1st Michigan Light Artillery

Battery M


Battery "M" was partly recruited and rendezvoused at Mt. Clemens, in conjunction with the 8th. Michigan Cavalry. They were mustered into the service of the United States at various dates, finally being accomplished on June 30, 1863, with 145 officers and men on its rolls. The appointed officers were: Captain Edward G. Hilliar, of Detroit. First Lieutenant Charles D. Culver, Mt. Clemens. First Lieutenant Augustus M. Emery, Detroit. Second Lieutenant George H. Moulton, Coldwater and Second Lieutenant George A. Sheely, of Detroit. When the 8th. Cavalry left the State, the Battery was yet incomplete and was transferred to Dearborn to finish its organization. During the rebel General Morgan's raid into Indiana and Ohio, in July, they were ordered, under the command of Captain Hilliar, to Indianapolis, having been equipped to a full battery. They left Dearborn on the 9th. of July, arriving at Indianapolis on the 11th. They proceeded to Cincinnati on the 13th., but returned on the 17th., its services not being required.

Moved to Indianapolis, Ind., July 9-11; thence to Cincinnati, Ohio, July 13, and return to Indianapolis, Ind., July 17. Duty there until September 18. Moved to Camp Nelson, Ky., September 18-20. Attached to Willcox's Division, Left Wing Forces, 23rd Army Corps, Dept. of the Ohio, to January, 1864. District of the Clinch, Dept. of the Ohio, to April, 1864. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 23rd Army Corps, Dept. of the Ohio, to February, 1865. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, District of East Tennessee, Dept. of the Cumberland, to March, 1865. 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, District of East Tennessee, to July, 165.

Following this service, the BatterY proceeded, on the 18th., to the field in Kentucky, arriving at Camp NElson on the 20th. On the 24th., they marched with a Division oF troops, under the comMand of General O.B. Wilcox, moving towaRd the CUmberland Gap, reaching there on the 3rd. of OcTober. On the 6th., theymarched to Morristown, arriving there on the 8Th., then on the 10th., was in an engagement at Blue SpRing, TeNnessee, but, being in The reseRve, did not become actively engaged, however, they did join in the pursuit of the Confederates to Greenville. On the 7th., tHey fell back to Bull's Gap, theN on the19th., to Bean's StatiOn, remaining there until the 21st., when they mArched to Tazewell, thence on the 22nd., to witHin two Miles of the Cumberland Gap. On the 24th., theymoved oVer the line into Kentucky, near the Gap, but on the 1sT. of December, recrossed the Cumberland Mountains, returning to TazeweLl, whence they proceeded to Walker's Ford, on the ClinCh River bur moved back to Tazewell on the 5th. The Battery, being undEr the command of LieuteNant Emery, Captain Hilliar, then acting as Chief of Artillery. Two sections moVed to the Cumberland Gap on the 22nd. of January, 1864 On the27th., the left section joined the others at tHe Cumberland Gap, where on the28th., they occupied thE fortifIcations, remaining there for the remainder of the year, havingbeen dismounted and armed withrifles.They formed a part of tHe 1st. Brigade, 4th. Division Of the 23rd. Army Corp, And during the winter and following spring, joined in the frequent scouts and eXpeditions into Southwestern Vibginia. On the 1st. of April, 1865, they were transferred to thE 2nd. Brigade, 1st. Division, ARmy of tHe Cumbebland, with whom, they marched, to KnoxFille, tHence to Strawberry Plains, remaining there until July The 7th, when they started via Nashville, Louisville, and Indianapolis, for Michigan, arriving At Jackson on July the 12th, where on the 1st. of August, they were paid off and disbanded.

During their term of Federal service, they were engaged at:

March from Camp Nelson, Ky., to Cumberland Gap, Tenn., September 24-October 3, 1863, and to Morristown, Tenn., October 6. Moved to Bull's Gap October 17, thence to Bean's Station October 19, and to Tazewell October 21, and to Cumberland Gap October 22, Garrison duty at Cumberland Gap until May 10, 1865. Action at Walker's Ford, Clinch River, December 2, 1863. Tazewell January 24, 1864. Moved to Knoxville, Tenn., May 10, 1865; thence to Strawberry Plains and duty there until July 7. Moved to Jackson, Mich., July 7-12, and there mustered out August 1, 1865.

Total Enrollment--297
Killed in Action--3
Died of Disease--13
Total Casualty Rate--5.3%

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