121st Regiment Volunteers

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122nd Regiment Infantry

     Under the call of September 14th, 1863, for four regiments of cavalry, and seven regiments of infantry, commandants of the camps of rendezvous in each Congressional district were instructed to raise five companies of cavalry and seven companies of infantry.  These instructions were not carried out, for the reason that the popular arm of service with volunteers, was the cavalry, and in most of the districts the preponderance of enlistments was greatly in favor of the cavalry organizations.  As a consequence, when the time came to perfect the regimental organizations, it was found that enough companies were raised in the whole State to form eleven regiments, but of these, five were for cavalry and six for infantry.  Authority was afterwards received from the War Department for the acceptance of the additional cavalry regiment in lieu of the infantry regiment failed to be recruited.  The Second Congressional District furnished no infantry companies, and the numerical designation of the One Hundred and Twenty-First, intended for the infantry organization from that district, was given to the Ninth Cavalry, (raised in different portions of the State,) and the recruits for cavalry were placed in the Thirteenth Cavalry, One Hundred and Thirty-first, Regiment.

     The companies for the One Hundred and Twenty-Second Regiment, which were raised in the Third Congressional District, were consolidated with the One Hundred and Twentieth Regiment, directed to be raised in the First Congressional District, and the numerical designation of One Hundred and Twenty-Second Regiment was dropped.

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