1st Michigan Engineers
and Mechanics


The following men were not given Company assignments while in the 1st Engineers


Beebe, George W. Kalamazoo n/a
Boyd, Edwrad P. Kalamazoo 19
Brewer, Lucian B. Grand Rapids 29
Church, James H. Marshall 31
Corbin, Hiram Jr Pontiac 30
Cotter, Benjamin n/a n/a
Dailey, John Grand Rapids 25
Dickerson, Albert -or- n/a n/a
Dickinson, Albert
Douglass, William Jackson 44
Etter, James Kalamazoo 18
Fethersone, Henry Grand Rapids 18
Flement, Arthur F. n/a n/a
Gallager, Michael Detroit 26
Gangwery, John East Saginaw 38
Hadley, John Blissfield 44
Hamilton, Robert S. Detroit 23
Harrington, Charles L. Grand Rapids 22
Holland, Owen D. Essex 41
Kerry, George Detroit 21
King, Robert H. Albion n/a
Kinney, James A. Kalamazoo 18
Lyxford, George Albion 26
McBride, Dennis Jackson 28
Newton, Russell H. Grand Rapids 31
Olmstead, Franklin B. Grand Rapids 45
Ormsby, Edwin S. Deerfield 19
Reading, James Detroit 20
Sholtus, Peter N. Sunfield 36
Simons, Thomas Ridgeway 19
Smith, George Tecumseh 23
Smith, Willard B. Jackson n/a
Stanley, Bailey G. Kalamazoo 39
Taylor, Robert Bridgewater 22
Term, August Detroit 35
Turner, Richard Jackson 44
Turner, William Edwin Adrian 27
Van Ostrand, Henry Grand Rapids n/a
Whitney, Charles Grand Rapids 18
Willard, Joab Grand Rapids 21
Woodworth, Richard D.W. Three Rivers 21
Young, Charles H. Chesterfield 21
Young, Robert A. Grand Rapids 28

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