1st Michigan Light Artillery

Battery E


The rendezvous of Battery "E" was at Marshall, where they were organized in conjunction with the 1st. Michigan Engineers and Mechanics. They were mustered into the service of the United Sates on December 6, 1861, with the following officers: Captain John H. Dennis, of Grand Rapids. First Lieutenant John J. Ely, Grand Rapids. Second Lieutenant Peter De Vries, Adrian. They were mustered into service at Nashville, Tennessee, after the Battery arrived there from Michigan.

They left the State of Michigan on December the 17th., 1861, going directly into the service with the Western Army, with whom they were first engaged with the Confederates at Pittsburgh Landing on April 7, 1862, under the command of Captain Dennis, then again at Fort Riley, Tennessee on the following September 20th., under the command of the newly promoted, Captain John G. Ely, replacing Captain Dennis, who had resigned.

The Battery went into garrison at Nashville on November 1, 1862. They remained there, constituting part of the artillery reserve, until the first of June, 1863, when they were attached to General Hard's brigade, then ordered to Murfreesboro. Remaining there three months, the Brigade was ordered back to Nashville, where they remained on service the balance of the year. Fifty-seven of the Battery reenlisted here, as veterans, receiving the customary furlough, which they spent in Michigan.

During 1864, while under the command of Captain Peter De Vries, they remained at Nashville. While there, one section participated in the raid made in July by the forces under General Rosseau, into Alabama and Georgia. This section was engaged with the Confederates at Coosa on July 15th., then again at Cheraw on the 20th.

The Battery was serving in Tennessee, still at Nashville on November 1, 1864, except for one section, which was on duty at Springfield. In December, they were attached To the 4th. Army Corp, and in that month they participated in defence of Nashville, against the attack of Confederate General Hood, where they gained an enviable reputation in that important battle, then they were engaged in pursuing his forces on their retreat southward. The Battery remained at Nashville until February, 1865, when they were or Dered to Decatur, Alabama, where they constituted a part of the garrison of that place, until tHey were ordered to Michigan for muster out. They arrived at Jackson on the 16th., and Was mustered out of service on the 30th. of July, 1865.

During there term of Federal service, they were engaged at:

Fort Riley,Tn
Pittsburgh Landing,Tn

SERVICE.--Advance on Nashville, Tenn., February 10---March 3, 1862. March to Savannah, Tenn., March 17-April 7. Advance on and siege of Corinth, Miss., April 29-May 3. Occupation of Corinth and pursuit to Booneville May 30-June 12. Buell's Campaign in Northern Alabama and Middle Tennessee June to August. Garrison duty at Nashville, Tenn., until June, 1863. Siege of Nashville, Tenn., September 12-November 7, 1862. Moved to Murfreesboro, Tenn.., June 1, 1863, and duty there until October. Return to Nashville, Tenn., and garrison duty there until December, 1864. Rousseau's Raid into Alabama and Georgia July 10-22, 1864 (1 Section). Ten Islands, Coosa River, July 14. Stone's Ferry, Tallapoosa River, July 15. Nontasulga July 18. Chewa Station July 18. Opelika July 18. McCook's Raid on Atlanta & West Point Railroad and Macon & Western Railroad July 27-31 (1 Section). Lovejoy's Station July 29. Newnan's July 30. Battle of Nashville, Tenn., December 15-16, 1864. Pursuit of Hood to the Tennessee River December 17-28. Duty at Nashville until February, 1865. Ordered to Decatur, Ala., and garrison duty there until July. Mustered out July 30, 1865.

Total Enrollment--327
Died of Disease--29
Total Casualty Rate--9.4%

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