30th Regiment Michigan Infantry













Continued threatening of raids by southern refugees in Canada, together with an unspoken, unnatural sympathy existing among the people on the Canadian border in their behalf, produced at times, such uneasiness as to the safety of the cities along the United States border with Canada, that General Hooker, then in command of that Department, with headquarters in Detroit responded to Washington, to wit:

Honorable E.M. Stanton, Secretary of War: November 3,1864

"Unless you can suggest some better mode of raising a regiment for service on the line from the foot of Lake Huron to Malden, I recommend that the authority be given the Governor of Michigan to raise a Volunteer Regiment for twelve months, unless sooner discharged.

This additional force is absolutely necessary, and should be organized before the Detroit River is frozen over.

The Adjutant General of the State informs me that the Regiment can be raised at once and the arms, appointments and clothing are now on hand for it. No lesser force can render the frontier of Michigan secure from the incursion of the disaffected in Canada".

Reading this letter, the Secretary of War, authorized the State to raise a Regiment for this home duty, whereupon the Thirtieth Regiment was raised, being absorbed into United States service on January the 9th. 1865, having on its rolls 1001 officers and men.

This Regiment was well officered by men who had all seen, more or less, service at the front, including a proportion of enlisted men who had likewise seen service.

The recruitment was under the direction of Colonel G.S. Wormer, with a rendezvous in Jackson, which was afterwards changed to Detroit, where the organization was complete on January 9,1865.

The companies were stationed at different points along the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers, also in other parts of the state as follows:

Company "A" at Fort Gratiot

Company "B" at Fort Gratiot

Company "C" at Detroit

Company "D" at St. Clair

Company "E" at Wyandott

Company "F" at Detroit

Company "G" at Detroit

Company "H" at Fenton

Company "I" at Detroit

The Regimental Headquarters were for some time at Jackson, then at Detroit until moved to Fort Gratiot at Port Huron on June the 30th. 1865, when they were mustered out of service, paid off and disbanded.

Total Enrollment--1001..... Died of Disease--18

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