15th Regiment Cavalry














Organized at Leavenworth September and October, 1863. Attached to District of the Border, Dept. of Missouri, to January, 1864. Dept. of Kansas to June, 1864. Districts of North and South Kansas, Dept. Missouri, to October, 1865.

SERVICE.--Assigned to duty at Leavenworth and at various points in Southern Kansas, at Olathe, Paola, Coldwater Grove, Trading Post, Fort Scott, Osage Mission and Humboldt by detachments (Co. "H" at Fort Riley) until October, 1864. Skirmish at Clear Creek, Mo., May 16, 1864 (Detachments of Companies "D" and "L"). Scout from Fort Leavenworth to Weston, Mo., June 13-16, 1864. Expedition into Missouri June 16-20 (Cos. "B," "C" and "G"). Price's Raid in Missouri and Kansas September to November. Lexington October 19. Little Blue October 21. Independence, Big Blue and State Line October 22. Westport October 23. Coldwater Grove, Osage, October 24. Mine Creek, Little Osage River, and battle of Charlot October 25. Newtonia October 28. Duty in Dept. of Kansas and Dept. of the Missouri until October, 1865. Mustered out October 19, 1865. Company "H" mustered out December 7, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 2 Officers and 19 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 77 Enlisted men by disease. Total 100.

Company A.–Mustered into the service early in September, and officered by Captain John A. Wanless; 1st Lieut. James Wilson, of Johnson county; 2d Lieut, D. Wallingford, of Leavenworth county. The men were enlisted in Franklin and Johnson counties, and among them were a number of Shawnees, who proved to be good and brave soldiers.

Company B.–Mustered with the following officers: Capt. Jno. L. Thompson; 1st Lieut, John Murphy; 2d Lieut., R. J. Wood. A large proportion of this company were veterans of the regular army.

Company C.–Recruited in Leavenworth, Jefferson and Miami counties, and entered the service with the following officers: Captain, B. F. Simpson; 1st Lieut., J. H. Phillips; 2d Lieut., Jason Smith. Lieut. Smith subsequently resigned, and Q. M. Sergeant Farnsworth was promoted to the vacancy.

Company D.–Recruited at large through the State, and mustered with the following officers: Captain, T. J. Hurd; 1st Lieut., N. Ellis; 2d Lieut., L. J. Beam.

Company E.–Principally recruited in Wyandotte county, and officered as follows: Captain, Curtis Johnson; 1st Lieut. John T. Smith; 2d Lieut., W. H. Bisbee.

Company F.–Recruited in Shawnee, Jefferson and Leavenworth counties. Its officers were as follows: Captain, O. A. Curtis; 1st Lieut., T. J. Bragg; 2d Lieut., R. F. Bowman.

Company G.–Part of a battalion originally recruited by Major R. H. Hunt for the 2d Kansas. Its officers were: Captain, C. O. Smith; 1st Lieut., F. M. Hall, 2d Lieut., H. L. Barker. Many of these men were enlisted in Buchanan county, Mo.

Company H.–Like Co. G, it was recruited in Northern Kansas and Missouri, and mustered with the following officers: Captain, O. F. Dunlap, 1st Lieut., R. M. Fisk; 2d Lieut., F. E. Smith. This company never served with the balance of the regiment until 1865.

Company I.–Recruited in Leavenworth county. Its officers were: Capt., S. W. Greer; 1st Lieut., S. S. Nichols; 2d Lieutenant, W. H. Morris.

Company K.–Recruited in Leavenworth and Johnson counties. Its officers were as follows: Captain, Joseph B. Swain, 1st Lieut., Geo. W. Roberts; 2d Lieut, John H. Roberts.

Company L.–Recruited at large in the State, and organized with the following officers: Captain, D. D. Rooks; 1st Lieutenant A. Donavan: 2d Lieutenant, Orloff Norton.

Company M.–Recruited in Linn county, Kansas, and Jackson county, Mo. Its officers were: Captain, E. B. Metz; 1st Lieut., Emmett Goss; 2d Lieut., W. A. Johnson.

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