4th Michigan Infantry


The following men were assigned to the 4th Michigan Infantry, Independent Company. They were officially assigned to the 4th; but they operated independent of the rest of the Regiment.


Alden, Buckley A. Scipio 18
Alden, Samuel J. Scipio 19
Allen, Charles E. Marshall 20
Baker, Alvah Hudson 44
Baker, Ransom Hudson 43
Beam, Henry O. Hillsdale 18
Berger, Samuel Homer 18
Bingham, James H. Homer 18
Bissell, Joseph A. Hillsdale Co. 29
Bond, Stephen C. Hillsdale 45
Boothe, George W. Hudson 26
Bryant, William Hudson 33
Buchanan, Charles H. Hillsdale 32
Bush, Jay S. Pittsford 18
Chapman, Henry A. Hudson 43
Cobb, Cyrus P. Litchfield 19
Cole, Ambrose Hudson 19
Cole, Marcus H. Jefferson 24
Curtis, Thomas J. n/a 21
Davidson, Willard Hudson 38
Day, Liberty Cambra 23
De Lamater, Adelbert Hudson 18
De Lamater, Samuel A. n/a 20
Dillon, Luman H. Hillsdale Co. n/a
Draper, David M. Hillsdale 30
Duryee, George Jefferson 24
English, Amos Hillsdale 21
English, Seth Jefferson 44
Faulkner, Andrew J. -or- Hudson 18
Falkner, Andrew J.
Fish, Ezra M. Wheatland 18
Fitzsimmons, Peter Hudson 32
Fowler, John W. Hillsdale 21
Gill, William Edgar Hillsdale 27
Gillelland, William W. Hudson 19
Heeman, Thomas Hudson 18
Hill, Francis E. Hillsdale 18
Hopes, William Hudson 21
Irish, Alfred A. Hillsdale 20
Irish, John Newton Hillsdale 18
Janes, Oscar A. Jo;;sda;e 21
Jones, Jonathon B. Hillsdale 25
Kelser, George J. Hudson 25
King, Lawrence Hudson 19
King, Martin Hudson 24
King, Thomas Jr Hudson 22
Long, William Hudson 38
Lull, Leonard Hudson 45
Lyon, Lyman J. Hudson 46
Macoy, Justus Hudson 43
Miller, Brazilla S. Hillsdale 17
Miller, Ira G. Hillsdale 21
Newell, William E. Jefferson 25
Newman, Charles Jefferson 34
Parmelee, Ezeriah Coldwater 35
Pease, Washington Jefferson 19
Petrie, Henry C. Hillsdale 18
Rayner, Charles B. Allen 28
Raynor, Charles B. -or-
Reynolds, Ely H. Hillsdale 25
Rhodes, Edward Hillsdale 18
Robinson, Charles W. Marshall 19
Rose, Hiram Hudson 44
Rose, Moses Hudson 44
Ross, William H. Hillsdale 23
Senter, Willard Hillsdale 18
Sherman, William H. Hillsdale 21
Stark, Jacob H. Allen 27
Teachout, George W. Hillsdale 24
Thewing, Herman S. Hillsdale 18
Thomas, Asahael Rollin 44
Van Ethen -or- Hudson 32
Van Etten, Peter
Van Valer, Cornelius B. Hillsdale Co. 46
Veness, Albert W. Hillsdale 26
Veness, John W. -or- Hillsdale 18
Vaness, John W.
Walters, Abram Hudson 18
Webster, Andrew J. Hudson 44
Webster, Edgar Hudson 18
Wells, Henry S. -or- Hillsdale 21
Wells, James
Whitmore, Fontelle D. Rollin 40
Whitmore, Peter Hillsdale n/a
Whitney, Chauncey B. Rollin 44
Whitney, Jason B. Rollin 18
Whitten, Seth Hudson 18
Wood, Dan A. Hudson 44
Yeats, John C. -or- Hillsdale 32
Yates, John C.

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