2nd Regiment

Veteran Reserve Corps

I do not know the history of this regiment as yet. A Veteran Reserve Corps was composed of men who had served a term of enlistment and for various personal reasons did not want to face the rigors of campaigning in the field, yet still desired to serve, so they were used as a Reserve unit, to be called to active duty only in the case of an emergency. In some cases they were used as guards at Military installations or prison camps.


Aldrich, Martin V. n/a 20
Aldrich, Samuel Grand Rapids 40
Altfeltis, Henry Detroit 23
Anfinson, Ole Detroit 24
Barrett, John n/a n/a
Barton, Henry C. Detroit 33
Bates, Chambers S. Detroit 23
Beck, John Detroit 27
Beckley, Guy Ann Arbor 31
Beebe, Howard Detroit 19
Behr, Louis Detroit 45
Beilman, Frederick Pontiac 32
Bellsby, Charles Pontiac 39
Bennett, Eli Pontiac 19
Bennett, John Adrian 22
Blowers, Charles Jackson 32
Bond, Franklin Detroit 23
Bradford, John Jackson 26
Briggs, William n/a n/a
Bright, William Grosse Pointe 20
Brockway, John Detroit 45
Brown, James Detroit 33
Burk, William K. n/a n/a
Burns, John Saline 30
Butler, Lebeus S. Jackson 22
Butler, Thomas S. Ingham Co. 20
Cadham, William Detroit 25
Carpenter, Elon J. Jackson 23
Carter, Oliver Pontiac 42
Cary, Lawrence Detroit 43
Child, William H. Jackson 25
Cidd, Robert Superir 40
Clark, Bartlett A. Ypsilanti 30
Clark, Jefferson Detroit 22
Clarke, Augustus B. Detroit 31
Clay, John Franklin 20
Cole, William C. Detroit 24
Connolly, James Detroit 31
Conrath, Charles Detroit 41
Cook, Casper L. Saline 44
Cooke, Sidney Detroit 19
Cooper, William Metamora 18
Culver, Anson A. Detroit 18
Culver, Henry B. Kalamazoo 53
Davis, John Pontiac 44
Davis, John W. Detroit 22
Davis, John W. Detroit 22
Dealker, Andrew Saline 46
Dean, Cyrus Detroit 23
Deane, Thomas Detroit 43
Decker, Andrew Greenfield 40
Densmore, Andrew F. Detroit 20
Devan, Francis Ecorse 34
Doty, Solomon Adrian 21
Dye, John W. Detroit 27
Edwards, Allen G. n/a n/a
Estis, James Detroit 18
Extine, Frederick Troy 45
Farley, Patrick Detroit 43
Ferguson, William B. Pontiac 22
Fetch, John Independence 19
Finley, Edward Detroit 18
Fisher, John J. Detroit 46
Forester, Joseph Ecorse 40
Forrester, Peter Nankin 25
Fox, Amos M. Detroit 19
Frank , John Detroit 45
Franklin, Austin -or- Jackson 20
Austin, Franklin
Freudner, Paul Jackson 21
Friemann, Frederick Adrian 34
Gergaw, John Detroit 42
Gilbos, Albert Pontiac 44
Goodell, John S. Pontiac 45
Graham, John Detroit 45
Grant, William Raisin 30
Gray, William H. Detroit 24
Hardee, William Detroit 44
Harris, Edward J. Detroit n/a
Hawley, Henry H. Pontiac 24
Haywood, Aaron L. Pontiac 35
Hein, Max W. Detroit 53
Higgins, Owen M. Pontiac 23
Hinds, Darius Detroit 30
Hodges, Frank Detroit 22
Holcomb, John H. n/a 21
Hollis, Charles Jackson 21
Hubbell, Jerome B. Detroit 24
Hurshman, Martin Detroit 43
Hurst, John E. or C. n/a n/a
Jacob, Frederick -or- Detroit 23
Frederick, Jacob
James, Isaac Detroit 33
Jennings, Hiram L. Detroit 27
Jewell, George W. Detroit 19
