July 11th, and reached Vernon the next morning at three o'clock.  Here Col. Shuler impressed a number of horses, and mounting one hundred and forty-six men from his own command and that of Colonel Gregory's, moved at four o'clock on the afternoon of the 12th, in pursuit of Morgan.  In a short time General Hobson's pursuing column was overtaken, and Colonel Shuler's detachment placed in the advance.  These troops came in sight of Morgan's rear guard on the afternoon of the 13th, captured several stragglers, skirmished with detachments of the enemy near Harrison, Ohio, and entered that town shortly after Morgan's rear guard had departed.  Next morning the pursuit was resumed and continued as far as Batavia, Ohio, when the command returned to Indianapolis.  The regiment moved with General Wallace's command to Sunman's Station, and returned to Indianapolis after Morgan has escapted into Ohio, and was mustered out of the 16th of July, 1863.  The detachment under Colonel Shuler subsequently returned and was mustered out.

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