Howlands Engineers

In responce to President Lincoln's call for volunteers, E.P. Howland of Battle Creek in September of 1861 organized a Company of Engineers called the "Battle Creek Engineer Corps". They proceded to St Louis, Missouri where they were mustered into United States service on October 9, 1861. When General Halleck relieved General Fremont, ruled that this company was an irregular organization that did not conform to federal standards. Upon being notified that they must meet federal standards then men took a vote to be disbanded and returned home. The men were paid for the time they spent at St Louis and were mustered out of federal service on January 8, 1862.


Captain Howland, Edwin P. Battle Creek 37
1st. Lieutenant Gage, William H. Dowagiac 22
2nd Lieutenant Hubbard, Henry H. Battle Creek 27
2nd Lieutenant Preston, Ezra A. Battle Creek 29


Abbott, Orville S. Decatur 23
Allen, Albert F. Manchester 24
Ball, Stephen O. Wayne 20
Barnes, Cassius M. Albion 18
Barnes, George C. Battle Creek 25
Beebe, Leonard V. Stockbridge 21
Benham, Henry D. Eaton Rapids 21
Bond, Rice F. Bellevue 31
Briggs, Chauncey L. Assyria 24
Bush, Luther M. Bedford 29
Chadwick, Walton H. Battle Creek 19
Chapman, Augustus H. Napoleon 27
Chidester, Arad B. Convis 25
Clute, Oscar Dewitt 24
Cooke, Edwin D. Dowagiac 28
Dickey, Gilbert A. Marshall 20
Drake, Nathan W. Albion 26
Edwards, Thomas J. Battle Creek 21
Freeman, Eugene T. Battle Creek 21
Gage, Eli A. Dowagiac 22
Geddes, Albert H. Battle Creek 25
Gould, Charles C. Battle Creek 32
Haigh, George W. Dearborn 23
Haigh, Thomas Dearborn 21
Hall, Charles T. Battle Creek 18
Hollister, Charles E. Victor 22
Hoskins, Allen C. Boston, MA 26
Knight, Horace V. Battle Creek 20
Lane, Charles J. Marshall 25
Legggett, Stephen T. Battle Creek 22
Littlejohn, Wilber T. Kalamazoo 31
Peavey, Zebedee T. Tuftonboro, NJ 22
Perry, Thomas R. Kalamazoo 24
Platt, Hiram New Brighton, PA 24
Prentiss, Albert N. Marshall 25
Ryan, Henry S. Battle Creek 24
Smith, Charles Salem 22
Stringham, William P. Bedford 23
Sykes, Jared F. Bellevue 44
Townsend, Charles B. New Brighton, PA 22
Watson, Edward Ann Arbor 21
Wheeler, Orlando B. Ann Arbor 26
Wheeler, Stephen Battle Creek 23
Whelpsley, Jerome T. Battle Creek 26
White, Adrian C. New Brighton, PA 21
White, George S. Sheldon 23
Wilkinson, James W. Jr Mansfield, OH 28
Williams, Charles K. Albion 20
Wilson, Benjamin F. New Brighton, PA 23

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