Johnson, David B. Detroit 23
Johnson, John W. Jackson 26
Jones, Benjamin Detroit 45
Jones, William Detroit 43
Jones, William H. Pontiac 32
Joyce, Thomas Detroit 45
Karie, Stephen Detroit 45
Kelly, John Detroit 25
Kelsow, William Detroit 24
Kibby, George B. Detroit 23
Knip, Joseph Jackson 23
Lafayette, John Jackson 44
Lake, George W. Detroit 47
Lamon, John Adrian 19
Larkin, Michael Detroit 20
Lawler, John Detroit 28
Layan, James Jakson n/a
Leader, John Detroit 38
Leonard, Chester P. Jackson 45
Leritz, Frederick Detroit 40
Linder, William H. Detroit 46
Lindsay, James Detroit 17
McCann, James Detroit 19
McCuo, William Pontiac 23
Marshall, Martin W. -or- Troy n/a
Marshall, Nathan W.
Mead, Lovell A. Pontiac 24
Merkle, John B. Jackson 46
Miller, Andrew J. Detroit 22
Miller, George Hamtramck 45
Misner, George -or- Pontiac 23
Wisner, George
Moon, Charles H. Pontiac 34
Mott, Thomas Detroit 27
Nesbit, John Detroit 37
Newberry, William Jackson 24
Ney, Henry Detroit 44
Nichols, David R. Pontiac 22
Nouggle, Ludwell Jackson n/a
Noyes, Selah Jackson 54
O'Callahan, William Jackson 46
O'Harra, David Jackson 22
O'Shea, Daniel Detroit 57
Partridge, Lewis J. Pontiac 33
Pearson, Alfred Pontiac 19
Phipps, Joshua J. Detroit 23
Pollock, James W. Pontiac 24
Pollock, John G. Pontiac 29
Price, Egbert P. Detroit 29
Richards, Charles Jackson 35
Robbins, William K. Pontiac 33
Robinson, William G. Detroit 22
Robinson, William H. Pontiac 24
Rolfs, Henry n/a n/a
Root, William H. Detroit 18
Row, Garrett n/a n/a
Schaube, Frederick C. Detroit 45
Schermeyer, John Ypsilanti 38
Schilling, Ignus Whiteford 44
Schmidt, Peter W. Jackson 30
Schneider, Charles Detroit 51
Schrieve, Joseph Redford 25
Schroder, Charles Grand Rapids 42
Schumacher, Julius Detroit 20
Schwartz, Nichols Detroit 38
Schweiger, Casper Detroit 32
Scott, Francis W. -or- Pontiac n/a
Scott, Harrison W.
Scranton, George P. Pontiac 19
Selleck, Edward N. Pontiac 28
Shaw, Phillip Detroit n/a
Sheffield, Charles Pontiac 34
Smedner, William Detroit 55
Smith, William C. Jackson 46
Sperry, Charles B. Detroit 20
Starkey, Eugene Detroit 24
Steele, John Detroit 25
Stybe, John A. n/a n/a
Sullman, William Detroit 45
Talbot, Theodore F. Detroit 28
Tambradd, Joseph Detroit 51
Thomas, Lowell B. Detroit 56
Thompson, Joseph Detroit 21
Tisler, John -or- Rollin 27
Fisler, John
Titus, Dewitt Detroit 51
Vallet, Jedediah S. Pontiac 24
Van Netting, Henry Plymouth 43
Vannoller, William H. Detroit 25
Votra, Alexander Detroit 25
Waddle, Francis M. -or- n/a n/a
Weddle, Francis M.
Walker, Charles n/a n/a
Wedeman, Herman Fayette 44
Weirtz, Anthony Detroit 46
Weller, George pontiac 20
Werner, Charles Detroit 43
Wheeler, Charles B. Jackson 22
Williams, David Detroit 22
Williams, Lilburn A. Detroit 34
Winters, Adolphus H. Pontiac 25
Woolnough, William Raisin 31


Total Enrollment 197
Killed in Action 0
Died of Wounds 0
Died in Confederate Prisons 0
Died of Disease 4
Discharged from Disability 11
Total Casualty Rate...... 7.6%

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